Conan the Barbarian Movie Review – it’s a bloody reboot


I saw a free movie screening of Conan the Barbarian (Lionsgate) last night. The 112-minute film is actually the third Conan movie I’ve seen (never read the books). The first two Conan movies featured Arnold Schwarzenegger and were made back in the 80’s. The new Conan movie isn’t a continuation of the first two movies. It’s a complete reboot with a different storyline. In my opinion, the new Conan movie seems more like the Scorpion King movie (starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) than the original Conan movies. Bottom line: I like the movie, but it’s your typical good guy vs bad guy story. You don’t even have to watch the film to correctly guess who will win in the end. The action scenes were decent, but at times the dialog seems forced. Conan the Barbarian will open in theaters this Friday.

Conan the Barbarian movie (Lionsgate)

Enter an age undreamed of
The movie is about an evil man (Khalar Zym) trying to become a god. To do that, Zym has to do three things: (1) find all the pieces to a broken magical mask, (2) find a woman of pure blood, and (3) bring his dead sorceress wife back to life. The last piece of the magical mask was hidden by Conan’s father. With the help of his bloodhound daughter, Zym finds the last piece. Then Zym indirectly kills Conan’s father and slaughters their entire village. The rest of the movie is about Conan seeking revenge, and Zym trying to become a god by bringing his wife back from the dead.

Not appropriate for young children
Conan the Barbarian is rated R. I wouldn’t recommend taking young kids to see this movie (unless your fine with your kids watching blood gushing sword hacking, topless women, naked people having sex, and implied incest).

3D looks good at the beginning
This is another one of those movies where the 3D effects look the best during the introduction and credits. In between, the 3D effects were OK but not spectacular.

Tarzan the barbarian
The star of the movie is Jason Momoa (Conan). If you’ve seen the original Conan movies, you can’t help but compared Momoa to Schwarzenegger. Momoa is more ripped and more athletic than Arnold was. And Momoa does appear to be a better actor. However, Arnold looked like a barbarian. Momoa looked more like Tarzan with a sword. The film also features Stephen Lang (Khalar Zym – bad guy), Rachel Nichols (Tamara – love interest), Ron Perlman (Corin – Conan’s father), Rose McGowan (Marique – bad guy’s creepy daughter), Bob Sapp (Ukafa), Leo Howard (Young Conan), Steven O’Donnell (Lucius), Nonso Anozie (Artus), Raad Rawi (Fassir), Laila Rouass (Fialla), Saïd Taghmaoui (Ela-Shan), Milton Welsh (Remo), Borislav Iliev (Wild Man), and Nathan Jones (Akhun). The film also features narration by Morgan Freeman. The movie was directed by Marcus Nispel.


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