Lenovo Giveaway – Win a ThinkCentre Computer and 2 ThinkVision Monitors


Today is the start of my computer system giveaway on my dad blog. I’m giving away a Lenovo ThinkCentre A63 tower computer and two ThinkVision L1951P LCD monitors. Thanks to Lenovo (Facebook | Twitter), a lucky geek dad or mom will win the complete computer system with both displays. Below are some posts I written previously about the Lenovo ThinkCentre computer system and ThinkVision LCD monitors on my geek dad blog:

Lenovo ThinkCentre A63 tower computer with two ThinkVision L1951P LCD monitors
Lenovo ThinkCentre A63 tower computer (6674-APU) and ThinkVision L1951P LCD monitors (2448HB6)

Lenovo Computer System Giveaway
Thanks to Lenovo, I’m giving away the evaluation computer system I used for review on my geek dad blog. The system is almost three months old. However, I’ve only used it for about ten hours for testing purposes. The computer and dual displays are still in mint condition. The value of the new system is about $1029. Before shipment, the computer will be wiped and restored to it’s factory settings. The winner must be located in North America (Canada and US). Individuals who have won at another site are ineligible to win a second computer system. The deadline to enter is Monday, July 5th (Pacific time). The winner will be picked randomly.

There are three ways to enter, but you can only enter ONCE. To enter, do ONE of the items below AND then leave a comment about why you want to win the Lenovo computer system:

  1. Subscribe to my blog feed or newsletter (yes, you can get credit if you are already a subscriber). If you are following me via blog feed, let me know which RSS reader you are using.

    ** Or **

  2. Follow @daddyforever on Twitter. Then tweet (feel free to use the tweet button below) about the giveaway with a working link to this post: http://daddyforever.com/2010/07/01/l1951p-a63-pc/ (yes, you can get credit if you are already following me). In the comments area, include your Twitter status URL and username for verification.

    ** Or **

  3. Write about this giveaway on your blog or Facebook page with a working link to this page: http://daddyforever.com/2010/07/01/l1951p-a63-pc/. In the comments area, include your blog URL or Facebook username for verification.

Good luck everyone and have a fun, but safe Fourth of July!

[Disclosure: I received a dual monitor computer system for review from Lenovo. However, I’m not keeping it — the system is the giveaway prize. The giveaway prize was provided by Lenovo, but Lenovo is not a sponsor or administrator of the giveaway on my geek dad blog. As always, the opinions are all mine.]


400 thoughts on “Lenovo Giveaway – Win a ThinkCentre Computer and 2 ThinkVision Monitors

  1. oh my what an awesome prize, i would love this as i have 3 kids and one old computer and this would be the win of a lifetime
    i subscribe by email staceyx at telus dot net

  2. I subscribed to your email newsletter using my profile email. I would like to win this wonderful system because I am working on an outdated laptop, pushing it beyond its capacity, and this would be such a pleasure to own.

  3. What an incredible prize. I have a computer I got at a flea market…. I would love to have a NEW one…..THANKS.. :o)

  4. I suscribed and tweeted. I would like to win your “Lenovo” computer system for my son,school ect. He needs his own before he kills my old Dell. It’s cool that you have a “Daddy” Blog this is the first one I’ve been to. Kudos!

  5. Following via RSS in Google Reader. I would love to win this because it would be excellent for my wife. She’s doing more and more editing of pictures and more graphical design and layout work. Our current computer is having trouble keeping up.

  6. I’m a subscriber! I would love to win this for my husband. He’s an elementary school teacher and an independent consultant. He would be able to spend more time at home if we had a newer computer that ran a little better.

  7. I subscribe to your newsletter. I want to win this for myself. I need my own computer. And I need a new computer. Ours is super old.

  8. oops I hit “add comment” before I was finished. :) I already subscribe to your rss feed. I would LOVE to win this because my decade-old PC is on its last legs. I have no tv or stereo. With dual monitors, I’d be able to watch tv or movies online, listen to music, play games, whatever, and still be productive at the same time. I would be able to multitask with the best of ’em!

  9. Followed and tweeted — (username angkaye) http://twitter.com/angkaye/status/17492100198

    I am in awe of this computer. I would love to win this because: 1.) I am starting grad school for library science in August and need a powerful machine to keep up with the times! And more importantly 2.) I told my google-maps-addicted 6 yr old son that when I started school again, he could have the old computer! :) He is patiently waiting!

