Mattel WWE Action Figures – Holiday Gift Idea

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Mattel recently sent my son a couple of WWE action figures (Fist Poundin’ Undertaker and Big Talkin’ CM Punk). I’m not into wrestling (Kelly Kelly, please don’t hate me…or K2 me). It’s actually my mom’s fault. When I was a kid, my cousins lived with us. And one of my cousins loved professional wrestling. She loved the action so much that she would scream loudly when she watched, which drove my mom crazy. My mom warned my cousin several times to stop screaming, but my cousin couldn’t help it. Eventually my mom couldn’t take the screaming anymore so she refused to let any of us watch wrestling.

The Ninja Assassin will take on the winner of the Undertaker and CM Punk match
Mattel WWE wrestling action figures

My son isn’t into WWE either and I wasn’t sure if he would like these toys. It turns out he does like them. And he even knows how to make the action figures perform wicked moves even though he has never watched WWE. I think he learned the moves from all the times he and his sisters body slammed, head butted, kicked, and punched me. And because I’m dad, I can only defend myself by tickling them. I get pain, they get laughter. Totally unfair.

Anyhow, if you’re looking for a toy gift for Christmas, take a look at the Mattel WWE line of wrestling action figures.

Mattel WWE Highlights

  • The Mattel Legends Figures Assortment are great for collectors. The Legends collection features all-time WWE Superstar greats such as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat in great detail and accuracy – $15

  • The FlexForce Big Talkin’ Action Figures are the newest additions to the FlexForce Assortment. When the arms or legs of a figure are pulled back, they recreate signature moves of the superstar while also delivering one of his famous phrases – $16

  • The WWE Electrovision Championship Belt features a retro-inspired design paired with innovative engineering that combines over 450 frames of animation with real theme music from six of the hottest WWE Superstars. Kids can pretend that they are making their own explosive entrance to the theme music of their favorite Superstars from John Cena’s “The Time is Now” to Rey Mysterio’s “Booyaka 619” – $40

  • The WWE Money in the Bank Ladder Match Ring is a mini replica of the actual ring from the Money in the Bank Ladder match and includes a 20-in TitanTron, action points to launch FlexForce action figures, a ladder and briefcase with a contract inside – $40


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