Ship it Smart with FedEx – Win a $25 AmEx Gift Card


I hope you have all your packages ready to ship because Christmas is only 12 days away. To help dads and moms get through the holiday shipping season, FedEx has put together a list of packing tips to help get your special gifts to your friends and family on time and in one piece. In addition to the tips I’m going to blog about, FedEx is also giving a prize pack to help you with your shipping needs for the holidays. The prize pack consists of:

  • $25 American Express gift card to ship your gifts at any FedEx location
  • 8″ x 8″ x 8″ brown FedEx box
  • Roll of heavy-duty packing tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Brown packing paper
  • Holiday-themed address cards to put inside your packed box
  • Pack & Ship Tips sheet of helpful info from FedEx packaging experts

FedEx Packing and Shipping Tips

  • Use sturdy boxes with flaps intact
  • Make sure your box is large enough to put adequate padding around contents
  • Use tape designed for packing, not duct or masking tape
  • Do not wrap the outer box with paper or string, which can get caught in automated processing equipment
  • Position the address label squarely on the largest surface
  • Provide complete sender and recipient addresses, including phone numbers and ZIP codes
  • Put the recipient’s address and your return address inside the box as well
  • Dads and moms have until December 17, 2010 to ship via FedEx Ground or FedEx Home Delivery
  • Last-minute shoppers have until December 23, 2010, to ship FedEx Express

Green Shipping Tips

  • Use the smallest box possible while adequately protecting your item
  • For fragile presents, double box the gift for more protection while shipping and reuse an older box for the interior box
  • Use shredded paper, biodegradable packing peanuts or light-weight used clothing
  • Purchase boxes made from recycled materials (FedEx envelopes are made from 100% recycled content, FedEx 10 kg and 25 kg boxes contain a minimum of 70% recycled content)

You can find more information about holiday shipping on the FedEx site.

FedEx giveaway prize pack

FedEx Giveaway
Thanks to FedEx, I’m giving away a prize pack on my dad blog. The prize pack consists of a $25 American Express gift card, packing supplies, and shipping tips. The winner will be randomly selected. To enter the giveaway, let me know in the comments area if you ever received a present late. The deadline to enter the giveaway is Tuesday, December 28th (Pacific time). The giveaway is open to readers in the USA only. Good luck everyone!

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[Disclosure: The giveaway prize will be provided by FedEx, but FedEx is not a sponsor or administrator of the giveaway. I received a prize pack for hosting this giveaway. As always, the opinions expressed are mine and I am not obligated to write a positive review.]


416 thoughts on “Ship it Smart with FedEx – Win a $25 AmEx Gift Card

  1. Yes, I have received a present late. The Christmas before last – I order Crocs for my 7 year Nephew and they were suppose to be delivered 3 days before the holiday but due to a snow storm they weren’t delivered until the 3rd of Jan.

  2. I did this: Click on the Facebook like button below and then write on my Facebook fan page to let me know who does most of the package shipping in your family

  3. I like this post on Facebook and posted on your wall that I do 99% of the package shipping in my family – my FB name is Amanda Moore

  4. I’ve gotten presents late but didn’t know if it was the deliverer or the person who sent it.A presents a present no matter what time it arrives.

  5. I don’t remember ever receiving a late present but if I did I wouldn’t mind because you know what they say “better late than never!”.

  6. Its not me receiving presents late that I’m worried about its the gifts I send that I get frustrated if they are received late. I live across the country from my entire family, and I send them 4 different kinds of cookies during the holidays, and the past two years even though I sent them paying extra to ship in a timely manner due to spoiling they were recieved late and had to be tossed out, I really have a problem with food being tossed out.

  7. Yes, with some of our family, we don’t usually get together until after Christmas or around the New Year. I like looking forward to getting the late gifts.
    Thanks so much.

  8. I love gift cards. I am an old time ax lady. You never leave home with out it and you use it all the time. That was there best jingle and I am surprised how many people do not remember that one. I gues I am old school. LOL

  9. I always got birthay presents from my dad late. He could never remember. He finally started sending them the first of the month.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  10. We have a fairly extended family, and one group actually gets together in mid January to celebrate the holidays and exchange gifts.. Does that count?

  11. yes I have received presents late because one group of relatives often get together after New Year’s. I like it though because I like the idea of having gifts to open for the new year :) Thanks!

  12. I LIKE you on facebook – I’m victoria liester
    flophasit at yahoo dot com
    I left a msg. on your wall answering your question.

  13. One year my father in law sent us his present for the children and it didn’t show up until two weeks after Christmas.

  14. Not late, but the box I received from my mom yesterday looked like it had been through a storm, or left in a snow bank. It was all damp and a little crushed. I’d love to know what happened.

  15. As my relatives get older, sometimes their gifts arrive late. It’s usually not a big deal, but will be kind of weird for my kids to be opening Christmas gifts after Christmas now that they understand that Christmas is just a one-day thing. Thank you for the giveaway!

  16. I’ve received presents late, but it can sometimes be nice to get a post-holiday surprise gift- it feels like you’re stretching out the holiday ;)

  17. Yes I’ve received(and sent) gifts late. Going through a night mare right now with vanilla visa. My mom bought @store in Florida while she was visiting her parents(Grandpa was in the hospital) and she sent them to me from there(150$ worth for a kinect from santa for the kids). Now she’s back in SC and I’m in Ohio and the cards won’t work. Apparently the cashier didn’t scan right or something. A big freaking mess.

