California Pizza Kitchen Giveaway


California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) recently introduced six new menu items. To celebrate the restaurant’s latest menu additions, California Pizza Kitchen (Facebook | Twitter) is giving away CPK Pizza Dough on my dad blog. A lucky dad or mom will receive $50 in gift certificates.

California Pizza Kitchen (CPK)

California Pizza Kitchen New Menu Items

  • Roasted Artichoke and Spinach Pizza
    This new pizza was inspired by CPK’s Spinach Artichoke Dip. It’s made with a blend of oven-roasted artichoke hearts, sautéed spinach and garlic, Fontina, Mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses and spinach artichoke sauce. BTW, my wife and I had the Roasted Artichoke and Spinach Pizza over the weekend. The crust was really thin, but the pizza was very yummy.
  • Four Seasons Pizza
    The Four Seasons Pizza is made with imported Italian tomatoes, oven-roasted artichoke hearts, salami, fresh mushrooms, mild onions, Mozzarella and fresh Mozzarella cheeses. And then topped with fresh herbs and Parmesan cheese.
  • Baby Clam Linguini
    This dish features linguini fini and baby clams with garlic, fresh Italian parsley, Parmesan cheese, white wine and red pepper flakes tossed with your choice of a light lemon cream sauce or imported Italian tomatoes and fresh basil.
  • Italian Deli
    This sandwich features spicy Capicola ham, salami and pepperoni topped with Mozzarella and Fontina cheeses, basil and shredded lettuce tossed in a herb-mustard Parmesan vinaigrette.
  • Turkey Stack
    This oven-roasted turkey breast sandwich features sliced fresh Roma tomatoes, mayonnaise, shredded lettuce and Grey Poupon Dijon honey mustard.
  • Butter Cake
    The Butter Cake is an oven baked cake served with fresh whipped cream.

California Pizza Kitchen Giveaway
Thanks to California Pizza Kitchen, one lucky dad or mom will win $50 in gift certificates on my dad blog. The deadline to enter is Wednesday, July 21st (Pacific time). The contest is limited to readers in the USA. The winner will be randomly selected. To enter, visit California Pizza Kitchen and leave a comment on my dad blog about your favorite menu item. BTW, if you like this giveaway, feel free to let California Pizza Kitchen know by clicking on the Facebook like button below.

Bonus Entries (leave a separate comment for each entry)

  • Write about your favorite California Pizza Kitchen menu item on my Facebook fan page
  • Tweet about this giveaway on Twitter and include @daddyforever and #giveaway in the tweet (include your Twitter URL or username for verification)

[Disclosure: The giveaway prize will be provided by California Pizza Kitchen, but California Pizza Kitchen is not a sponsor or administrator of the giveaway on my dad blog. I received CPK Pizza Dough for writing this post and hosting the giveaway. As always, the opinions are all mine.]


232 thoughts on “California Pizza Kitchen Giveaway

  1. California Pizza Kitchen is one of our favorite restaurants! It’s worth a drive to Orlando or Tampa. Their pizzas and salads are so good. So are the soups. That narrows it down, eh? ;) The Cranberry Walnut Chicken Salad Sandwich would be mighty good for lunch today. I have fond memories of my first time to CPK, during which I think I had the Field Greens salad.

  2. Roasted Artichoke and Spinach Pizza looks absoutely wonderful, although I have not tried it or have even been there yet. There’s one at the beach and it will be our first stop….yummmmmm.

  3. The Four Seasons Pizza is great! I really hope I win. There is a California Pizza Kitchen 10 minutes from our house, and it’s my dad’s favorite place. He has suffered a series of TIAS, i.e., mini-strokes, and is somewhat housebound. We take him out for lunch, and he loves going to CPK, it makes his whole day.

  4. I have always loved their Barbeque Chicken Pizza, but I think this Roasted Artichoke and Spinach Pizza sounds terrific, too.

  5. A small Roasted Artichoke and Spinach Pizza and a half salad size of Cesar Salad with grilled chicken breast strips. Both served with a bottle of cold beer.

  6. My favorite regular menu item is the Chipotle Chicken pizza (I always ask them to add jalapenos). YUM! Of the new items, I’d like to try the Four Seasons Pizza.

  7. My favorite menu item is the Pesto Cream Penne pasta. I actually had that the last time I went and I loved it.

  8. I always go for the dessert menu first and this is no exception. I’d love the White Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake!!!

  9. I’ve never been to CPK, but I love pizza. The Wild Mushroom or Pepperoni Supremo would probably be my choices.

  10. The Roasted Artichoke & Spinach Pizza would be my fave! I’ve had the Cobb salad and it is delicious too!!

  11. Well, I read the entire menu….so many good items to pick from! I’d love to try the
    ” Miso Shrimp Salad “. Thanks! I clicked the Facebook “like” button too!

  12. I ? CPK’s new clam linuguini. Their food is so fresh and much cheaper compared to competing pasta chains.

    I posted on facebook and tweeted!

  13. I love CPK’s Pesto Cream Penne. The pesto melds perfectly with the cream and is delicious with the pasta.

  14. My favorite menu item and California Pizza Kitchen is “Baja Fish Tacos – Two Baja-style tacos with sautéed wild caught Mahi Mahi, fresh shredded cabbage and homemade ranchito sauce. Served with blue & white corn tortilla chips and homemade roasted tomato salsa”, so delicious!

  15. I would really love to try the Roasted Artichoke and Spinach Pizza. It sounds like awesome and is another relatively rare topping that CPK is known for making.

  16. Hmm… Steak Tacos or Butter Cake…. tough choice! Gotta go with the Steak Tacos (and maybe sneak the Butter Cake in later!) ;)

    Many thanks!!

  17. Not having visited our local California Pizza Kitchen – yet – I would have to give try out two menu items: the Jambalaya style pasta and the Jamaican Jerk Chicken pizza. Mmm… :)

  18. I’ve never been to this restaurant, but I really want to go. With a gift certificate, I can try several things. Then, I’d know what my favorite is.

  19. I have never been there. With a big family we cannot go out much. The Steak Tacos look so good and so do their different pizzas!

  20. I think the roasted artichoke and spinach pizza sounds great! And I’d also get some chicken piccata. That makes me sound like a pig doesn’t it?!? Thanks.

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