DVD Review: Luke and Lucy & The Texas Rangers Will Make Your Kids Laugh


The kids and I received a review copy of the Luke and Lucy & The Texas Rangers DVD. If you have not heard of the movie, welcome to the club. The first time I heard about the movie was when the Phase 4 Films team contacted me. The animated film is about two siblings (Luke and Lucy) and their quest to help the Texas Rangers. It’s based on the Suske en Wiske Dutch comic book. Luke and Lucy features the voice of Billy Ray Cyrus. The 88-minute DVD has a list price of $19.99 (Amazon is currently selling Luke and Lucy & The Texas Rangers for $15.99 — Blu-ray is also available for $15.49). My kids and I watched the movie over the weekend and we loved it. Read on for the full movie review.

Luke and Lucy & The Texas Rangers DVD

What is the movie about?
The three main characters of the movie are Luke, Lucy, and Jim Parasite. Luke and Lucy has to travel to Dark City to rescue a bunch of Texas Rangers who were shrunken to the size of little action figure toys. Meanwhile, Jim Parasite is terrorizing the people of Dark City. His ultimate goal is to shrink everyone and rule the world. Jim Parasite wears a mask so no one knows who he really is. This presents a problem for Luke, Lucy, and a few other characters because they don’t know who they can trust. The movie blends two time periods together: the wild, wild west and the modern electronics era. Luke and Lucy are from the modern era while Jim Parasite and the Texas Rangers live in the wild, wild west.

Will kids like the movie?
All four of my kids (ages ten, seven, five, and one) watched the movie. My toddler was too young to understand, but he actually sat and watched the movie longer than I thought he would. He usually prefers Wiggles, Teletubbies, and Barney. My two oldest children laughed the most (they laughed a lot and very loudly at times), but my five year-old daughter was the who demanded to see the movie again after it was over. Too bad for her it was bedtime. Luke and Lucy seems like the kind of movie most kids will enjoy.

What is it rated?
The movie is rated PG. I think it received a PG rating instead of a G rating because of a scene with a very curvy woman singing in a bar. In the scene, all the men were falling for her while she sang and danced in a seductive manner. It wasn’t nasty or anything like that, but a bit odd to see in an animated film like this. Personally, I didn’t mind (because I’m a guy and I was falling for her too). Plus my kids are still young and didn’t think anything of it. Well, except for my son. He thought the woman (Miss Missy) had mind control powers like a villain in a comic book.

Will dads and moms like the movie?
I’m not sure if all parents will like this movie, but I did. It’s not unusual for me to fall asleep when I watch kids movies. But I didn’t fall asleep when I watched Luke and Lucy. The DVD kept me guessing throughout the story. I was engaged and wanted to know what was going to happen next. Luke and Lucy isn’t one of those animated film with a lot of adult humor thrown in, but I thought the film was delightful and humorous. I think a lot of parents will enjoy watching this movie with their kids.

[Warning! I don’t actually remember it (watched it over four months ago), but several people have complained about “damn it” in the language. Considered yourself warned.]

Luke and Lucy & The Texas Rangers is available now at Amazon.


8 thoughts on “DVD Review: Luke and Lucy & The Texas Rangers Will Make Your Kids Laugh

  1. Good other thab. My four year now runs around saying damnit all the time. A language warning woula been nice. Its a kids cartoonfor crying out loud was that really needed. Did it add anythingto the plot no.

  2. Absoulutely AWEFUL. We had to turn it off after 20 minutes. There is cussing, violence (fist fighting), guns, and references to alcohol. If that wasn’t bad enough, the movie itself is really bad and the animation is second rate. Absolutely skip this one!!!

  3. I agree with arthur… the swearing was unacceptable!! They said Damn it numerous times within a minute. We turned it off and my five year old didn’t understand and went to her room crying. A warning would have been nice. This was an animated children’s movie. Avoid this movie!

  4. “S as in special needs, as in stupid” Exact quote from the movie told to Ambrose as to what the s in Ambrose stands for …. Really!!!! Avoid this movie!!!

  5. What a terrible disappointment to go to all of the trouble that it takes to set up a “Family Move Night” with six kids — spend money on popcorn, Mike and Ikes, Gummie worms, etc… and then a “kids'” movie turns out to be this terrible. Two characters say “the D word” for a total of nine times — not cool — and then there are jokes about getting drunk, over-drinking, and a barely dressed female “burlesque” type performer. The life-lessons throughout the whole movie are questionable. And what is with the blind guy with super-human strength? He was never explained. This is the worst experience I have had with a kid’s movie since Rango!

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