Year of the Bunny Rabbit


Happy Chinese New Year everyone! It’s the year of the rabbit. I was actually born in the year of the rabbit. Yeah, I know. Being a bunny rabbit isn’t exactly manly. Why couldn’t I have been born in the year of the dragon or tiger? Anyhow, check out Kaboose if you are interested in Chinese New Year crafts and activities for your kids or Family Fun for some Chinese New Year recipes and crafts. If you want to see your Chinese zodiac horoscope for this year, find your sign with this Chinese Zodiac sign calculator, and then read the rest of my post for your horoscope.

Chinese New Year - my four kids

2011 Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

When someone rubs you the wrong way, put on your sweetest smile, bite your tongue and enjoy the taste of blood as you fight the urge to give that idiot a tongue lashing. Avoid confrontation, but do pick your spots. There will be plenty of opportunities.

If you’re a typical Ox, you might need to work on being less stubborn and learning to bend with the wind. Compromise is your friend. Yes, I know you’re a tough and powerful creature, but you might butt heads with others if you’re forceful about being right.

You’ll probably have a so-so year. But don’t get discouraged — as a Tiger, you have the guts and gusto to face challenges like a Mortal Kombat fighter. If you plot your course ahead of time, you’ll be able to navigate the changing waters of this year with grace and agility.

With eleven favorable months and only one unfavorable, you can probably count your eggs before they hatch and eat dessert before dinner (I actually like eating dessert first). Your talents and assets should shine brightly with the Rabbit’s influence. Bring forth a bit of bravery. Stand tall and proud. Claim what’s rightfully yours.

This year could feel like a roller coaster ride, so buckle up and hang on. You’ll have six good months, two so-so months, and four not-so-good months. If you’re a typical Dragon, it will take more than a few hits to bring you down. Be cool, calm, and compromising to get your way.

If last year was a bit wild for you, things might calm down a bit in the Year of the Metal Rabbit. Your determination and perseverance might need a tune-up. Give yourself a daily dose of self-confidence with words of affirmation. There’s room for you to accomplish great things.

If 2010 was a wild ride, you might be in for another roller coaster. You might get nauseous with all the ups and downs. Luckily, your sign is one of the most resilient and strong. Ride the tide when it’s high, and wade through when it’s shallow. Allow yourself and your life to be molded by the forces that be.

Things should flow more easily than last year. Your popularity could skyrocket this year, and there’s a reason everyone wants your company. Take advantage of all your opportunities to shine in 2011. Travel to strange lands. Communicate with spirits. Wear wild outfits. Do things you normally wouldn’t dream of.

Things will probably ebb and flow without much warning. You’ll have to buckle down and do some serious planning in order to get the most out of 2011, and you might be in for a challenge. You have plenty of ingenuity and flexibility, so call on those strengths when things get sticky.

You’ll have to work extra hard. Work on being more understanding. Leave criticism for only the big things. Get rid of your judgments and practice tolerance. Think of what you’d like to work on this year and put your heart and soul into becoming your best self.

You’ll probably find comforts, pleasures, and successes abundant in 2011. In terms of your yearly overview, you have ten favorable months, one neutral, and one unfavorable month. People will probably notice your achievements. You might be the center of attention. Get gussied up and be ready to shine.

Short of multimillion dollar lottery winnings and total world domination, 2011 should bring many things to be thankful for. Remember to share you successes with the ones you love. Keep striving for inner balance and self-acceptance. Internalize the goodness around you and know you deserve it.



14 thoughts on “Year of the Bunny Rabbit

  1. Happy New Year! I don’t know how to figure that out, but if there’s 12 of them there, and you go by the months then I guess I’m a snake. Your picture is fabulously adorable. They look like four little China Dolls! What a very handsome family you have!

  2. According to my actual DATE of birth, I’m an Ox, but that description has never described me. I am more of a Tiger, and when using my YEAR of birth, that fits. I have never thought of myself as an Ox; I am Tiger nearly through and through.

    1. My horoscope is off too. I’m suppose to be able to “count my eggs before they hatch and eat dessert before dinner.” Ha! We can’t afford dessert and we’re just getting by like a lot of families.

      1. I’m sorry to hear his weight has dropped, but it’s good that he no longer needs the feeding tube. When my son was a baby, he was allergic to blueberries and strawberries. He outgrew them, so maybe there’s hope for your son.

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