Lay’s Happiness Giveaway – Win a $100 Visa Gift Card


This was suppose to be a Mother’s Day giveaway to encourage dads and kids to make a video greeting card for moms. Mother’s Day is over, so now the theme of this giveaway is Happiness is Simple. To help make dads and moms happy, Lay’s (Twitter | Facebook) is giving away a $100 Visa gift card on my dad blog. BTW, you can still use Lay’s video tool to create a custom Father’s Day greeting card. You better hurry, Father’s Day is only six weeks away. And don’t forget to buy dad a lot of cool gadgets and Lay’s potato chips.

Lay's The Happiness Exhibit - smile photo

Lay’s Happiness Exhibit
Lay’s wants to showcase the moments of simple happiness that people treasure most. Dads and moms are encouraged to submit photos that showcase simple, happy moments. Share a photo of a winning smile, and it could end up on a bag of Lay’s potato chips for all of America to see. Pictures to be considered for the Lay’s bags can be uploaded until May 31, 2010. So far, about 16,000 happy photos have been submitted by dads, moms, and other super cool people.

BTW, while I was on the Lay’s website, I checked out their simple ingredients: potatoes, sunflower and/or corn oil, and salt. Lay’s chips are free of milk (lactose), eggs, and soy. Just perfect for my little one who is struggling with all sorts of food allergies. Sometimes, it seems like he’s also allergic to air.

Lay’s Happiness Exhibit Giveaway
Thanks to Lay’s, one lucky reader of my dad blog will win a $100 Visa gift card. The deadline to enter is Monday, May 24th (Pacific time). The winner will be randomly selected. The giveaway is limited to US readers. To enter, leave a comment on my dad blog about a favorite happy memory.

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[Disclosure: The prize will be provided by Frito-Lay (Lay’s is a brand of PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay division), but Frito-Lay is not a sponsor or administrator of this giveaway on my dad blog. I did not receive any product, gift card, or other compensation for writing this post and hosting the giveaway on my dad blog.]

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723 thoughts on “Lay’s Happiness Giveaway – Win a $100 Visa Gift Card

  1. The first thanksgiving ym whole family was together (all the brothers and sisters and half brothers) was the best.

  2. A happy day for me would definitely have to be sipping on iced tea, veggitating outside watching the kids play…a nice book in my hands would be awesome too.

    great giveaway!!!

  3. A favorite memory is taking my kids down to Baltimore to Port Discovery. We spent the entire day down the enjoying ourselves. It was so great. No rushing or worrying, just a lot of playing.

  4. My happy memory is when my husband proposed to me. I think that was happier than my wedding day. And when my daughter was born.

  5. my favorite memorie is riding my horses, i love to go riding by myself on the horse and just the feeling of me and the horse being free in the wind. cant ride now .

  6. Happy memory is watching the look on our grandson’s face when we surprised him with a day to the Museum of Science.

  7. My favorite memory was the first time we heard our daughter give a REAL hearty laugh. She was about 3 months old and my husband would tickle-bite her in the neck. Her “hehe” turned into “HAHA” in almost a deep man-voice – hilarious!

  8. 3 voices screaming “Grandpa” at the top of theire lungs, just before I am buried under an avalanche of hugs and kisses.

  9. My favorite Happy Memory is when we go camping in our backyard each year with our sons. We set up tents, sleeping bags, etc and spend the night outside. We have so much fun with no electronics and just cards and board games.
    Thanks so much.

  10. My favorite memory involving my parents is the 2 week car and camping trip around Oregon. We all had the best time

  11. My favorite memory is when I graduated from high school and bought myself a 78 Trans Am. I loved that car and we had alot of fun in it.

  12. One of my favorite happy memories is when my husband surprised me with diamond earrings for our 5th wedding anniversary. He remembered that I wanted diamonds for my second pierced hole…very impressive.


  13. Camping in our living room for movie nights with my family;complete with tent, sleeping bags, popcorn, and smores is one of my happiest memories (and we still do it).

  14. My favorite happy memory would have to be the day that my youngest child was born and both the older kids came in to see her and told me ” mommy you did good”

  15. A favorite happy memory is the birth of my son. I almost lost him several times during the pregnancy….I call him my miracle child.

    Thank you. :-)

  16. Is this the Dad Blog or is there another blog I need to post my favorite memory on?

    My favorite memory is a trip we took driving across country one summer with a van and a tent trailer camping along the way and seeing the sites of the US

  17. One of my favorite happy memories was when my first born was born. I was excited and didn’t know what to really expect.

