TIME for Kids Big Book of How Review

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Time Home Entertainment sent me a copy of The Big Book of How. The TIME For Kids book features 192 pages, 501 facts, zillions of photographs and illustrations, 22 how to activities, and answers to many questions. The TIME for Kids Big Book of How is available now for a list price of $17.95 (Amazon price: $12.21). It is intended for kids, ages 9-12 (dads and moms should find the book interesting too). Bottom line: kids and parents will like this hardcover book. It’s an interesting coffee table book for families and is a great travel book (car, airplane, bus, train, boat, spaceship).

TIME For Kids The BIG Book of How - Time Home Entertainment

The Big Book of How is organized around 11 chapters. Below are some of my favorite topics:

  • Animals
    • How do chameleons change colors?
    • How do honeybees make hives?
    • How to make blubber (activity)
  • Be prepared
    • How to stay safe in a fire
    • How does a search dog find a missing person?
    • How to make a compass (activity)
  • Sports
    • How do ice skaters spin so fast?
    • How does an arena change an ice rink into a basketball court?
    • How to make a high-bounce ball (activity)
  • Buildings
    • How was Mount Rushmore built?
    • How was a bridge built across the Colorado River?
    • How to build a spaghetti bridge (activity)
  • Science
    • How do roller coasters go up and down?
    • How to make a rain forest (activity)
    • How to grow crystals (activity)
  • Transportation
    • How do submarines work?
    • How are tunnels dug?
    • How to make a baking-soda boar (activity)
  • Home tech
    • How to make your own camera (activity)
    • How to make a periscope (activity)
  • Food
    • How is chocolate made?
    • How to make ice cream (activity)
  • Space
    • How to build a planetarium (activity)
    • How to launch a rocket (activity)
  • Human body
    • How to make a stethoscope (activity)
  • Going green
    • How to make recycled paper (activity)

More info: TIME for Kids Big Book of How


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