Oxfam, TRON, and Little Pim Giveaway Winners

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It’s Christmas Eve! I hope everyone has their shopping done. Three giveaway winners announcements this morning. As always, if you didn’t win there are other giveaways you can still enter:

Oxfam Giveaway
Beth Waniewski is the winner of the Oxfam Giveaway. Thanks to Oxfam America, a needy person will receive a goat on Beth’s behalf. Nice! BTW, if you have a minute, be sure to check out their humorous YouTube videos: Oxfam Signs the Hidalgo, The Hidalgo Reveals the Collection, The Creative Process, Tension on the Set, and Hollywood Loves the Collection.

TRON Giveaway
The winner of the TRON Giveaway is Sand. Thanks to Disney Interactive Studios, Sand will receive a TRON: Evolution Wii video game. Cool! BTW, I’ve been playing the game with my seven-year old son and he keeps kicking my butt. But only because he skips the instructions so I have no idea how to control anything in the game.

Little Pim Giveaway
Sheila (skkorman) is the winner of the Little Pim Giveaway. Thanks to Little Pim, Sheila will receive a Little Pim Foreign Language DVD in the language of her choice. The DVDs are a fun and engaging way for kids to learn a foreign language.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


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