Forged Movie Review – can a son forgive a dad for the unforgivable?

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Maya Entertainment sent me a DVD screener of their Forged movie for review on my dad blog. The theatrical release of Forged isn’t until Friday (July 29th). I’ve never been sent an advance screening of a movie before. Pretty cool. It’s an indie film so I’m not sure if it will be released everywhere. [Update: Forged is part of the Maya Indie Film Series, which will take place in LA, NYC, Chicago, Dallas, San Diego, San Antonio, Miami, and San Francisco.] If it’s not released in your area, you can pick up the Forged DVD on September 13, 2011. Bottom line: Forged is an excellent film with good acting. The drama has a little action, but it’s main focus is on the story — can a son forgive a dad for doing something unforgivable?

Forged movie - Maya Entertainment

What is the Forged movie about?
The movie starts off with Chuco getting release from prison. He’s barely out when his old gang picks him up and tell him he has to do a job for them. Chuco is reluctant, but feels he doesn’t have a choice. Chuco drives to the address given to him, but he does it a day earlier than instructed. The mobsters take a brief case filled with drugs out of the car and then gives Chuco a bag of money in exchange. Before he takes the money back to the old gang, he stops at a diner. While he’s eating, his thirteen year old son (Machito) shows up and tells Chuco he’s going to kill him for what he did to his mom. Through a series of flashbacks, we find out that Chuco killed his wife, and his son (about five at the time) saw the whole thing. In the meantime, his old gang finds out Chuco picked up the money early and are now after him. I think Chuco meant to return the money, but later decided to keep the money to help his son. Machito has been homeless and working as a child prostitute because he ran away from his abusive foster dad. The rest of the movie is mainly about Chuco trying to forge a bond with his son.

Forged Trailer

Who’s in the Forged movie?
The movie features Manny Perez (Chuco — the main character), David Castro (Machito — the son), Margo Martindale (Dianne – Chuco’s mother), Jaime Tirelli (Cesar — the gang’s boss), and Kevin Breznahan (Moose — a member of the gang).

My take on Forged
I’ve seen other movies with a similar storyline — a dad trying to build a relationship with his abandoned son. However, it caught me off caught when I found out the dad was in prison for killing his wife. I think it would be hard for a son to forgive his dad for killing his mom, but the film makes it work (I’m not saying if the son actually forgave his dad or not). Forged doesn’t have the polish of most Hollywood movies, but I love the realism and grittiness of the film. I think it’s the grittiness that makes the story so realistic. Forged doesn’t have any big stars in the movie, but the acting was excellent. They were very believable in their roles. Even though the movie has a few shooting scenes, it’s not an action movie. The movie (and soundtrack) is slow and deliberate (it’s about 80 minutes long). I’m not sure what it’s rated, but my guess is that it’s rated R for the violence, language, and sexual content.


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