Hilton Giveaway – Win a Hotel Stay and $200 Gift Cards


Hilton WorldwideLast week, Hilton Worldwide announced a three-year commitment to be the official hotel partner of Little League Baseball and Softball. As a result, Little League dads and moms can receive a 15% discount when they stay at any of the 3,600 Hilton hotels (Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts, Conrad Hotels & Resorts, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Doubletree, Embassy Suites Hotels [we stayed here on our honeymoon], Hilton Garden Inn, Hampton Hotels, Homewood Suites by Hilton, Home2 Suites by Hilton, and Hilton Grand Vacations). In order to receive the discount, dads and moms have to book their stay through the Little League page. As an added bonus, Hilton Worldwide will make a donation to the Little League organization for each reservation.

Hilton Giveaway
Thanks to Hilton, I’m giving away a baseball prize pack on my dad blog. The baseball prize pack consists of:

  • A free night at any Hilton hotel on earth
  • $100 Ticketmaster gift card
  • $100 Dick’s Sporting Goods gift card

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on my dad blog about your favorite Little League/youth sport memory, or the team you’re rooting for in the Little League World Series (I think our local teams were eliminated in the regionals). The deadline to enter is Tuesday, September 7th (Pacific time). The giveaway is limited to the USA. The winner will be randomly selected.

Bonus Entries (leave a separate comment for each entry)

  • Click on the Facebook like button below and then write about your favorite childhood sport on my Facebook fan page
  • Tweet about your favorite childhood sport on Twitter and include @daddyforever and #giveaway in the tweet (include your Twitter URL or username for verification)

[Disclosure: The giveaway prize will be provided by Hilton Worldwide, but Hilton Worldwide is not a sponsor or administrator of the giveaway. I received one hundred million dates with Paris Hilton for writing this post and hosting the giveaway on my dad blog. My wife didn’t mind one bit. But she did changed the locks.]


361 thoughts on “Hilton Giveaway – Win a Hotel Stay and $200 Gift Cards

  1. I would change the locks too! haha My favorite little league memory is when I ran to third base first after hitting a home run. Then realizing I was wrong, I simply cut across the field to first base. Go me! lol

  2. After hitting a homer, I ran the bases stepping ontop of the foot of each umpire at each base…with steel cheats, ha, ha.

  3. My favorite is memory is seeing my 4 year old son playing t-ball in his first game! He was just so cute! He is now 21 years old but I will never forget how he looked in his uniform!

  4. My favorite memory, hitting my first and only home run at age 8, when the score was tied in the last inning of my little league game!

  5. I won the first little league game I ever played by getting a single in the sixth inning with the bases loaded. I was 8 years old

  6. Well, about the only sports related memory I have from childhood, since I didn’t play Little League, was playing dodgeball with my class at recess..I was overweight so I was last to get picked usually lol

    Good thing I can laugh about it now!

    I LOVE Hilton hotels and would love to win!! Thanks for the chance!


  7. I like your Facebook page and wrote about my favorite childhood sport – figure skating – on your wall. My FB name is Amanda Moore

  8. My favorite memory is when I hit a foul ball and it nailed the other teams coach on the head. LoL. Ok, that may sound mean. But the man was cursing at his team, and took softball way to seriously. I was given the game ball that game! :) We also won first place that year. :) Thanks for the giveaway!


  9. My favorite memory from playing baseball when I was young was my first game. I didn’t really know how to play and they put me in the outfield. I picked up a ball in the outfield and threw it AT the runner. I was informed that you are supposed to throw it to the guys on your team…not at the runner.

    mattschmunk at gmail dot com

  10. Not too many memories from my childhood, though when I was in HS, I was asked to take as long as possible to do the 100 yard breaststroke. It’s really hard to slow down when you’ve been training for speed – I kept sinking. Even then, I didn’t go over 3 minutes.

    For current, it was cool watching a bunch of kids (including mine) playing Upward Basketball. They had a lot of fun, learned about basketball (though not official rules – Upward rules), and grew in their skills. It was more interesting watching the older kids really grow because they were full court and more competitive. Still not sports-league competitive, but having fun and trying to win.