  10. I have been waiting for this. My husband could really use this for school , with 2 kids and bills that never stop coming in we cant afford this or even a new cheap computer. The one we have now is one that my husband put together from parts off of old broken and outdated computers that he was either given or some he found by dumpsters. He is in school full time for IT so this would be a very nice anniversary present for him to start the coming Fall semester off right with! Going to keep my fingers crossed , I am a subscriber and I tweeted! We love the Daddy Forever blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I would REALLY love to win this computer for my son Joseph Jr. so that he can use it now that he is going to High School and I really have no money to buy him one myself. God bless and good luck to everyone.

  12. I subscribed to your newsletter. I would like the computer for myself. Mine is over 10 years old and pretty outdated with Windows ME. Thanks for the super giveaway.

  13. My computer is holding on with a wing and a prayer really need a new one this one really would be a great help

  14. I’ll enter under option 1 – as existing email subscriber. I also follow you on twitter and RTed but that was just to share this amazing giveaway with friends who are struggling with older systems.
    This computer would be a replacement for my Vista laptop that is no longer mobile, but it is functional. It’s tied to a monitor as the screen failed last year and is cost prohibitive to replace on an older machine.

  15. I subscribe to your newsletter (sweetmissa at gmail dot com). I would like to win this computer to give to my brother. My brother is a college student, and his 6 year old computer crashed right after this semester ended. My father is disabled, and with the mounting medical & college bills, my parents cannot afford to buy another computer at this time. My brother attends college in the inner city (the only college my parents could afford) and commutes via public transportation, so staying late to use their computers for papers isn’t the safest option. Winning this computer would be a blessing.

  16. Im already a subscriber of your newsletter thru email I’d like to win this computer as it is a better one than I have now & I’d be able to donate the one I have now to Nicolas Valley Elementary School for educational purposes our schools need computers ….!!!

  17. I’m already an email subscriber. I really need a new computer as my laptop’s hard drive crashed after barely a year! I love my little netbook but it’s very limiting when it comes to real computing. I need something for finance, photos and doc prep!

  18. I’m already an email subscriber. I want this because our family has a broken laptop and a dinosaur desktop. Things take so long to load, the kids will read a book or play a gameboy while they wait. A year and a half ago, hubby promised the kids a new computer for our family, but he has been laid off work twice since then. It would be great to have something nice happen for once, taking some stress off Daddy’s shoulders!

  19. Follow you on Twitter




    I would so love to win because the computer I have now is just……poopy lol; my pc is my lifeline and my connection to my grandkids, kids, nephew, neice and the rest of my family who are located all over the world. It’d be nice to have a pc I could depend on, not to freeze in mid communication (instant messaging or web cam)

    Thankyou so much for the opportunity!


  20. My computer is now almost 5 years old and takes so long to boot up anymore you could take a shower while it’s processing. The kids complain every time they have to use it for school and I can’t tell you how many school papers it’s eaten while they’ve been typing …a whole new version of “the dog ate my homework” except now it’s our computer. I can’t load any of the newest software on it because it just may have a complete melt-down. Every day I wonder if today is it’s “last day” and I don’t think one person in this house would mourn it’s passing. Not to mention I still have the very first monitor I got when I purchased our first computer..it’s an old CPU monitor and takes up half of our desk space. It would be wonderful to finally own something “top of the line” and those dual LCD monitors are fantastic!

    I follow on Twitter and I tweeted:

  21. I’m a subscriber to your feed. I would like to win this because both my wife and I run businesses from our home. While I have a work computer, she has our old computer that is going to crap. I think this would be great for her and it would be an expense we would not have to worry about. Thanks for the contest.

  22. Just subscribed – what a great prize! One screen for each of my twin girls… perfect! Now we can really learn about the world from our PC!

  23. I subscribed to your newsletter – Thanks so much for the chance to win, it would be great to upgrade my old clunker! Good luck to all!

  24. This would be an awesome prize to win. My family could really use it. I just subscribed to your email newsletter.

  25. I am a subscriber.

    My poor old computer is on its last legs and I can not imagine life without a computer.

  26. This would be awesome to win as my eight year old system is begging for a fork lift upgrade. BTW I am follower by google RSS feed. Thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway.

  27. I am an email subscriber and I’ve been waiting for this! I’ve entered 2 of the other contests but no luck so far. I need this because my old Dell is near death. It takes forever to open aps and Photoshop barely runs now. Great giveaway!!!

  28. Hi I subscribe to your blog feed using Live Feed and also subscribed via your newsletter to this email eflores two dot satx dot rr dot com

    I would LOVE to win this system to upgrade my old one. I have many photos and this sure would help me.
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  29. I need to win your Lenova computer because my Old Compaq P3, with 126 Mg of ram, will not let me operate very efficiently on the Internet. I can’t upgrade my browser because the computer doesn’t have enough memory to do so. Ditto, as far as upgrading to more flash memory. I am stuck with having to reboot 10 times a day trying to navigate around the Internet. The old sucker just seizes up, and that’s it. I have to power down, and start all over again. If I don’t win this beautiful new Lenova computer, I am afraid, I am going to seize up, from pure frustration. And if that wasn’t enough, my hard drive is beginning to sound like it wants to take-off, all by itself. It is beginning to whir and sputter, and make all kinds of weird noises. Can you help me out of my misery? Please!!

