Picture Collage Maker Pro Giveaway Winners

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Good morning, everyone. It’s Super Bowl weekend. I’m not sure which team I want to win, but I am looking forward to the commercials. Hopefully, there will be a lot of good ones this year. At $3 million for 30 seconds, you would think all the ads would be good. Anyhow, I’m announcing the winners of the Picture Collage Maker Pro Giveaway today. BTW, there are giveaways on my blog that you still can enter:

Picture Collage Maker Pro Giveaway
The winners of the Picture Collage Maker Pro Giveaway are Lyn Scanlan, Betsy, Diane Baum, Melanie, Tim, Rosanne, Sheryl Holden, Paul, Sandy, Rebekah, Michael, Hesper Fry, Cass, DawnS, NOla, Darcy B, Suzanne DS, Salleefur/Jesslyn, Anna T, and Patrick K. Thanks to Pearl Mountain Software, the winners will each receive a personal license for Picture Collage Maker Pro software for creating photo collages, digital scrapbooks, calendars, greeting cards, posters, photo books, and other photo-related artwork.

Have a great Super Bowl weekend, everyone.


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