Beer Stein Gift Idea and Giveaway Winners Announcements

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Two announcements today: beer stein gift idea and four giveaways winners announcements. First, here’s a holiday gift idea that is a little different: beer glasses from Beer Stein. was founded with a simple goal — to share the German Beer Stein tradition with their customers. They offer a large selection of quality beer mugs, pilsners, and beer glasses. Beer steins make a great gift for any occasion in a beer connoisseur’s life.

Here are the latest giveaway winners:

Perplexus Giveaway
The winners of this giveaway are Rachel and Stephanie Cobb. Thanks to PlaSmart (Twitter | Facebook), Rachel and Stephanie will each receive a Perplexus 3D maze toy. Perplexus is a fun game for humans ages 6-106 and is a wonderful gift for the holidays.

RepeaterStore Giveaway
Judy B is the winner of the RepeaterStore Giveaway. Thanks to the RepeaterStore (Twitter | Facebook), Judy will receive a Cell Ranger STIX In-Car Kit. The device is great for boosting cell phone signals.

Facebook Giveaway
The winners of the Facebook giveaway are Barbara Hecht, Lynne T, Derk Thomas, Desert Songbird, and Sheila (showcasesisters). Thanks to Facebook, each of the winners will receive a $15 Facebook Credits gift cards. Dads, moms, and kids can use the Facebook Credit Gift Cards on over 200 social games and applications on Facebook. Giveaway
Bryanna P. is the winner of the EyeBuyDirect Giveaway. Thanks to, Bryanna will receive a pair of prescription eyeglasses. If you need prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses, be sure to check out

As always, if you didn’t win there are other giveaways you can still enter:

Thank you for entering the giveaways. Have a good weekend everyone.

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