  30. I’m an email subscriber and I would love to win this system because currently we have our desktop pc as one monitor and we circulate between 3 hard drive towers as each of them has it’s own issues, they’re all out of memory and they’re all slower than a turtle when connecting to the internet.

  31. I’ve subscribed to the RSS feed on my google home page.

    I’d love to have this system to give to my hubby … he has a really, really OLD (seriously old) system and keeps threatening to take my laptop. If I don’t get him something soon … I’m sunk. :) So … I hope I win for him (and forever protect my laptop).

  32. Would love to win this system so that I can hand my aging computer over to my son (locked down with some major parental controls of course!).
    Definitely excited about the 2 monitor setup as that sure would increase my productivity at home!

    1. …and I would love to have it for my two children that we homeschool. As they get older, they need a system of their own.

  33. http://twitter.com/MSN_Mike/status/17515657926 MSN_Mike

    Thanks for the opportunity to win. My mom subscribes to your blog and referred me to your contest. I start college at the end of next month and just have a part time job, so any way to cut down on my expenses will be a huge help to me. I will be studying engineering, so I need a really good computer like this one. I’m hoping to have time to play, too, and I think the dual monitors will be great for both. Right now I have my dad’s old laptop. It works (barely), but the only periferal that still works is the CD-Rom drive. None of the USB ports work anymore, so I can’t copy anything onto a flash drive. It makes life interesting. Whenever I have to print a document, I have to email it to someone to print out for me. I’d really love to get a new computer before I go to school (and before this one completely dies), and winning one if my best opportunity. Thanks for considering my entry.

  34. I have subscribed to your newsletter with my gmail account.

    I desperately need this new computer to replace my 5 year old laptop that constantly causes me big headache.

  35. Thank you so much for this wonderful giveaway.
    I’m a newsletter subscriber.
    I really need this, because with a family with children and just one computer, we’re desperate to get an additional computer in our home. Our kids school, now has the kids complete a lot of their homework assignments right online. We really had problems this past year, with the kids having to wait to take their turn. This would be such a great help and solve our problem.
    Thanks so much.

  36. I already subscribe by email.
    ajolly1456 at gmail dot com
    I want to win this because we have a 4 year old desktop, and it is so slow no one ever wants to use it. In a way this is ok, since its slowness keeps the kids from wasting too much time on it, but we also use for our finances and it is not any fun to use.

    I’d also like to say I love the fact this giveaway is so easy to enter, without a lot of hoops to jump through.

  37. whoops, forgot to leave a comment on why I would like to win this system.

    I dream in black and white. With this Lenovo I could dream in color.

  38. I am subscribed on my My Yahoo homepage. The reason that I would like to win this is because my computer is really old and I am in the market for a new one.

  39. Following on Twitter @chadbushey

    I could really use a new pc. This one is seven years old and slowly failing. I am a student in college studying the IT field. It would be nice to have a pc that has hardware virtualization and more than one processor for the virtual computers that we have to run for our schoolwork. Currently I am unemployed with no unemployment compensation and going back to school to better myself so I can get a job. I could really use a break from life and winning this competition would really do that for me. Thanks.

  40. I subscribe to your newletter by email. I would love to win! My computer is in the shop and this is the 3rd time. Right now, I am on an old comp and hoping to win a new computer. I need a new computer.

  41. I’m already subscribed via email updates…and love it!

    This is an amazing giveaway and I’m just crossing my fingers that my comment is the lucky comment to win!!!! I would be such a reward for the entire family!

  42. Email subscriber. My computer is getting dated and I rely on it for all my record keeping and creating business files. I also love new toys!!

  43. This system would take our home business and the work that makes it home a whole lot easier. Plus it’s just plain cool. Have a great 4th! I use RSS “feedburn”.

  44. I am an email subscriber. This would be great for us to win because the desktop we have is one that was given to us 10 years ago and just crawls along whenever we try to use it. Thanks for the chance to win

  45. I would love to win this then i could have my own computer and not have to fight to use the only one in the house.

  46. I am a Newsletter Subscriber as jweezie43[at]gmail[dot]com.
    This would be perfect for my husband who recently hasd his computer crash.
    Thank you so much for the giveaway.


  47. I’m following on twitter @tuinimary & RT’d

    I would love to win the Lenovo ThinkCentre Computer because my desktop is old & is now a piece of junk, it’s way passed the end of its life-cycle.

