Make it Wild, That’s Awesome, Party Animals, Sock ‘n Boots Book Reviews


Make it Wild!: 101 Things to Make and Do Outdoors By Fiona Danks and Jo SchofieldMake it Wild!: 101 Things to Make and Do Outdoors
By Fiona Danks and Jo Schofield
I checked this book out at the library. Unlike the other DIY books I reviewed last month, Make it Wild! is intended for kids (ages nine to twelve) instead of dads. The book includes instructions, parts lists, photos, and safety tips. What I like best about this book is that the authors encourage children to use their own creativity and imagination. The finished product doesn’t have to look like the one in the photograph. It can look like whatever kids want it to look like. We have not had a chance to try out the projects yet, but some of the ones that look really interesting are flaming balloons (a cool project, but my kids might accidentally set the yard on fire), paper making, leaf plates and bowls, ice windows, ice ornaments, ice lanterns, and snow lanterns (hopefully it will snow this year). The 160-page book is currently selling for $18.21 at Amazon (List Price: $24.95).

Awesome: The World's Most Amazing Facts & Records By Time For KidsThat’s Awesome: The World’s Most Amazing Facts & Records
By Time For Kids
The publisher sent me an advance copy of That’s Awesome, which really is awesome. The 208-page hardcover book will be release on October 5th and is currently priced at $13.46 at Amazon (List Price: $19.95). Just like the Big Book of Why (also published by Time For Kids), That’s Awesome is full of information kids, dads, and moms will find interesting. The book is divided into several subject areas, such as facts about animals, plants, sports, arts, space, weather, human body, geography, and history. I think That’s Awesome is an excellent road trip book. It’ll keep the little book worms busy for hours. Hopefully quiet too.

Party Animals By Kathie Lee GiffordParty Animals
By Kathie Lee Gifford
I found this book at the library and my kids love it. They made good old dad read the book over and over and over and over again. The 32-page book is intended for children ages four to eight. Party Animals is a book about Lucy Goosy and her attempt to invite the right guests so that her birthday party will be perfect. However, because Lucy Goosy focuses only on the bad qualities of her circle of friends, she ends up with a blank invite list. Thankfully, Wise Owl helps Lucy Goosy see the special side of those around them. Party Animals is written in a sing-song rhyme and even comes with a CD (I didn’t even know Kathie Lee Gifford could sing). The book is currently selling for $12.21 (List Price: $17.95).

Sock 'n Boots - Share By D.K. SmithSock ‘n Boots – Share
By D.K. Smith
I received this book from the author last month. It’s intended for pre-schoolers, but my seven-year old son likes the book too. The main characters of the book are Sock (a playful and sensitive little gym sock) and Boots (a wise and loveable combat boot). Sock ‘n Boots – Share teaches children why sharing is important. The lesson kinda works. After reading the book to the kids, they can tell me why it’s important to share. However, they have difficulty applying the lesson when they want to play with the same toys. The 32-page is currently selling for $13.60 at Amazon. Sock ‘n Boots – Share is actually the first in a series of children’s books centered around Sock and Boots. The other two books in the series are Sock N’ Boots – Afraid of the Dark and Sock n’ Boots – Play it Safe. D.K. Smith is currently working on the concept for a fourth book.


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