  18. My favorite happy memory is of my little boy rubbing his eyes and shuffling into the kitchen to climb into my lap when he woke up in the morning. We would cuddle for about 10 minutes. My little boy is now 6’3″ and almost 15! Where did the time go?

  19. While camping, as we were sitting around the campfire, (the fire was our only light)….
    my husband, small son and I watched several meteors streaking overhead, on a pretty night…we were awed by the night sky!
    An unforgettable moment of happiness and surprise!

  20. For my 40th birthday my husband surprised me with a trip away. Now, I knew we were going on a trip, what I didn’t know was that he wasn’t going. We pulled over into a convenience store parking lot and he got out of the car and my girlfriend reached in and grabbed me. She and I were then wisked away in another car to the airport headed to mexico for a spa getaway.

  21. A happy memory was when my husband won an all expence paid trip for both of us 2 Puerto Rico for being cosen employee of the year… was wonderful

  22. My grandchildren are providing such happy memories….like when my little grandson or granddaughter would climb in bed with my husband and I and we could just talk wirh them and enjoy their presence

  23. The night I met my husband on a baseball field, as a camp counselor and we had our first of many amazing conversations.

  24. Memory is a tricky thing, so I’ll start with something recent — THIS Mother’s Day. I spent it with the kids and grand kids. There was lots of laughter and love in the air and I got some cool gifts to boot!

  25. Favorite Memory – summer in Michigan with my grandparents pending the day at the beach and swimming in Lake Michigan. Happy times, can’t wait to take my boys there someday.

  26. I have great memories of visiting my grandma in florida. we always ate tuna fish sandwiches and chips on the beach. why does everything taste better at the seashore?

  27. I grew up without a dad, so my grandfather was my substitute father. I remember him taking me to the office with him and stopping along the way to buy a donut. I loved that special time with him.

  28. One of my favorite memories was when my boyfriend (now husband) went on stage at a Motown concert and sang My Girl to me with the band!

  29. My dad and I went to movies together. Not often. But it was just the two of us and it felt so special to me. He died about 10 years ago, but I still think of him every day and truly miss him.

  30. My parents both died about 30 years ago and i still remember the last Thanksgiving we were all together. I miss them every day

  31. One of my favorite happy memories was eating gelato late one evening, walking the streets of Rome, and realizing it had chocolate-covered espresso beans in it. I was up half the night! :)

  32. One of my fav happy memories is the first time I ever went to NYC, it was when I moved there for awhile a few years ago. I was like a kid in a candy store! :)

  33. my most recent favorite happy memory is when my boyfriend and I went to Dana Point, California and rode bikes along the beach!

  34. My dad worked nights a lot, and sometimes on Sunday mornings he would stop by Krispy Kreme and get me this HUGE chocolate doughnut with whipped cream and a cherry on it. Someone told me later they were called “Doughnut Sundaes”. I felt so special that he would go out of his way to think of me and get me that special doughnut.

  35. i have five most happy memories..the day each of my kids were born there is nothing like the feeling of holding that new little one in your arms and touching those tiny fingers and toes and wanting nothing more in the world than to protect them and keep them safe.those five memories i will cherish forever :)

  36. My favorite memory is of my grandma who is now passed away and me playing Chinese checkers on summer afternoons and eating candy.

  37. I live out of state from my mom and sis/family. A favorite memory of mine is the Mother Day that I was home and myself, sis and mom went out for dinner and spent the day together

  38. One of my favorite memories would be when my son and I went to visit my mother0in-law’s house for a week. We got to do so many fun things together.

  39. Most fun I ever had with my dad: Went to an all you can eat Flounder meal special at a restaurant, my two hungry teenage brothers, myself and dad: After Miles finished off his 5th plate and my Father & Tommy not far behind on their 4th, the manager offered my father $40 ( our meals were $4.99 each, back in 1978) and asked us to leave.

  40. When my son was born, I was the person that washed his hair in the nursery (my wife was still recovering from the c-section). He was so little and beautiful, I almost cried. He’s 14 now but I will always remember that little bundle of joy in my hands.

