Cell Ranger STIX Signal Booster – Holiday Gift Idea and Giveaway


Cell Ranger STIX Signal Booster ~ RepeaterStoreOver the weekend, I tried out a STIX signal booster. It’s a cell phone booster for your car and it works great. Thanks to the RepeaterStore (Twitter | Blog | Facebook), I’m also giving away a Cell Ranger STIX In-Car Kit (MSRP $149). We get pretty good cell coverage in our area, but sometimes we do hit an area with a very weak signal (like when we travel to the Oregon coast — only one bar). We didn’t travel to the beach over the weekend, but I did noticed the signal booster improved the cell signal from three bars to four bars when I was inside a parking garage. I was kinda expecting some static, but the connection was still very clear when I made a call with the help of the booster.

Installing the unit was easy. You place the magnetic antenna on the car’s roof or trunk (don’t worry, it won’t fall off while you’re driving) and then plug the other end into the car’s cigarette lighter. The cable from the antenna to the unit can be run through a door or trunk seal (closing the door or trunk on the cable will not damage it).

The Cell Ranger STIX is different from traditional cell phone repeaters. It features a microprocessor that actively monitors the frequency and concentrates it’s power where it is needed. The Cell Ranger STIX works with both cell phone and data cards. It supports dual band (PCS 1900 MHz and Cellular 800 MHz sub bands) and works with most US carriers (doesn’t work with Nextel). The Cell Ranger STIX would make an excellent gift for someone that is on the go a lot.

BTW, the Repeater Store offers a range of products for mobile professionals. Here are three examples:

Cell Ranger STIX Giveaway
Thanks to RepeaterStore, I’m giving away a Cell Ranger STIX In-Car Kit on my dad blog. The winner will be randomly selected. To enter the giveaway, tell me what kind of cell phone you use in the comments area below. The deadline to enter the giveaway is Tuesday, December 14th (Pacific time). The giveaway is open to people in both the US and Canada. Good luck everyone!

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[Disclosure: The giveaway prize will be provided by RepeaterStore, but RepeaterStore is not a sponsor or administrator of the giveaway. I received a cell booster for review on my dad blog. As always, the opinions expressed are mine and I am not obligated to write a positive review.]


117 thoughts on “Cell Ranger STIX Signal Booster – Holiday Gift Idea and Giveaway

  1. Interesting product. I wonder how well it would work in my home… I don’t have any issues with driving around town, but the signal at our house is a dead spot sometimes. I have a cigarette lighter plug in my computer (its a long story, don’t ask me why) so I’d actually try this out in my home office to see if it helps out there too. Thanks.

    Oh yeah, I use a craptastic old LG Chocolate that I desperately want to ditch (the phone and the network) but can’t for another 4 months!

  2. I use a Nokia…which is a good phone, but I live in a very rural area and towers are few and far between. So I could definitely use this!

  3. I have two cell phones I’m not using right now including one expensive smart phones. What I’m using right now is a trachphone. Pay as you go and only keep it in the car for an emergency.

  4. I’ve got a crappy LG Chocolate from like 5 years ago that I can’t seem to kill. It gets basically no siganl in my house or at my work, and in the car its sketchy at best, but every time I buy a new phone (and a new damn contract to go with it) it breaks within a few months and I have to switch back to old faithful (actually, old piece of crap) until the contract is up. Its happened twice now! AAAAARGH!!!

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