Holiday Gift Guide – Friends Edition


Christmas starts earlier and earlier every year, but I never thought retailers would start running pre Black Friday sales before Halloween. Thanksgiving is already overwhelmed with Christmas ads. Now Christmas is also trying to bump off Halloween, which I think is the best holiday of the year. It looks like bloggers are getting into the early Christmas bandwagon too. I noticed some bloggers and publications posted their holiday gift guides two months before Christmas.

I wasn’t planning on publishing my gift guide until after Thanksgiving, but I feel left behind. I have not started my holiday gift guide yet so I decided to post a list of review and giveaway products that were featured on my dad blog in the last 12 months. Wow, until I compiled the list below, I didn’t realize I had so many friends (thank you sponsors!). BTW, I might have another super, rocking giveaway prize coming up. Details have not been finalized yet, but it will be awesome. Cross your fingers. In the meantime, if you’re already looking for ideas, take a look at the holiday gift guide below.

Electronics and Accessories


Toys and Games

Hotels and Restaurants

Home and Other Stuff

Baby and Kids Stuff

Clothing, Jewelry, Accessories

Health and Beauty Products






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