Cute Chicks – the Gift that Keeps Giving


I’ve given away a lot of cool stuff on my dad blog — like laptops, desktop computers, Xbox Kinect gaming system, Apple iPad, gift cards, jewelry, toys, hotels, and the Batcave. I think once I even tried giving my kids away, but a reader said something about it being illegal or something crazy like that. Whatever. But today’s giveaway might be the coolest yet because I giving away some cute chicks.

Dixie Chicks

No, I’m not giving away the Dixie Chicks. Or scantily clad chicks. I’m giving away chicks, as in baby chickens. Actually, I’m not giving away any chicks — you are. I’m partnering with Oxfam America to help promote their holiday donation campaign. As some of you know, Oxfam America is a 40 year old organization devoted to creating lasting solutions to poverty, hunger, and injustice around the globe. On behalf of the winner of this giveaway (it’s easy to enter), a needy villager will receive an item from the Oxfam Collection. Readers, spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, and the blogosphere. Also feel free to checkout the humorous Oxfam Collection videos.

Below are some of the items in the Oxfam Collection. The winner of this giveaway can select an item from the list to give to a needy person:

A dozen chicks
This gift will provide HIV/AIDS-affected households with a starter flock: a dozen chicks to produce eggs, generate income, and improve nutrition.

A hardy goat is an invaluable resource for rural communities: a source of milk, fertilizer, and food for families living in areas that cannot support less durable critters.

A grove of “miracle trees”
The moringa tree is cultivated in many tropical countries and earned its nickname because its leaves, flowers, fruits, roots, and seeds all pack a punch. It contains rich amino acids and has antibiotic properties. But the most widespread use of moringa is for water purification at the household level. This gift will help a family learn to plant their own trees and produce enough seeds to purify their drinking water.

Raising these fleecy critters enables women to create their own income. The sheep’s wool is also used to make local textiles.

The winner of my giveaway will win an item from the above list. No, you can’t keep the goat, sheep, chicks, or trees. However, someone in need will receive a life-changing gift that improves their quality of life. The winner is free to gift the goat, sheep, chicks, or trees as a gift to family members and friends. The giveaway prize will be sent to a needy villager on behalf of you or a person of your choosing.

Help a person in need by entering this giveaway — just leave a comment telling me what you would like to give away (goat, sheep, chicks, or trees). The deadline to enter is Monday, December 20th. The winner must be located in the USA (not sure why). BTW, items from the Oxfam Collection make great gifts for the friends and relatives who has everything. It would be totally unexpected (anyone out there ever received a sheep for Christmas?) and a needy person will receive something useful on behalf of your friend, relative, or co-worker.

Individuals who have won at another site are ineligible to win a second prize subsequently. Here are the sites hosting an Oxfam giveaway:

[Disclosure: I did not receive anything for hosting this giveaway. The giveaway prize will be provided by Oxfam, but Oxfam is not a sponsor or administrator of the giveaway. As always, the opinions expressed are mine and I am not obligated to write a positive review.]


50 thoughts on “Cute Chicks – the Gift that Keeps Giving

  1. This was a tough decision! I would choose the sheep.
    It might interest readers to know that Oxfam is a 3 star (out of 4) charity according to Charity Navigator. They do amazing work helping to lift people out of poverty with a hand up and not a hand out!

  2. what a great idea, especially going back to giving instead of what everyone wants to win something for themself. It is a very hard decision, but it would depend where the people receiving it is, wouldn’t it be like what they need most to help them?

  3. I would give the chicks. OXFAM is a great organization and they help a lot of people! Glad to see them getting some notice over the holiday season!

  4. I think I would give the goat. I know that they can use goats milk for many things to add to the food sources available. And its a gift that keeps on giving.

  5. I would love to give the trees. I know some people don’t think about antioxidents but they help people that are ill and that is a great hope of inspiration! Love this give away!

  6. I would give the trees–with the number of children who die because of contaminated water, that would really be the gift that keeps on giving.

  7. I would love to give the chicks.I myself know that raising chicks can be a fun adventure.Thanks!

  8. I also think that it would depend on who was receiving the gifts. Whatever they needed the most is what they should get.
    beckytag618 at gmail dot com

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