Payless Shoes Back to School Sale for Siths


Payless Shoes sent me a pair of Scribble Slip-On (STPL x Airwalk) shoes to review on my dad blog. My oldest son also got a pair of Clone Wars Light-Up Runner shoes. By coincidence, Payless Shoes (Facebook | Twitter) is currently having a back-to-school sale — buy one, get one half off. Payless Shoes’ back-to-school sale ends on Labor Day (September 6th).

Darth Vader wearing Star Wars Clone Wars shoes

STPL x Airwalk Scribble Slip-On
Holy jumping up and down Martha. Look at the scribble pattern of the STPL x Airwalk in the photo below. I can honestly say I have never worn shoes like these before. I feel like I’m ready to go back to school, which is perfect because I’m really a big kid at heart (I wonder if the Little Monkey will mind if I attend class with her when she starts kindergarten in the Fall). The Scribble Slip-On features a canvas upper, twin gores for easy on and off, a cushiony collar and insole, and a non-marking, built-up outsole. I like these shoes, but you can’t wear them without socks. I don’t like the seams (where the gores and sides meet) rubbing against my bare feet (the shoes are fine with socks). The Scribble Slip-On is priced at $29.99.

STPL x Airwalk Scribble Slip-On ~ Payless Shoes

Star Wars Clone Wars Light-Up Runner
My son (age seven) thinks these Star Wars shoes are cool. I should have named him Little Vader or Anakin (then he could name his kids, Luke and Leia). The Clone Wars runner features stretchy bands for easy on and off (perfect for kids), motion-activated lights [Question: why don’t adult shoes have motion-activated lights?], soft terry lining, a cushiony collar and insole, and a non-marking, skid resistant outsole. As you can tell from the photograph below, the light-up shoes feature a picture of a stormtrooper and Anakin Skywalker (call me a hopeless romantic, but I wanted to cry when Padmé died and Anakin turned completely to the dark side of the Force). The Star Wars Clone Wars Light-Up Runner is priced at $26.99, but it’s currently on sale for $19.99.

Star Wars Clone Wars Light-Up Runner ~ Payless Shoes


6 thoughts on “Payless Shoes Back to School Sale for Siths

  1. My boys have worn various Star Wars-themed shoes over the years!

    We’ve been enjoying the Star Wars movie marathon on TV this weekend, and there’s a huge Star Wars convention taking place this weekend here in Orlando!

  2. My son lives in his Airwalks. They are the only shoes he likes to wear. Too bad they don’t have Star Wars themed ones. ;) Or maybe that’s a good thing, since he’d NEVER take them off.

  3. I have a 4 1/2 year old that really loves Star Wars and really wants shoes that light up. I was going to order these online, but he has a wide foot. How do they run on width? Appreciate your review! – Payless doesn’t have any reviews on their website.

    1. The shoes is plenty wide, but my son is on the skinny side. I’m not sure if the shoes will be comfy for someone with wide feet. You’re better of going to the store and have your son try them on.

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