  48. I’d love to win this (tweeting as @jdnorthwest). I have two kids (3 & 5) and I’m planning to start shooting HD video of them, just bought a nice Canon HD cam, but I don’t have a system to edit the video. This I think might be perfect system. Now if only I owned it. :)

  49. Wow, what a fantastic giveaway! This would be such a dream to win! I want to win this because my current main computer is a tiny netbook, and let’s just say that it really doesn’t let me do everything that I need to do. My netbook doesn’t allow me to do things that I truly enjoy from editing family photographs (the dual monitors would be fantastic with that!) to watching videos without skipping constantly. Something that I would also like to try doing is editing videos which I haven’t even tried on this netbook because I’m sure that it couldn’t handle it, but I’m sure that this system would be able to let me. This would just make my life simpler and I wouldn’t be wasting so much time just waiting for things to load. Thank you so very much for the chance! :)

    I follow via RSS feed in Google Reader.

  50. I’d love to win this because the lid on my laptop is broken and it’s going to fail any time now. Also, it sounds like a robust enough machine for the programming I do.

    (newsletter subscriber)

  51. I would love to win this. My computer got a virus, so I am currently using an old computer that someone lent to me. I think it must be from the stone ages!

  52. I would love to win that system for my husband since we are always trying to use our one computer at the same time. It would be great if he had his own computer.

    imin2fun81 at mail dot com

  53. I follow on Twitter cdziuba and tweeted http://twitter.com/cdziuba/status/17577868500

    I want to win because my son and I could really use such a dynamite, cutting edge computer. Ours is so old and slow, and he was accepted into his High School High Honors group, which means, much homework and many projects. This would be a thrill and a blessing to win.

  54. Am subscriber to your newsletter and confirmed.
    I came late to computing, was 63 when I first came online 11 years ago. My first computer was a put together by my son and served me well for a couple of years then before I retired I bought a new PC but like all technology it grew old and on Mother’s Day 2005 my son gave me a laptop which has served me well but is now on its last legs and I would like to go back to a PC. Since my son’s heart attack finances have been hard for him and his family so I would not allow him to buy me a new PC and certainly I could never afford it on my SS so winning one is my only hope. At 74 some might say what do I need a computer for but with my exphysema and arthritis it has become my window on the world. Not only do I keep in touch with family and friends but I shop and manage my medications via online service so if my computer dies I would really be up the proverbial creek. Would take good care of it and let my granddaughter who is just entering her tween years share it with me.

  55. I want to win the Lenovo computer system because it will be a joy to use a fast and powerful computer and make life a lot easier!

  56. I subscribe to the newsletter. I would love to win because we really need a new computer and do not have the money to buy one. I’m trying to go back to school (online) and get ready to re-enter the workforce after being a home maker for seven years it’s hard work with a very old, very slow machine.

  57. I subscribed to your newsletter. I want to win because my cat knocked a full glass of water onto my laptop and ruined it and now I am forced to use the library computer.

    Thanks for the chance.

  58. I have subscribed to your newletter. This would be so awesome. My ancient laptop is on it’s last legs.

  59. I’m an email subscriber and I would love to win the computer because of it’s Enhanced multimedia features and the Intel® Active Management Technology! I do my own work from home and boy would this make my life easier!

  60. I signed up on google reader, and I want to win this so our family doesn’t have to have arguments over who gets to use the computer all the time.

  61. alwaysatryin2 at gmail.com

    i do all the above but i will go with newsletter subber @ above addy,,
    I would love to win it because right now one one old laptop is being shared by me,my daughter,husband and 2 grandkids…no joke….So yes,it would be wonderful to win this ..thank you so much for the chance and happy 4th of july!!!!!


  62. I am an email subscriber. I need this because my Dell is a POS. It gives me the blue screen of death whenever I try to work in Photoshop.

    1. Oops! Forgot to add why I want/need the PC. I’m using a computer I made myself (I’m also a geek dad), but I’ve pretty much reached the limit of upgradability. An overhaul would probably cost more than a new system. Since my kids are old enough now to benefit from having their own PC, it would be nice if I got a brand spankin’ new Thinkcentre w/dual monitors so that I could wipe my current rig & set it up for the kids. W/o all the current software baggage on it, my current PC would probably run super-fast (well, as fast as a single-core PC can). All they really want is easy access to the starfall, sesame street, & nick jr websites anyway.

  63. Subscribed to newsletter!
    I really need to win this!! My current PC is an antique!
    Try doing a Google search on a slide rule!!! lol …what, you’ve never heard of a slide rule?

  64. I am a subscriber.

    I need this computer so that I can work on my school project without the need to constantly save my stuff for fear that my current laptop might crash any minute.