  11. My memories are of cheering for our local little league team! We had a small cheerleading team, made up of 4th and 5th graders, and it was a lot of fun.

  12. Mine was when my Dad,the LL president, had to remove me from a game for charging the bench…I never played again.

  13. My favorite memory is when my son was in an indoor soccer league at four. He was asthmatic and got winded quickly. He was playing and ran up and down the field once and directly off the field during play because he was tired. Just made a beeline toward me. the coach didn’t know what was going on.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  14. My dad used to coach my brother’s little league team … and I went to all the games (this was before both girls and boys were allowed on the same team). On practice days, my dad would let me join in … I loved that!

    That’s my little league memory! :)

    reducefootprints at gmail dot com

  15. I favorite youth sport memory is when our summer volley ball league took top honors in Salina, KS. I was absolutely ecstatic.

  16. My memory of little league baseball was being the walk king because I never swung at anything. In two years I had dozens of strikeouts and one hit for a single. The little league team parents gave me a baseball star party for finally hitting the ball. Fort Sill, Oklahoma 1968-69.

  17. I played soccer and have great team friendship memories and actually ended up coaching boys AYSO young ones for awhile.
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  18. I’m for KMC American!

    I didn’t play little league, but my co-workers had an awesome softball team last year… and then I went and got tendonitis.

  19. My favorite childhood sport was…AND STILL IS…….BASEBALL !!! I played on a team in Ellwood Park….Highlandtown…..we played on the Astros the first three years of the league, and won the championship all three years…..a very good childhood memory…along with the Orioles winning it all in 1970 from the Big Red Machine, with Brooks, Frank and Boog !!! Top that !!


  21. i am from Minnesota so i am rooting for tthe home team the Highland Park Little League team

  22. The fact that I was one of the only girls to play little league.

    And, I’ve watched a couple of the baseball games on TV and think I’m rooting for HI!

  23. My favorite memory of a Little League team is that of a very diverse and varied group of boys, from different backgrounds, sort of leftovers wanting to play, forming a team and doing their best, even with language differences, lack of experience…

    I remember their laughter and friendship at Pizza Hut at the end of the season…more imprtant than the actual scores, but they had some good scores too, and they felt accomplishment and team spirit!!

  24. The Bad News Bears (the original 1976 version). One of my favorite movies – always reminds me of my own memories playing Little League.

  25. I have so many great youth sport memories. But I’m going to choose softball! The first year we could afford it was when I was 12, and I had never played on an actual team before, just at parks with friends. I wound up being really good, which surprised everyone. That year my team won the championship game because of a catch I made out in centerfield. I never felt more proud ever in my life. :)
    vschilke at gmail dot com

  26. Some of my favorite Little League memories are the team pictures. What those poor photographers would go through to get all those little guys to hold still and behave long enough to make all their mamas proud with those pictures!

  27. Watching my younger brother intercept a pass in flag football in his own end zone, then proceed to zig and zag as he returned the ball 100 yards for a touchdown, while my Dad yelled out the whole time “Run you wascally wabbit!” ala Bill Murray on the movie “Meatballs.”

  28. My one son played little league for a couple of years when he was small, and it was funny watching them run around randomly with the ball rolling past them between their legs. However, there was that one team with the loud-mouthed coach and parents to match screaming all kinds of nasty things at the little ones.

  29. All four of my kids have played little league baseball/softball, so my fondest memories are of watching them. My two youngest boys still play baseball. The 12 yr. old is a pitcher and it’s a blast watching him.

  30. I’ve been playing basketball since I was a little girl… but at one point, I decided to try softball. I wasn’t very good at all but managed to make a triple play all on my own playing short stop one game. To be 100% honest, I had no idea what I had done until my Dad had come running up to me after the fact hahaha

  31. I remember always getting a Sno-Cone after each game when I was younger and playing T-Ball, it was something I really looked forward to (and I still love Sno-Cones!).

    bakergurl02 at yahoo dot com

  32. My favorite memory is during soccer games – i don’t know why, but i loved water breaks. i had a huge red water jug and the water always tasted amazing!!!!

