Taga Bicycle Stroller


Here’s an awesome Father’s Day present for a lucky dad (no, not the woman in the red shoes):

Taga three-wheel bicycle

It’s called a Taga bicycle stroller. It’s a three-wheel bike that converts into a stroller. I guess that makes it a super cool tricycle.

Taga three-wheel stroller

I like it.

I must have it.

I can’t live without one.

Unfortunately, the Taga bike stroller costs about $1495. Ouch. We can’t afford it, but I would get it if we could. We have a child bike seat that goes over the rear wheel. It’s a lot cheaper than a Taga, but it’s far from ideal. First, it’s a pain trying to put a toddler in (the Taga’s three wheels should make it easy to strap your child in). Second, I can’t see the little one when I’m riding (unlike the Taga). Finally, there’s the danger of dangling feet. There’s a foot rest for the kid’s feet, but he doesn’t always keep his feet there. One of these days, his feet might get stuck between the wheel spokes. That would be very painful for both of us if we’re moving at the time his feet get caught in the spokes. With the Taga, the kid’s feet are a safe distance in front of the wheels.

The Taga bicycle stroller isn’t available in our area (yet?) so I wasn’t able to test it. From the photos on their web site, it looks like the Taga can fold to fit inside a car trunk. Nice. In riding mode, the Taga is almost 5 1/2 feet long and can support a 220-pound rider and a 55-pound kid (the double-seat version can support 44 pounds in the second child seat). In strolling mode, the Taga is almost 4 feet long and can support a child up to 33 pounds. The Taga is suppose to be able to toggle from bike mode to stroller mode in about 20 seconds. You can see a demonstration of the conversion in their YouTube video below:

Options for the Taga include a double child seat, car seat adapter, wooden double seat (future option), shopping basket (future option), rain cover, and sun hood.

Taga Bicycle Stroller

More information: Taga (found via Lian’s Wonderland)

[Disclosure: I did not receive a Taga bike or other compensation for writing this post on my dad blog. I just think the Taga bicycle stroller is super cool.]


12 thoughts on “Taga Bicycle Stroller

  1. We’re an American (me) and English couple living in Germany courtesy of Uncle Sam and we were lucky enough to win a Taga in Summer 2009 along with the wooden 2-seater, and recently the shopping cart attachment. Our daughter will be 3 in October and I really can’t sing its praise enough! Granted, our spot in Germany is *all* hills, so it’s rough on anything non-motorized, but I *love* being able to bike to the PX with her, turn it into a stroller to push around the store, then bike back home with it. There’s nothing left to lock up outside the store, it all goes everywhere with you. Plus it does tend to turn a lot of heads wherever you go as well. ;) After using the Taga I have to say that even if we hadn’t won it, we would have saved up and bought it; it’s just that fun and practical. Best of all unlike other strollers, we plan on keeping it long after she grows up- we’re keeping it for grandkids and can still use the shopping cart attachment in the meantime! If you can test-drive it, be sure to! Beware though, you’ll get addicted!

    1. That’s great to hear. So far the Taga seems to have a low presence in the states. I have not seen it around – not even in the news. The bike sounds really cool. I would want one if they sold it in the states. Not sure if I could afford it though.

  2. Ola sou brasileira e tenho uma filinha especial q tento adapitala a vida, mas aqui ainda e´um pouco dificil ainda mais sendo pobre,essas bicicletas sao um sonho para uma mae como eu,mas nao custa nada sonhar .Gostaria de saber se vcs parcelam ,se tem representantes no brasil,se tiver eu tentarei parcelar nem q seja em 30 vezes ,pq pela minha filha faço o impocivel,obrigada a Deus por dar tanta inteligencia a voceis,e obrigada pela atençao,bjs flavia viana

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