Fisher-Price GeoTrax Christmas Toytown Train – Holiday Gift Idea


Here’s another holiday gift idea: the Fisher-Price GeoTrax Christmas Train. Fisher-Price sent me a review unit and my kids love it. The remote-control Toytown train set is suppose to be for ages two to seven, but even my ten year old likes it. We have another remote-control train (from the outlaws), but the kids like the GeoTrax train better because it’s cuter and features Christmas scene props, music, and lights. Now all the kids are fighting over the remote for the GeoTrax train and no one is playing with our other train set.

Fisher-Price GeoTrax Christmas Toytown Train

The Fisher-Price GeoTrax Christmas Toytown Train includes over 20 track pieces that are easy to snap together. The included instructions show you the track layout for the picture shown on the box. It doesn’t include step-by-step instructions, but dads and moms should be able to figure it out from the picture. Of course, you can also layout the track anyway you want. For instance, you could have the tracks go around a Christmas tree instead of a figure eight layout with an overhead bridge. The featured layout is nice, but it gets in the way of a tree.

The train set includes a train, three light-up cars, a remote (forward and reverse), Santa, elf, two gingerbread men, two nutcrackers, a musical train station, a musical bridge, tracks, a small ice ring, and various Christmas themed pieces. The set also includes a DVD with four animated GeoTrax episodes (we have not watched them yet). In addition to music, some of the pieces also light up when the train goes by them. It looks pretty cool at night when you have the house lights off.

We love the Fisher-Price GeoTrax Christmas Toytown Train, but we did encountered a couple of problems. First, all the kids wanted to help assembled the track. As you can probably guess, it’s very difficult to assemble anything when you have four kids helping out. Actually, three kids were trying to help and one kid (the toddler) was taking pieces and hiding them all over the house. That’s actually the other problem we had — the toddler. Our other three kids were not like this when they were little, but our fourth child is always getting in trouble. He’s already removed over a dozen Christmas tree ornaments and broken them on the floor. And now he’s doing his Godzilla impersonation, which is why we moved the train set off of the floor and onto a table. And because he’s trouble, the toddler pushes a chair next to the table, climbs up, and then walks on top of the table. And when he’s mad, he can also exhale fire.

Oh yeah, the price is currently $139 at Amazon, which is about $20 more than it was a week ago. Not sure if that means Amazon is have trouble keeping the GeoTrax train set in stock.


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  1. What a fun shot! I love the way you take time to take real photos for your reviews. I need to get on a review list…my kids would love free stuff! LOL Heaven knows they’d provide ample feedback too!


  2. What a great product. I have a lot of younger siblings, I know they would all love this. I came to see if a winner had been selected for your XBox giveaway, but I am glad I got to learn about this great toy too! Thanks

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