  33. I remember I used to play little league baseball and I held the record for homeruns made on bunts. I am not sure how it happened, but I somehow was able to get a lot of runs by bunting!

  34. I used to play in a league with my younger brother. We were on different teams and every time we played each other we would get in trouble for fighting. haha. It was terrible.

  35. I played softball and we had the best team! The friends I made on this team are still some of my best friends today!

  36. Growing up in an area where girls softball wasn’t around – I had the chance to play with the boys. It was terrific and I was on the same team for 7 years – then I decided to get involved in other sports – great memories for me growing up!

  37. My daughter was 7 and my husband insisted on signing her up for Little League; all three of her older brothers had played and he was sure she was a natural even though I tried to tell him I don’t think she inherited a sports gene. The first game, my daughter was in the outfield and right in the middle of the inning, she suddenly dropped her mitt and ran off the field straight for the port-a-pottys stopping the game entirely because she HAD TO GO NOW! I think I almost wet my own pants laughing while my husband stood there with his mouth open.

  38. I used to laugh at the outfielders on T-Ball teams picking clover and dandelion flowers. Also when two of them fielded the ball and fought over it.

  39. I wasn’t in little league for long but I just remember how great it was being friends with all the kids in the teams and hanging out – we didn’t win much but we had fun!

  40. When my sister was 6 years old, she wasn’t very enthusiastic about pee wee softball (unlike the rest of our family). At one point she was out in left field with the glove on her face – I’ll NEVER ever forget it!

  41. My favorite memory is how I became lifelong friends with many of my teammates. A close second would be grabbing ice cold sodas out of the coolers after the games, especially if there was cherry soda and we won!

  42. A few years ago, I lived in Boynton Beach. We would always head out and watch the little league team and they were good but never won. Then one year they won the championship and it was so exciting.

  43. My son was playing Little League for the first time and got hit in the eye by a foul ball.It was all I could do to not jump up and run out on the field to make sure he was alright but I did . He later told me he was more afraid of me running out to check on him than he was his eye hurting so I was really glad I stayed put.

  44. I remember not being very good, but having fun anyway as I got older. It’s nice to get up early in the morning and go out to the games as a family and grab some fun food afterwards!

  45. My favorite memories of Little League is watching my two oldest grandsons play. Grandma always cheers for her boys!

  46. I remember playing youth soccer with my dad coaching. We started our two year old in soccer tots this year to carry on the memories. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  47. I remember my brother playing little league baseball. Game day was exciting. Everyone was happy at the field, there was food and we all enjoyed a nice day out. My brother had sch a good time playing; it was a great bonding experience between he and his friends.

  48. Rooting for the Vancouver team because I went there for college
    (now im back home U-U-S-A).

    Coaching my youth team to a championship.

  49. We did not have a lot growing up so no one in our family was on a sports team of any sort. Mostly what the neighborhood did was go to the grassy area by the city hall and play impromptu softball, football, tag, buffalo and other games that just drew kids in. They were fun and we were never bored with our summers.

  50. Since I think I just heard that Japan won the Little League Series, guess it is too late to root for any US team, so I will root for all of the kids in the Special Little League teams–they were highlighted on the news last night.

  51. My favoirte memory was when my son played Little League baseball, every year they would have a baseball game on Mother’s Day. The mothers would play against their team and afterwards have a big cookout. We have sucha fantastic time and such great memories. Too sad Hawaii lost lst week :(

  52. I clicked on the Facebook like button and wrote on your Facebook wall my favorite childhood sport
    (Tamara Bennington)

  53. I never played Little League ball, but my Dad used to take me to our local triple-A baseball team’s games – just him and me. We’d get hot dogs and popcorn and watch the game. It was always a great time!

  54. I mostly remember watching and joining in, “Swing Batter Batter Swing!” Seemed very small town and fun. Thanks for the chance.

