Winner, Winner, Turkey Dinner


Anyone get any great Black Friday deal yesterday? I actually ventured out this year. I woke up at 4am and tried to get back to sleep. But then my youngest daughter came in and I had to take her to the bathroom. After that, I decided to head out Target. Boy was that store crowded. But not as crowded as Best Buy. People were still trying to get inside Best Buy two hours after they opened. Anyhow, I have three giveaway winners announcements today: Sears Craftsman Workwear, Fisher-Price TRIO DC Super Friends Batcave, and Salonpas Pain Relief Patch.

Sears Craftsman Workwear Giveaway
Charlene Kuser is the winner of the Sears Craftsman Workwear Giveaway. Thanks to Dupont and Sears, Charlene will receive a workwear prize pack consisting of a Craftsman canvas hooded shirt jacket, workwear t-shirt, and long sleeve coverall. The workwear features Teflon fabric protector, which protects fabric from stains by repelling water and oil. If you’re interested, you can still download a 15% coupon for Craftsman workwear (expires November 30th). Dads and moms can also enter the DuPont Get Into Gear Sweepstakes for some fabulous prizes. Their contest ends on November 30th and it only takes a few minutes to enter.

Fisher-Price TRIO DC Super Friends Batcave Giveaway
Peepnroosmom is the winner of the TRIO Batcave Giveaway. Thanks to Fisher-Price, Peepnroosmom will receive a TRIO DC Super Friends Batcave. With the TRIO Batcave, dads and kids can build their very own bat cave out of 109 bricks, sticks, and panels. To build your own Batcave, all you have to do is snap the pieces together (kinda like Lego and Megablocks). It’s a lot of fun and my son loves it.

Salonpas Pain Relief Patch Giveaway
The winners of the Salonpas Giveaway are Annette Peel, Ivan, and JRG. Thanks to Salonpas (Facebook | Twitter), the winners will each receive a prize pack consisting of Salonpas pain relief patch samples and a reusable shopping bag. The patches help manage sore muscles and joint pains.


4 thoughts on “Winner, Winner, Turkey Dinner

  1. Congrats everyone!

    I think i’ve only done black friday once in the past 10 years. It was for a Shrek comforter bedding set back when it was super popular.

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