  65. New email subscriber!

    My current computer is on its last leg; I’m just praying that it makes it another 6 months.

  66. Followed on twitter (@neenay).
    I’d like to win because I have to hit my laptop to get rid of the multiple lines and fuzz on the screen before I can use it… I really need a new computer.

  67. I signed up for your newsletter.

    Why I’d like this new computer – because mine is really old. It’s been repaired and had the hard drive replaced at least twice. It has only 512 meg of RAM and has that parallel printer port this doesn’t (and I use my old printer with it everyday). But nothing lasts forever. It would be great to win a new computer before I need to replace mine.

  68. I’m following you on twitter (The_Sunshyn) and tweeted http://twitter.com/The_Sunshyn/status/17611141257

    I want to win the Lenovo because my mother is badly in need of a new computer (took almost 10 minutes just to start up last time I saw it), and I know she can’t afford another (though I might give her mine and keep this if I win).

  69. I’d like to win so I have a computer of my own and don’t have to fight my hubby to get on the internet!!!

  70. I subscribed and that is an amazing computer. I could really use a new one and I especially like the 2 monitors.

  71. I am a newsletter subscriber. I would love to win this as my 5 year old PC is on its last legs and I need a new PC like this one, well loaded, to expand my home business.

  72. I signed up for your blog with yahoo rss feed. We could really use a new computer in the family. My desktop that I’m using to get wireless internet is 9 yrs old and unusable. lol I have 2 girls that need internet for school. Thanks for the giveaway!

  73. Link to tweet: http://twitter.com/joeban/status/17617228299

    I’m soon moving to New York, to begin a PhD program in Biomedical Sciences. I’m also getting married, and that means two people in a small, small space (it’s going to be wonderful, but certainly cramped). Neither of us owns a desktop computer at the moment, instead we have rapidly aging laptops. With a solid, powerful, quiet desktop like this one, and two new iPads (on the wedding registry, fingers crossed) we’d be absolutely set to be connected at school, and have a powerful machine for more computer-intensive tasks (and Hulu watching, on those massive screens). This computer would make an already exciting couple of months exponentially more awesome!

  74. I follow on twitter (@kjmaje) and retweeted: https://twitter.com/kjmaje/status/17618325643

    I want to win the Lenovo computer system because I would like to donate it to a charity or someone who really could make good use of it. I won a Nintendo Wii console a few months ago, and I donated it to my daughter’s school. They now use it at school for rewarding students for academic achievement!

    1. You are already listed on the mailing list of Daddy Forever. I want this because my computor is old.

  75. I am a newsletter subscriber. I want to win because my desktop recently died and I am having to use an extremely old laptop.

  76. I am following you on Twitter and I tweeted:

    I would love to win because my current laptop has a crack in the screen and if it unplugs it goes dead, it has no battery life. This would be wonderful to own and I would treat it with love and kindness. LOL!!!
    Thanks for the great giveaway :)


  77. I have subscribed to blog feed, via yahoo. I tweeted @maple_65. I facebooked a link. and just for giggles I stumbled it too.

    fingers crossed

  78. I’m actually a son, not a daddy! But I want to win this pc for my dad. I bought a beefy desktop for myself (quad core, 9800GT, the works), and out of selfishness I didn’t realize how bad my dad’s 10 year old laptop was. But the realization came too late and I can’t afford to get him a nice new pc like mine (we live in different states, so can’t share). Hoping this contest will win me a pc for him.

    P.S., I subscribed to both the newsfeed and the blog, but neither tied my subscription to this username. I used the same email adress for this post and newsfeed subscription, hope that works…

  79. I Tweeted, and I’d love to win because my son is going off to college (with his laptop), and we could use a replacement here at home. Thanks!

    1. i didn’t say why i wanted it. well, my net book is having “issues” and i don’t have a replacement for it. while i really like having a mobile computer, i do prefer having a desktop for their reliability. having two monitors means i can edit photos of the jewelry i make and read your blog at the same time. win/win, don’t you think?

  80. I’m a newsletter subscriber. Thank you for the amazing give-away. My dad has been struggling to keep his old Windows 2000 machine running, but it’s days are definitely numbered. This will bring my dad up to speed.

  81. I subscribed via email! I’d love to win this system because I think my computer (which is 7 years old) is just about to give up the ghost. It’s been a very good computer, but it’s slowed down immensely in the last year, and I’ve been getting blue screens every once in a while. I can see the warning signs.

    Thank you very much for the giveaway!

  82. I’m a subscriber via google feed reader and I’d like to win the Lenovo because it’s a great system and our household could sure use an upgrade!