  41. My husband and I took a spontaneous day trip together last year. It was so nice to just have “us” time.

  42. One happy memory was the trip in our motorhome to Fort Wilderness at Disney World. Everyone had a great time

  43. A favorite memory of my Dad is when the two of us went fishing, and I caught 2 fish on the same hook (triple hook)!

  44. A favorite memory of mine is enjoying the Outer Banks NC with my family. Particularly, jumping the big waves in the ocean and catching crabs with my kids! :)

  45. Among my favorite happy memories is the day my husband and I got married. We started off that morning arguing about a bunch of last-minute stuff that needed to get done and wound up being late for our own ceremony. But once we got started, we were both floating so high on a cloud that we couldn’t even remember why we’d been upset :)

  46. My father always had a quite sense of humor, but a good sense of humor nonetheless. I remember one time when I was very young, I had been combing my hair before coming to the dinner table and looking in the mirror, I wondered why people parted their hair instead of just letting it go any which way. (I was young!) When I asked my father why people parted their hair, he readily said with a straight face: “Every block needs an alley.” Ah, the quiet ones are the ones you have to look out for!

  47. a happy memory of mine was going to lunch with my dad, he was around 40, and we noticed on the receipt he had been give a senior citizen discount – the waiter just assumed :)

  48. A happy memory of mine is really a recurring thing in our house – right now our 18M old prays before meals by folding her hands in front of her face and saying “amnenne” LOVE IT!!!

  49. A favorite memory of mine is when I took a vacation with my family to Disney~! We live in the dreary cold state of Maine and while everyone back home was freezing My son was dancing with Mini Mouse in sunny Florida. I smile every time I look at that picture. He was so adorable dancing with Mini Mouse that day. It was a once in a life time vacation for us. I’d like to relive that week because we had so much fun family time together~! Thanks for sharing this giveaway :)

  50. I remember summers fishing with my dad. We still go fishing to this day and I am so lucky to still have him around to fish with my son. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  51. My favorite happy memory was watching my oldest son graduate from college; I always dreamed my children would go to college since I did not and now two have graduated and another will this year….I have quite a few years more before my youngest will graduate high school, let alone college..but the memories of watching them accept their diplomas keeps me smiling.

  52. There are two plum trees in my back yard. When the plums ripen deer come to eat them.
    Of course they bring their fawns along. I have positive memories of my feral
    friends grazing on plums.

  53. Happy Moment – driving to Georgia with my dad every summer and stopping at the “giant peach” water tower in North/South (cant remember which one) Carolina

  54. One of my favorite memories is when I got my first car. I had my license for 2 years before I actually got a car.

  55. When my husband proposed to me on his knee in a park in winter and everything was covered in ice and white and there was even fog in the air! ;)

  56. One of my favorite memories is taking the kids to Stone Mountain and packing a picnic. We had our Lays chips and sandwiches! Stone Mountain has a laser show after dark. It was so much fun!

  57. A recent happy memory was swimming with my daughter earlier, and remembering last year how proud I was of her when she learned how to swim :)

  58. I have a happy memory of making “coffee” for my Dad one morning. I say coffee because looking back, I now know I made some really disgusting brew but not only did my Dad pretend to enjoy it, he actually asked me to make it again on several different occasions. Last summer, Dad was 82 and I finally got him to admit that it really wasn’t the best coffee he ever had lol.

  59. A favorite happy memory. Geesh, so many to choose from! A favorite and recent happy memory is waking to the sunshine smile of my newborn each and every morning as my girls play quietly in the mornings. When they hear brother ‘talking’ they run downstairs and are so genuinely happy to see their brother, it melts my heart every time. I love my family and the beauty they surround me with. Thanks for sponsoring such a great give away!


  61. Catching my Dad making my Christmas gift of a baby cradle when I was around 10 years old … such a sweet memory!

  62. This past Christmas my two granddaughters visited at the same time; so we have lots of happy memories of the two of them playing together.

  63. I have a lot of happy memories, but one recently was with my mom on mothers day, I made her a cake and she loved it!

  64. The happiest times for me were when I could spend them fishing and boating with my dad. The best times ever.

  65. My favorite happy memories are of when each of my children were born – I was blessed to have smooth deliveries and loved the excitement of timing the contractions, driving to the hospital, etc.

  66. My favorite happy memory is when my Dad & I made christmas cookies when I was 12 – took us all day. The first few batches looked great but by the end we ran out of steam & they started looking real sad!

  67. One of my favorite happy memories is watching one of my aunts barefoot in the sand when we took her with us on a trip–she never had a chance to travel very much, and she enjoyed it so much.

  68. I had a favorite happy memory just yesterday for my daughter’s 33rd birthday, when her little ones were singing Happy Birthday and their voices were so soft and sweet!

  69. A SUPER happy memory are the days my children were born. Each was so special since my first was a girl and my last was a strong, BIG BOY!
    A GREAT happy memory is the day I married my sweetheart Robert and we just celebrated 10 years of wedded bkiss!

