Fisher-Price TRIO DC Super Friends Batcave – Holiday Gift Idea and Giveaway


Look what the nice people over at Fisher-Price sent my kids to play with it:

TRIO DC Super Friends Batcave ~ Batman and Batgirl

It’s a Fisher-Price TRIO DC Super Friends Batcave. At first I thought the TRIO batcave was just a newer version of the Imaginext Batcave (also by Fisher-Price), but it’s more than just a new version. The old version was preassembled. In the TRIO version, dads and kids get to build their own bat cave out of 109 bricks, sticks, and panels. To build your own Batcave, all you have to do is snap the pieces together (kinda like Lego and Megablocks). The kit includes step-by-step instructions for building the Batcave (plus pictures of three other bat structures you can build). You can also wing it and build your own custom batcave. It’s fun and you can let your kids be as creative as they want.

Fisher-Price TRIO DC Super Friends Batcave

According to the box, the TRIO DC Super Friends Batcave is for kids age four and up. Kids can certainly build things with the Trio bricks on their own, but younger kids may need a little help from dad or mom if they want to build the batcave depicted on the box. I noticed that it wasn’t easy to snap the roof sticks together without accidentally popping out other pieces. Then again, it could’ve been because I was pushing too hard when I was snapping the sticks together.

The TRIO Batcave features a hidden door to the outside world, rock facade, ladders, zip-line and a geeky control panel. The playset also includes a Batmobile (constructed with TRIO car chassis) and a TRIO Batman figure. The TRIO DC Super Friends Batcave is priced at $35 ($30 at Amazon). If you’re not into building your own batcave, you can still purchase the Imaginext DC Super Friends Batcave ($50 list, $38 Amazon).

Fisher-Price TRIO DC Super Friends Batcave

Fisher-Price TRIO DC Super Friends Batcave Giveaway
Now’s your chance to win a TRIO Batcave for your little one. To enter my giveaway, leave a comment on my dad blog about your favorite superhero. The deadline to enter the giveaway is Wednesday, November 24th (Pacific time). The giveaway is open to USA readers only. The winner will be randomly selected. Good luck everyone.

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[Disclosure: The giveaway prize will be provided by Fisher-Price, but Fisher-Price is not a sponsor or administrator of the giveaway. I received a TRIO Batcave for review on my dad blog.]


150 thoughts on “Fisher-Price TRIO DC Super Friends Batcave – Holiday Gift Idea and Giveaway

  1. I don’t have a favorite superhero. But my son’s favorite and my hubby’s favorite is Batman by far. They will make a habit of spending a whole weekend watching the Batman movies. (I just have to let you know that this is the only thing my son asked for, for Christmas!) Thanks so much for a chance.
    tibbsx5 at yahoo dot com

  2. I like Daddy Forever on Facebook and posted on your wall about my favorite villain, under Jennifer Tibbitts.
    tibbsx5 at yahoo dot com

  3. Although Batman is my favorite hero, he’s not really “super” in a sense. So I think my fave is… Goku from Dragon Ball Z. LoL.

  4. My boys think their dad is a superhero right now because he can fix anything!

    I love Wonder Woman because well she is a woman!

    ckachelmuss at

  5. My favorite super hero is definitely Bat Man, because he is a hero regardless of the fact that he doesn’t have any magical powers, he has to get by with his inventions!

  6. My favorite superhero was also The Hulk… while he’s not truly a superhero in the traditional sense, he had super powers that he got when he was really mad! I’ve always felt like that so I could totally relate. My son is all about Batman right now though, he’d probably literally explode (yes, we’d be cleaning goo from an exploded child off the walls for weeks!) if he unwrapped this on his upcoming birthday (or xmas). Thanks!

  7. My favorite superhero was my dad. He would alway show up just when I needed him. It was like he had a superhero sense. When I did happen to call on him, he never said no. If there was something I need to have done, he would figure out a way to get it done. He may not of had a clue to begin with but when he was finished it was done like I needed.

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