M&M’s Racing and J!NX Gamers Giveaway Winners

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Good morning, readers! I’ve got a couple of quick giveaway winner announcements this weekend. As usual, free feel to enter the current open giveaways:

M&M’s Racing Giveaway
The winner of the M&M’s Racing Giveaway is Jeff Legg. Thanks to M&M’s Racing, Jeff will receive a $150 gift card and some personalized M&M’s. Congrats to Jeff.

J!NX Gamers T-shirt Giveaway
Doug M, Mindy H, Justine McD, Christopher Sorel, Angela Winesburg, AEKZ2, Tina Reynolds, oasis789, Veronica Garrett, and Kimberly (Kims2312) are the winners of the J!NX Giveaway. Thanks to J!NX, the ten winners will each receive a $15 gift code. Congrats to the winners!

Have a good weekend, everyone! We’re going to have another rare warm day today(80’s). Thanks to the heat wave in the midwest, we’ve been stuck in the 70’s and 60’s this summer.


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