  83. I subscribed to your email newsletter.

    What a wonderful prize! Our current 8 year old desktop needs to be replaced desperately. My laptop is on its second hard-drive and defuct battery. Both systems were from the same brand and total lemons. With school coming back up next month this would be such a god-send. Lets just say I really hope to hear from you! :-)


  84. I’m following you on twitter & tweeted

    I would love to win this because we have 1 computer in my house & my son & I are always wanting it at the same time. Of course I share & let him have his turn on my computer, but, gee, it would be nice if we could both do what we needed to do without sacrificing to the other. Thanks for the incredible giveaway!

  85. Honestly, if I won, I could waste more time more efficiently on a new computer. Or on the other hand I could use a new computer at work…Hmmm fun or work. No brainer! LOL

  86. I tweeted @tamcho

    I would love to win because my computer is so old and slow. But even if I had a good computer I would still want this Lenovo ThinkCentre A63 because it’s just so Awesome! Everything about this system sounds great and I love that it has two monitors. Thanks for the chance to win! – Tammie

  87. I am a subscriber! Because our current computer died, virus, we are now sharing a laptop and my husband NEEDS a computer for work. I NEED one for sanity :) silenttributary(at)yahoo(dot)com

  88. Thanks for the great site with tons of useful info! Thanks also for the opportunity to (maybe, hopefully) replace my old PC. I had to put mine in the oven cause it was so hot and screaming! Pam@the library…

  89. I just subscribed to your newsletter, this might be interesting. I have always thought a dual monitor setup would be beneficial. I wish they had a way of putting two cursors up, one for each monitor so that I could use one left handed and one right handed. If I could program I might do this. However I digress, my 7 year old computer, which at one time was a new Windows XP, single monitor, is now apparently getting old. I am told Windows 7 is the system to have and a triple core HP would certainly speed things up. I am keeping the fingers of both my right and left hand crossed for this win.

  90. I subscribed to your feed. I would love this computer because my computer stopped working a few weeks after I was laid off and it was really hard to apply for jobs when my browsers would not work. I love the duel-screen setup too.

  91. I would love to win this system as my computer has gotten so decrepit that I worry every day about whether it will blow up or not. I’m subscribing to your blog feed.

  92. @sweepstaking, just tweeted for ya! (& subscribed via email, what the hell)

    I need a double monitor system so bad, I’m tired of watching 3″ movies in the bottom right corner of my desktop while I work on my present system…

  93. I subscribe via Google Reader. The reason I would like to win this computer is to replace my 9 year old Dell. This grandpa computer has done it’s duty for me, but it’s really time to let him be retired! :)

  94. I subscribed via email!
    Like so many others here; an aging desktop computer is a good reason why we’d like to win. I spend so much time on my computer, looking for work, learning & keeping in touch. I’ve had to resort to borrowing a small (14″) monitor from a friend for almost a year now-since mine has died long ago. And after reading your review of this system, hell yeah! – who wouldn’t want a Lenovo computer system. And ‘two’ monitors!! –after having ‘none’; I’d definitely faint if it was my lucky day!

  95. http://twitter.com/watchalex/status/17738066509

    My laptop is really old and falling apart, but the worst part is that I have everything saved on here with no portable or external hard drive. I don’t have the money to pay for a new laptop or external hard drive and I am constantly afraid that my computer will one day shutdown and never startup again. I would lose so many pictures and memories, as well as important documents, emails, etc. This computer would solve my problems by providing a safe and reliable system for my electronic house, this way I can live stress free and focus on living life! Thank you for this opportunity.

  96. I subscribe to your newsletter – thanks for making sure the computer and monitors are in great working order – loved your review

  97. I subscribed to your newsletter.
    I would love to give this computer to my husband for gaming and movies!

  98. I am an email subscriber and why I would love to win is my laptop is really old and I know it won’t be long before it just quits on me altogether and also my “good” pc that was only a yr. and a half old was struck by lightning and it totally fried the tower and is completely useless now. Crossing fingers and thank you for the opportunity to win! :)

  99. I subscribe to your newsletter. Let’s see…Why could I use this computer… Two kids heading for college soon fighting over an underpowered Gateway. I could definitely find a place for this!

  100. I subscribe to your newsletter and I’d love to win this for my home office I’ve been working on setting up. Before my computer was in my living room which really wasn’t the greatest when I was trying to get work done!

  101. Thanks to you for Lenovo Computer System Giveaway. I have subscribed to your blog with the email I’m using to comment here.

    My personal system had died last year and by checking at the repair shop I found it is beyound any repair, other than wasting money. I’m currently left with no option than to wait & watch for a good deal to buy myself a system.

    Currently I use the system which is from Office & can’t do much other than ocassional browsing, as activites are being monitored. I’m not in a postiion to spare enough money now to buy a new system and would greatly appreciate if you could consder me for this Lenovo System giveaway.