  55. I played soccer and took karate as a kid. When I was on soccer it was a co-ed team and I probably spent more time talking to my friends then I did running around. I remember standing talking to the goalie and the ball came near me so I picked it up and threw it and the coach yelled at me. Apparantly I had missed the lesson where only the goalie could pick up the ball. I was in like 1st grade at it was my first time playing sports.

  56. I remember my little brother playing and i would have to take him while my parents worked. It was such a pain back then but now looking back i wished i would have treasured that time with him more.

  57. My favorite Youth sport memory was when I played the center on my basketball team. I swiped the basketball a number of 12 times in one game!!

  58. That’s easy, I went to watch my best friend’s brother play Little League games every week at Keys Field, across the street from my elementary school. I’ll never forget how thrilling it was cheering for him!

  59. My favorite Little Leage memories come from watching my older brother play. I use to go to all of his games and sit on the bleachers to cheer him on!! YEAH!

  60. Dad was always my biggest fan, never missed a game, no matter how tired he was. He taught me the importance of never giving up, no matter how things were going. Now I have three daughters and I hope that I have had half the influence on them that my dad had on me.

  61. Some of my favorite memories are of my kids playing lacrosse in the spring…rain, snow, cold, hot…it didnt matter we were there cheering them on. One specific game I think it started off raining, got super windy and the rain changed to snow…pretty wild. The kids were not phased and played on…loving every minute of it.

  62. I’m not sure if optimist club ball is Little League but both of my girls are playing softball this fall. My youngest is only 6 so it’s super cute seeing her out there hitting those balls. I would have to say every game that my girls play is my favorite moment. I have to say that my daughter brought in the tying and winning rbi’s last night though. lol thanks for the giveaway!

  63. i wasnt very athletic when i was younger but one time i was on the field during PE in elementary school and someone screamed “WATCH OUT” and I somehow managed to turn around and catch a baseball that was flying toward s my head. Everyone stared at me with their jaws on the floor. It was like something out of a movie!

  64. My husband was a coach for our sons Little Leagues…. Baseball has been an all time favorite sport for us and our sons , now grown young men.
    We are avid Yankees Fans!

  65. I did not play ball, but my brother lived and breathed baseball. My mom took us all to his games and with 5 siblings, we cheered him loud and proudly!

  66. I remember my uncle being a die hard baseball fan and had all his kids in little league and I remember going to every single game for years and routing for my cousins.

  67. My best memory is going to watch the 89er’s here in Oklahoma City. They recently changed their name to the Oklahoma City Redhawks and it was so sad but I will always remember the 89er’s

  68. My son played baseball with the same team from the time they were 4 until they were 14. It was so much fun to watch them all grow up. I miss going to his games.

  69. Well we didn’t really play team sports as children. But my husband volunteered with high school football a few yrs ago and it was really c ool to watch the kids so involved :)

  70. I wasn’t in any sports myself, but my favorite memory is from when my brother was. I loved going to his games and getting to socialize at the fields. It was the hot spot to be at.

    txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com

  71. My brother loved Little League and had a blast we still go to other little leauge games of friends and cheer them on. When we get grandkids they will be in Little League . We rooting for Eagle Pass American LL
    Eagle Pass, Texas

    waitressdani (at) hotmail (dot) com

  72. My favorite memory is going to my brother’s little league games and hanging out with a bunch of friends…good times. :) Thanks for the contest! codisweepstakes2 (@) gmail(dot)com

  73. My grandfather was a pro ball player & loved to go to the college games (they lived right by Indiana State University) – he used to take me to some of the games & we had such a good time. He tried to turn me into a softball player but I wasn’t interested in playing – I just liked watching.

  74. I did not play little league but I remember cheering my sons on every game from t-ball on through all their years in little league.

  75. I remember many afternoons of watching my son play Little League Baseball. The team wasn’t very good but everyone had a lot of fun and learned to try their hardest.

  76. My best memory is the day my son got to pitch his first game. I didn’t even know that they had practiced him for pitching and he got up there and struck out three in a row.

