U.S. Cellular Giveaway and Five for One Special


U.S. Cellular - wireless, mobile, and smart phonesU.S. Cellular is running a special promotion: buy one smartphone, get five free. Wow! With six cell phones, you can have a mobile device for you, your spouse, and each of your kids. And if you have more than four kids, I wish you the best of luck in staying sane. To help spread the word on their promo, U.S. Cellular (Facebook) is also giving away a prize pack on my reviews and giveaways blog. Here is the prize pack:

  • $25 US Cellular gift card (can be redeemed for devices, accessories or U.S. Cellular bills)
  • Cinch up backpack
  • T-shirt
  • 2 stadium cups
  • 3 jotter memo notebooks
  • Baseball cap
  • LED flashlight

U.S. Cellular’s Family-Sized Buy-One-Phone-Get-Five-Free Deals
U.S. Cellular’s six for one special is an awesome deal for a busy family with kids, but there are a few catches. First, the promotion ends March 10th (you better hurry if you want to take advantage of the offer). Second catch, you can only activate up to five lines online. You have to stop by a local US Cellular store to order six lines. Final catch, the promotion is limited to the phones below:

  • Buy a Samsung Mesmerize (Galaxy S device) for just $99.99 and get up to five LG Optimus U smartphones free
  • Buy a LG Optimus U for just $29.99 and get five additional LG Optimus U smartphones free
  • Buy a Samsung Messager Touch for $29.99 and get up to five Samsung Profiles for free

BTW, dads and moms can also get a $100 credit for new activations.

U.S. Cellular Giveaway
Thanks to U.S. Cellular, I’m giving away a prize pack consisting of $25 US Cellular gift card, cinch up backpack, T-shirt, LED flashlight, baseball cap, two stadium cups, and three jotter memo notebooks. The giveaway is limited to USA readers only (if you plan on signing up for a new U.S. Cellular plan, check to see if you are in their coverage area). The winner will be randomly selected. To enter the giveaway, leave a comment about your favorite promotion phone listed above (visit their phone page if you want to see the specs). The deadline to enter the giveaway is Tuesday, March 15th (Pacific time).

Four Bonus Entries (leave a separate comment for each entry)

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[Disclosure: I did not receive any products, service or compensation for hosting this giveaway. U.S. Cellular is not a sponsor or administrator of the giveaway. However, they are responsible for the giveaway prize. Daddy Forever (me) is not liable for the prizes. As always, the opinions expressed are mine and I am not obligated to write a positive review.]


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  2. I like the Buy a LG Optimus U for just $29.99 and get five additional LG Optimus U smartphones free deal

  3. I like the “Buy a Samsung Messager Touch for $29.99 and get up to five Samsung Profiles for free” promotion

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