    Thanks & Appreciate,

    Regards, Sam

  102. I follow on twitter and tweeted http://twitter.com/Jammie79/status/17757470832

    The reason I want to win is to give my husband a nice computer. He is going back to school and this would be awesome. He currently uses the PS3 to boot up linux however by doing this he is no long allowed to play his playstation because sony has removed the other os feature so unless he upgrades he is locked out of the ps store and updates which stinks. So I would love to win this for my husband so he has a nice dependable computer to do his school work on and also this will show him how much we love and care about him.

  103. Im a subscriber!

    I’d like to win this for our family. We have an old computer..about 8 years old, and it’s slow and frustrating. It’s impossible to do college papers on it, or even for us to play games and enjoy it!

  104. Suscribed to the newsletter and could really use the computer since my desk top is acient and could die any day.

  105. Thank you for this great giveaway.
    I would absolutely love to win the Lenovo ThinkCentre A63 tower computer with the two ThinkVision L1951P LCD monitors because my computer is getting really old and is painfully slow. So hope, hope, hope !!! :)

    My twitter name is sandra516
    and I retweeted this giveaway:

  106. I subscribe through Google reader. I would like to win because my husband’s computer is getting old. I have no idea how much longer it’s going to last. I would love to win him a new computer.

  107. I would love to win this for my daughter who is attending college and has no computer. It sure would make her lfe easier.

  108. I signed up for your e-mail newsletter and I would love to have a new family computer for my son who is going into middle school soon. Thanks!

  109. I would love to win this computer system for my daughter who is going to be a Freshman at Georgia Southern University in the Fall of this year. She graduated with Honours and this would be a lovely gift for her as she begins her studies!

    outofthemist @ gmail .com (remove spaces)

  110. Subscribe to your blog via Google Reader.

    My computer is falling apart – I keep getting Trojans and Malware that no scan can fix, my space bar sticks and the three and six keys are missing.

  111. I’d really, really like to win. I always get hand-me-down computers filled with other people’s stuff and to have a brand-new computer would be too cool. I’d use it for school!

  112. I subscribe to your newsletter. I’d love to win the Lenovo computer system!! Our only computer is a very old desktop and my family would be able to do so many wonderful things with a new computer. Thanks for the giveaway!

  113. I subscribe to your newsletter! I need a new computer that I can designate for my daughter. She needs a faster computer to play her games and I’m tired of her using mine! :)
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    I’m currently saving up to buy a computer of my own but if I win this contest , I’m sure that the money I’ve saved to afford a computer would better go into my schooling.

    Thank You for your time , I noticed that it’s July 5th 12:05 a.m but I started writing and preparing for this when it was 11:29 p.m (July 4th)
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  117. Nice to have an additional computer for the family, we have an older computer right now and have been wanting a new one but finances never seem to agree. I give the older computer to our oldest to share with the younger kids.

  118. We have five people in this house and we are always fighting over the computer. I am learning to do webdesign and Lenovo computer system would be a great tool. It would be nice to have the two ThinkVision L1951P LCD monitors so i can multitask.

  119. I’d love this system because my computer is on it’s last leg, and still runs windows 95! I subscribe via email. Thanks for the chance!!!

  120. I am a newsletter subscriber & twitter follower who tweeted this…. http://twitter.com/packerfantimmy/status/17806219139
    My pc is over 8 years old and slower than syrup in the winter, I have 2 kids still at home that NEED a faster pc for schoolwork but I have been unemployed for over 2 years due to a car accident and can’t afford a new one. This would be a lifesaver for all of us!

  121. HI I follow on twitter @waterbluffy I subscribe to daddy forever I liked and shared on facebook julie sharwtz I also follow Lenovo on twitter and would love to win this much needed system

  122. I would love to win this because I am in charge of keeping my parents’ computer up to date. They live 2 1/2 hours away, so I use LogMeIn, but I have a terrible time keeping track of what is on their computer and what is on MY computer. It would be so nice to have 2 monitors working with one computer!

    I follow you on twitter – bsw529
    I tweeted http://twitter.com/daddyforever/status/17807661130

  123. I would love to win this system as a father of four kids, we have one PC and this would allow some relief. As we enter the teen years, homework and papers demand more PC time.

    This is a great contest and one I would love to win.

  124. newsletter subscriber

    i’m using a 6 year old generic no name PC with a tiny screen and a printer that died about 6 months ago – yeah i could really use a new lenovo

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    Thank you so much for the opportunity!

    Twitter: @1of1Jewelry – (tweet) http://twitter.com/1of1Jewelry/status/17808820237

    I’m a subscriber, follower, and fan!