  18. yes, I did received presents late as well as online buy’s what were supposed to be here by christmas

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    schnitzomage {at} gmail {dot} com

  19. I have received presents late but not due to shipping reasons lol

    Usually it was a family member or friend that got me something right after Christmas-I still loved it the same!

    thank you for the chance to win!!


  20. Yes I have and it looks like I may be giving one late this year. I ordered a necklace for my niece and daughter and haven’t gotten them yet. I haven’t heard anything from the seller and just really hope they come. thank you!!

  21. Always! My sister across the country has NEVER sent my birthday or Christmas gifts on time…however, I really enjoy it because it stretches out my birthday a few more days :)

  22. I once received a present I ordered for a friend late. It didnt show up until after he had already left town. So I waited 6 months and sent it to him for his birthday.

  23. Yes I have received gifts and sents gifts late but not due to purchasing them late but to the time of when I get to see the person(s). I have a large family and we are not always able to be together at the same time. So when they come into town it is exciting to know we are getting a chance to exchange gifts at that time. Usually it is in Jan. Unfortunately this last year I forgot to give my nieces their Christmas gifts until late summer. Sorry girls ;/(

  24. Last year I received a gift late through the mail – but since it was my aunt’s delicious sugar cookies, which she baked and packaged with a lot of care, I didn’t mind at all!

  25. I’ve received lots of gifts from my grandparents late over the years. They always forget, but it’s the thought that counts :)

    nancymeyer1 at gmail dot com

  26. Yes, I have. I ordered a gift for this Christmas, for a friend. I needed to have it to give to her by 12/22. I ordered it a week before that. It arrived 12/24. Late.


  27. Actually I’m waiting right now for a package for my daughter — it was supposed to be a christmas present. I ordered it 3 weeks ago & the website did not tell me it was on backorder until AFTER the order was placed & paid for!

    chlorinebrain at sbcglobal dot net

  28. My mom once sent me an Easter package that wondered around for months before finally arriving back at her house. The shipper had no idea where it had been. She gave it to me in person when I went to see her during my Aug. vacation.

  29. I haven’t received a present late, but actually got my wifes present late to her last year. Thought I’d get her books online, had them shipped media mail 2 weeks before Christmas. We didn’t get them until after the first of the year. Thankfully my wife was understanding. I’ll never do media shipping again when I need gifts in a hurry!

  30. I receive gifts late all the time. My bday was last week and I havent gotten anything yet not even a card so Im hoping my mail was just late again lol

  31. I sure have! And I will be receiving some late this year as well…I was supposed to have family over for dinner and for our gift exchange, but it was canceled due to the snow storm!

  32. I have never rec’d a package late, but I must admit people have rec’d packages from me late! I try. but I do better some years than others.

  33. I’ve received packages or presents late, and this year I felt embarrassed because I left my youngest nieces gift out of her family package. So, her Christmas gift won’t get there till January.

  34. I’ve gotten may gifts late – but I’ve also given many gifts late! In our family, we often celebrate on a different day. It’s kind of fun – it extends the celebration.

  35. I’ve received gifts that were meant to be given ON TIME, late!
    That’s when I print out a picture of the item wrap it up & hope that should arrive soon…*gulp*

  36. HAH! My mother-in-law couldn’t get a present here on time if she got paid a million dollars. She seems to think she can mail things 2 days before the event and it will fly across the country.

  37. Can’t recall getting a gift late, though sure it’s happened. Clearly it’s that important to me! I know I’ve SENT a gift late, haha!

  38. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a present late mostly because my family is all nearby so we never have to ship presents.

  39. Last year was the pits, my daughter and I mailed our stuff together to my son. We thought he didn’t like anything we sent as he never made a comment. He recieved his package in February. This year we notified them by email when their packages were sent. So that we could track if necessary.

  40. Yes, we’ve received a present that arrived late. In fact, we received one yesterday – Dec. 27! My motto is : A late present is better than none at all! LOL!

  41. Thanks for the giveaway..I have often been on the receiving end of a late present…but it’s the thought that counts.

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  42. This year my parents didn’t ship our christmas presents because they were going to drive up, but then my dad was sick so they stayed home and we are going to fly in to see them in January but the decided to ship our presents to us anyway but they still aren’t here. Thats ok though, I don’t mind late presents, I know its not like they forgot or anything

  43. Every year one comes late. This year my son ordered one and says it’s on back order…a dead giveaway that it’s the eReader his dad prolly told him I wanted. ;)

  44. I have never received a present late but my moto is better late then never. I did receive $5 from my grandma on Christmas (2 days after my birthday) if that counts.
    hmhenderson AT yahoo DOT com

  45. I have received late presents. What are people thinking. My husband worked for UPS. He spent Christmas Eve working and had to take the truck load of packages because nobody was at home.

  46. I sure have received a present late — many times in fact. Sometimes it is shipping delays becasue of weather or post office issues, and sometimes it is because someone has in fact mailed the package late!

  47. Yes! I once received a present late. I got a Birthday present in late August when my Birthday is in July!
    They had sent it reg mail with 1 number in the zip code wrong.

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