  77. My fave youth sport memory is comforting a friend who accidentally scored the winning goal for the opposing team in soccer. Head butted the ball in the wrong direction. It take a lot to hold your head high when you make a mistake like that.

  78. My favorite comes before little league – t-ball is the best. All those little toddlers crowding the field and the balls still goes right between them. Priceless!

  79. Both of my boys are playing little league and my favorite thing is watching them practice catch with their dad in the evenings after dinner. They don’t want to come in until they can no longer see the ball because it’s gotten so dark!

  80. My favorite Little League memory is watching my 2 brothers play on a little league team in Hawaii. They loved it so much and were actually really great players. I remember that they were always talking about it, practicing it and of course playing in the games. The whole family would watch the games and afterwards we’d go out to eat or have a BBQ. Those were great times and great memories.


  81. The night before my son’s 1st baseball practice (and hubby was the coach), one of the other moms called me to ask me to make sure that my husband was nice to her son, because she/her hubby had never even had their son watch a game and was pretty sure he had no idea even how to run the bases. Gave the message to hubby…and he bout had a fit!

  82. My fave memory is when my little brother was in tee ball. We used to cheer so loud for him we were asked to pipe down or leave the park.LOL.

  83. My favorite little league moment is going to watch my little brother play, we went a lot that summer, and his team won the local championship. It was great! suelee1998 @ gmail.com

  84. I love watching how serious the Little Leaguers in the World Series are. You can see a glimmer of the little kids they were and the adults they’ll become.

    My dad coached Little League for 30 years, and now he’s the District Administrator for our area. It’s so much work! We need to give honest thanks to our volunteers who make Little League possible!

    My fave memory from Little League was when we switched to fast pitch soft ball. It was the only way to be taken seriously at the high school level & then into college, and when our league finally switched over, we were ecstatic! Just because we’re girls doesn’t mean we want to lob the balls like toddlers ;)

  85. My favorite youth league memory is being selected for the All-Star softball game and once throwing a ball from third base to first base so hard that the first basemen complained that her hand hurt (through the glove !)

    Thanks for sponsoring the contest !

  86. my fav. little league memory was going to my brothers little league finals game with about 10 of my friends and tailgating. we brought our grill, hamburgs, hot dog and a ton of spirit. i think he was a little embarassed b/c he had so many people cheering for him but he ended up hitting 2 home runs that game and of course they won!

  87. My favorite memory was just in general being so proud to be one of the few girls starting out in little league. There were only a handful of us… not even enough for 1 per team in the league. And it was exciting/we were proud to be “playing with the boys” officially. So fun!

  88. My son played little league for a year and while he decided it’s not his thing, I had a lot of fun watching him be a good hitter and a terrible fielder! We always route for Connecticut in the LLWS and they got far this year but didn’t get to go all the way. Thanks!

  89. I loved going to my older brothers’ Little League games when we were kids. It was great sitting there eating snowcones and yelling for them to “run, run, run”

  90. No Little League, but my children were on the swim team for five years. I loved cheering my children on, but also enjoyed going down the lane to encourage the youngest of swimmers who were often so proud just to finally get to the other side. Tough schedule, but lots of good memories.

  91. I miss the days of my son playing little league —I was always so proud of him, he wasn’t the best player, but he was always everyone’s favorite–he’s such a sweetie!

  92. My little boys played t-ball this spring and I loved watching them try to run the bases with their way-too-big helmet constantly falling down over their eyes! Too cute!

  93. My favorite little league memory is from this last summer when my son who is very shy asked to join a team. We found one that was perfect for him, went to every game to cheer him on, and watched him enjoy the heck out of everything. So happy when my kids are happy!

  94. When my 9 year old hit a home run for the first time last year, he is so adorable and told me it must have been the carrots he ate before the game that made him see better, classic I love my little boy Nicholas wish he can stay 9 forever

  95. Our three boys played obviously different ages, which meant we split ourselves to three dirrerent fields, same park and same time, it was like a round robin , but i would not trade it for anything

  96. I remember sitting out in left field making dasiy chains because none of the kids ever hit the ball out that far. :[ I never got a chance to show off my skill…which is probably for the best.