  126. I follow your blog using Google Reader. My husband and I both do graphic design, so the dual monitor set-up would be an awesome tool to have. In addition, the Lenovo ThinkCentre computer is more powerful than our current desktop.

  127. I follow your blog with Google Reader. We dont have money to splurge just live pay to pay so I know we can never afford this so that’s why I want one. It’s nice to dream but maybe one day who knows.

  128. i sunscribe to the newletter. and I would Love to have this because mine is so old and outdate and slower than a turtle. i have had 10 years and two kids are always on it

  129. Hi I subscribed t your newsletter. Email address: jleach59@gmail.com. This system would be great for the kids and grankids so they would not be on my laptop learning things and playing games. Kids are kids…:)

  130. As a Land Surveyor, I could really put this computer to great use. As it is now, I share my home office with my wife and I’m lucky to even get on-line!

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  131. I’m an email subscriber, and I’d love to win because my current computer is not acting right . . . it’s a bit elderly, so I think it’s more than time for an upgrade! And two monitors would be awesome!

  132. I am a Email subscriber I would love to win because we need a computer one that is updated and runs fast

  133. I subscribed to your newsletter.
    I want to win for my husband because his computer is really bad but he has no work so he cannot replace it.

  134. 1.Subscribe to blog feed.
    I would love to win this for my daughter whoe just graduated from high school and doesn’t have one.

  135. I subscribe to your newsletter. I’d love to win this for my mom whose computer is at least 8 years old and as slow as molasses.

  136. I subscribe to your feed. I’d love to win this for my parents because theirs is OLD and super super slow. Between paying for my sister to go to college and their old house having multiple problems they can’t afford a new one.

    1. Sorry – I hit send too early!

      I want to win this for my son in college. He has 2 more years to go towards his Education degree, and his current laptop won’t make it (he’s had it since the 9th grade). Thanks for this awesome giveaway! :)

  137. I’m already an email subscriber.
    I would love to win because we are a family of 6 with only one computer. Each day we have “computer wars” with the children fighting and bartering among each other for computer time. This would be a huge help in giving everyone more quality time on the computer.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  138. I am already a subscriber.I would love to win this for the multi monitor support. My current setup has one very small monitor – i feel so out of date!

  139. I subscribed to daddyforever newsletter and I want to win that Lenovo because it would look so pretty on my desk and I could turn my old Dell into strictly the kid’s computer.

  140. I subscribe to you via email

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

    What a very nice computer system. Mine is old and I need a new one!

  141. I am now subscribing by feed through google reader.
    I would like to win this as a present to my husband and my son. They both love the computer and ours is definitely ready for an upgrade. also, my son is starting middle school this year and he will definitely be usung it for his homework assignments. Thanks for the chance!!

  142. I subscribed to your newsletter. I want to win the computer system because I have a very old computer that hardly works. I am searching fir a job and a good computer would be great.

  143. I’m already an email subscriber. I would love to win this because my current computer is getting along in years. It doesn’t have a large enough hard drive and I’m limited to 2GB RAM. It bogs down and stalls frequently and short of wiping it clean and starting over I’m stuck with a less than efficient machine.

  144. I would love to win this computer for my high school age son. He has many projects and assignments for school and this would be a HUGE help to him.

    I am an email/newsletter subscriber as well as a subscriber via feed

    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

  145. I am a subscriber. I would love to win this for my son. He is autistic and non-verbal. The computer is his way of communicating as he is a good typist.He also loves to play computer games. He has a computer but it is so old the browser can no longer be updated and he can’t use a lot of the programs he has. This would be a wonderful win. :)

  146. I subscribed to your newsletter :D I would like to win this to share with my son, he is a tech fanatic and he would freak out!

  147. I am following you on Twitter and Tweeted:Swtlilchick
    http://twitter.com/Swtlilchick/status/17849372123.I would love to win
    this nice computer,because I need an upgrade.My pc was ok for a starter,but
    now I am doing many more things on my comp,like blogging,videos and
    graphics.I need a more reliable computer that can get the job done.Thanks
    for the giveaway

  148. thanks again Ken,
    It is a great little system, I set it up for my husband. I already run my system with my 42″ plasma as my second monitor. I am saving the second monitor, as a back up, or I might try 3 monitors on mine for giggles.



  149. I re-tweeted from the button…

    I’d like to win so my family is no longer all sharing 2 computers & this one is super sweet so I’m sure I’d love it right up until the children got their paws all over it & then it would all be over! hehe

    I have 2 boys, and we all love sports & activities & tend to be sitting at a tiny little single screen all reading along to the drama of the day on Sports, or local things it sure would be AWESOME to have all our heads glued to these monitors & moving along at a smoking pace with the awesome system!

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