I Love My Child With All My Spleen


Even though Little Disney’s health problems has reduced my life span by about 50 million years, I love him with all my heart and spleen.

The good news is that Little Disney is off the GN (gastric nasal) feeding tube. The doctor said he has been on it too long. The GN tube is only suppose to be a short-term solution (one or two months). Our little one had been on the GN-tube for five months. Even though he has been gaining weight with the GN tube (he reached the 30th percentile), the doctor said it was time for the G-tube (gastric feeding tube). The G-tube requires drilling a hole into the tummy and inserting the feeding tube directly into the stomach.

my son - age one

We were not in favor of the G-tube (no dad or mom in their right mind would want someone drilling a hole into their child’s stomach) so the doctor agreed to let our child try to sustain himself without a tube for a week. The first week was awful — the little stinker lost about two pounds. That’s a lot for someone his size. It usually takes him about a month to gain two pounds with the gastric nasal tube shoved up his nose and down his throat. After begging to hold off on the feeding tube for another week, things turned around for Little Disney. He didn’t regained the two pounds he lost in the first week, but he did eat enough to gain 7 ounces in the second week. Yay! He also sleeps better at night now (8+ hours). Double yay! We’re crossing our fingers and hoping the third week will go well too.

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22 thoughts on “I Love My Child With All My Spleen

  1. Sometimes being a parent requires really tough and scary decisions. Kudos you guys standing your ground and giving it some time. Hopefully thingswill continue to progress in baby Disney’s favor. Sure the insurance co and doctors might be disappointed from loss of revenue, but your baby’s is going to be much happier if this weight gain keeps up. You are all in our prayers!

  2. Healing hugs & prayers for a continued recovery for Lil’ Disney dude!
    It is so hard for them to get used to eating food again after a tube, I think he is doing great! lots of high calories foods & extra vitamins…

  3. I am so, so thrilled wee Disney is holding his own with the feeding and gaining weight! The LAST thing you want is for him to have a gastrostomy… I cared for a wee girl for 2.6 years who had a gastrostomy… it was awful…. always getting infected, it was so sore too.

  4. I don’t know how you guys do it…I had a difficult enough time when my little man was in the hospital for a month after birth with ivs and in a jaundice bed…and it wasn’t even as serious…Yay for sleeping through the night though…

  5. You’re always so thorough with your sponsorship posts. ;P

    Little Disney looks great, and I’m sure he’s thrilled to be off the feeding tube. I’m so glad that things seem to be improving. Let’s hope he starts eating the way he should so there’s no turning back. :)

  6. So glad things are looking up on the second week. Here’s praying they continue to improve for him.

  7. So happy to hear about the improvement. I know what it feels to go through what you are. My first child had to have a feeding tube, as well. I continue to pray for LD improvement.

  8. I pray things go better from here on out for little Disney. He is such an adorable little baby.

    Sending you prayers and lots of light from across the globe always!

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