  97. I remember playing ball in PeeWee League. One year we won and got to go to a Cubs game in our extremely hot uniforms with no pockets. Was an interesting and memorable day even all these decades later.

  98. My favorite Little League memory is actually the food! When we’d go to watch my brother’s games I’d always get to pick out some candy or other treat.

  99. I was the mascot for my brother’s little league team, which was pretty much me dressed in an oversized shirt and baseball hat. I remember thinking it was so awesome!

  100. My husband coached his first year and the team had a record of 1-18. the day the team won their only game they showered my husband with gatorade. the next year they won the county championship.

  101. My ten year old cousin just got to play baseball in the Dominican Rebublic for Team USA. He was the youngest player on the team. My oldest son (oldest of three boys) just started T-ball last spring and i will never forget the first time he hit the ball with out the Tee. He made Mommy so proud.

  102. looks like their world series in williamsport, PA is over, but I would have rooted for Toms River National LL.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  103. We actually live in the hometown of the little league world series. Every year we go to the games and the kids love sliding down the hill on cardboard boxes. You may have seen this on ESPN.

    Thanks fro entering me!

  104. I was rooting for the Pearland team in the LLWS. That was our local team. They played great!! Too bad they didn’t get further. Thanks!
    kufb50 at gmail dot com

  105. I remember watching my brother play, I enjoyed rooting for him so much! He was pretty good :) Thanks for the chance!

  106. A triple that was actually a swinging bunt followed by a 2 base error; and then scoring the walk off run on a wild pitch.

  107. I’m one town over from Wiliamsport, so I have to say I’m rooting for everyone who came to play & everyone who helps, it’s a fantastic event for our whole region in Central Pennsylvania & everyone looks forward to it.

  108. I was (and am) a pitiable athlete, but I played peewee basketball as a kid, basically because I was (and am) unusually tall. I made 3 baskets in my basketball career, each greeted with incredible surprise and enthusiasm by my team-mates and the audiences.

    btownmeggy at hotmaild ot com

  109. When I was in high school, my dad and I coached my little sister’s soccer team. It was so much fun!!! Some of the fields were really out in the sticks and they would end up playing next to sheep and cows.

  110. My favorite Little League memory is that my older brother played ball, and I got to hang out “helping” in the snack bar stand! I was 7 years old at the time…and to me it was more fun than watching the game!

  111. The only thing I did when I was little was being a cheerleader! I was co captain when I was in elementary school. At least I helped cheer them on :)
    xbeautifulcoma at yahoo dot com

  112. I loved watching my little brother as a kid it was so much fun, I had as much fun as him. I can not wait for my boys to start playing. thanks for the chance to win

  113. My favorite youth sports memories were learning to play tennis with my dad and sister at the park near our home, spending hour after hour hitting balls to get the hang of the sport, and eventually getting all of our friends and cousins to play as well. As for the LLWS, I was personally pulling for Hawaii, so I was sad to see them go down in the finals. Thanks!

  114. I remember when one of my older boys played in Little League and his team was allowed to greet our local Minor League team on the field. The boys were so excited.

  115. As a child I was put into gymnastics which I hated, then dance which I loved and later swimming which I was good at but illness kept me from progressing at it.

  116. Some of my best memories are of watching my sons and grandsons play baseball. And although it wasn’t Little League my granddaughter played on a softball team that won their league championship.

  117. When I was a boy our area didn’t have Little League. I always root for the American team. The team from Hawaii is ine I remember.

  118. My son played Little League and I fondly remember the season when his team won the Regionals. He was the catcher and we were so proud of him and his team. It was like a dream and the dream became reality.


  119. My fave youth sport memory is when I was in high school…and I knew a guy that was coaching little kids soccer and their team was the ‘generics’ lol! Their shirts were white with a black bar code :D

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