I Love Her to Infinity and Beyond


My little girl is turning five this week. Like many dads and moms, I feel like the five years went by way too quickly.

Then I snap out of it and realize the Little Monkey has been tormenting me for over 157,788,000 seconds. She’s so cute and very bright, but she’s also incredibly stubborn and very emotional like her mom. If I should try to console her when she’s in one of her terrible moods, the little monster would rip my heart out, grind it up in a blender, drink it like a smoothie, and burp. Then she’ll put on her sad face and has the nerve to tell me I don’t love her because I don’t have a heart.

my daughter turns five

Even though my daughter torments me at times, I still love her. I love the way she smiles. I love the way she laughs. And I love the way she kisses and hugs me. No matter how old or demonic my daughter gets, she will always be my little girl. I love her to infinity and beyond.

To celebrate her fifth birthday and prepare her for the future, we’re going clubing. Afterwards, this is how her hangover will look like:

my girl with a hangover


21 thoughts on “I Love Her to Infinity and Beyond

  1. aaawww…Happy Birthday to your little girl! Being 5 is such a great age. My daughter turned 6 in February and you can see that she’s starting to get an attitude already. Wish they can all stay 5 forever.

  2. What a cutie! Yes, be happy for every bit of spirit and will that your child has. It may make parenthood tougher, but it’s wonderful to know that she won’t succumb easily to adversity or blandishment.

  3. Happy Birthday Little Monkey! You sound so much like my son; I’m sure you two would either be best friends…..or you’d kill each other after only five minutes. ;)

    Don’t ever change, Little Monkey. Your spirit is what makes you so charming. :)

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