Disco Worms DVD Review – they have no arms and no rhythm

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I received the new Disco Worms DVD (Phase4 Films) for review on my dad blog. The animated movie is about a bunch of lowly earthworms. They’re low on the food chain, but want to do more than just crawl around in the dark and eat dirt. So they form a disco band (Sunshine Barry and the Disco Worms) and enter a contest. Bottom line: I thought the 78-minute movie was OK, but the kids loved it. The Blu-ray and DVD will be released tomorrow (September 6th). The Disco Worms DVD has a list price of $24.99 (Amazon price: $22.49).

Disco Worms DVD ~ Phase4 Films

Earthworms have no arms and no rhythm, but they can be charming
Before I saw the movie, I didn’t think I would like this movie. After all, the main characters have no arms and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to watch a bunch of slimy worms moving around in the soil. But some of the characters are actually kinda of charming and I even forgot they were worms during most of the movie.

You can boogie to the disco beat
The Disco Worms DVD features songs like Boogie Wonderland, Disco Inferno, Upside Down, Yes Sir I Can Boogie, YMCA, Le Freak, Blame It on the Boogie, Love to Love You Baby, I Will Survive, and Play That Funky Music. It’s a shame they only played a small part of each song in the DVD.

Sue Sylvester is a disco worm
The DVD features Jane Lynch (Glee) as Gloria. She’s one of the worms that joins disco band. The movie also stars Jason Graae (Home on the Range) and Frank Lenart (Moonbeam Bear and His Friends).

It’s the Jane Lynch show
The DVD also features a bonus feature: an interview with Jane Lynch. In the interview, Jane opens up about acting, family, and the influence of disco.

It’s rated PG and suggestive
I don’t remember any bad language, but it’s probably rated PG for suggestive material, “I can tell you’re a lonely woman that needs a man to take you — I’m mean take care of you.”


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