  70. One favorite happy memory is the time we spend at the beach every summer. We all love long lazy days at the beach!

  71. My favorite happy memory is when I was about 4 and both my mom and dad were still together and we were at the beach. Dad built sand castles with me all day.

  72. One of my most precious memories was from when I was ten years old. It was Christmas Eve and I was to sing a solo with the big choir. I was nervous and really wanted to shine for my mom and dad. My Dad stopped off at the department store on his way home from work and bought me the most beautiful, fanciest dress I had ever laid eyes on. The choir director thought it was so pretty he had me sing without my choir robe. The solo was a success and I still hold the image of my parents beaming in the front pew in my head today!

  73. My favorite happy memory is when my mom and I went to Vegas for my 21st birthday. She was so fun, and we had a blast!

  74. My favorite happy memory is when my older brother took me to the circus and bought me cotton candy. I was a rotten little brother who always got him in trouble -lol- so it was a rare treat. Now that he is deceased I remember that day fondly.

    pauleyd68 at yahoo dot com

  75. My fav Happy memory is playing lawn bowling with my Daddy = he always let me win… made me have confidence to know that I could do it.

  76. I have a lot of favorite memories, but my happiest memory was the day by boyfriend came home and asked me to marry him!

  77. My happy memories generally reflect around my kids when they were littler (not that I’m not happy with them now)…but hearing them say new words incorrectly or making ridiculous messes when I turned my back for two seconds… that’s the good stuff.

  78. My happiest memories are the times I spend with my children. Watching them grow up and mature. I love the vacation time the most because there are no interruptions, it’s just the four of us.

    Thank you for the great giveaway!!

  79. One of my favorite memories is the vacations we took as a family. Once everyone leaves home it is hard to get them all together at the same time.

  80. One of my favorite happy memories is when we took a family vacation to California and drove up the beautiful coastline.

  81. Catching crawldads in our creek (pronounced CRIK! ;)) and freaking out our older, squeamish sisters with them.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  82. One of my favorite memories is spending summers with my cousins in the country, playing at farms, riding horses, just being kids with no interest in “grown up” things.

  83. one of my happiest moment is being a child riding our motor cycles and ATC’s. we did not worry about strangers back then just had a good time.

  84. A favorite happy memory was the last christmas I got to spend with my grandmother. She was a very special lady.

  85. My favorite memory with my dad is going to work with him on Saturdays. He’d always take me out to breakfast (what a treat!), and I got to clean the store and “help” customers. Ahhh, to be young and oblivious to doing unpaid work. ;)

  86. My favorite memory was moving last year. It was a lot of work but so worth it since we are now closer to family. Thanks.

  87. My Dad had always talked about how he saw the Harlem Globetrotters when he was little and last year I got to take him to a game and he loved it!

  88. one of my favorite memories is catching lightning bugs on hot summer nights with my cousins in my grandparents front yard, then watching them escape in the house after everyone had gone to bed.

  89. One of my most favorite memories is of my dad taking me trout silver fishing at Rimrock lake in WA. He was always patient with me & made me feel like I was the most important thing in his life.

  90. There was a little (dive) bar near my dad’s job. Sometimes we’d get to stay at his office after school (we had a paper route near there) and on rare occasions he’d go into the bar and get us the best sloppy joes ever. We weren’t allowed inside, but stood on the sidewalk waiting!

  91. My happy memory is a surprise Christmas trip my husband planned for me (before kids) to a romantic resort including a sleigh ride to view Christmas lights.

  92. my favorite memory is spending my summer days playing outside at my best friends house as a child. we used to have the best times

  93. My fave memory was waking up from having a c-section and seeing my baby for the first time. and knowing we were gonna be okay. It was for only for a few minutes because I quickly drifted back into sleep.

  94. My dad passed on the very day I signed the lease for my first apartment…at the wake I heard his friends remembered how he told them he was so proud and happy for me.

  95. One of my favorite memories is going fishing with my uncle. I caught a 4 lb catfish! The biggest one I’ve ever gotten.

  96. fav memory… mom picking a day just for the two of us, to do something, whether it be shopping, cooking, gossiping, and just hanging out. mom did this for me and my sis. those days were really special and leave a warmness in my heart

  97. One of my favorite memories is taking my kids to Disneyland for the first time. I loved seeing their joy and excitement.

  98. The day my pregnancy test read positive it the happiest day of my life. We had been trying for a long time and now I was going to be a mom.

  99. My favorite memories of my dad is when he would take us camping. He would tell us scary stories when we were all in our sleeping bags and he had just turned out the lantern. In the morning he would always have a fire burning that we could gather around and warm up while the air was filled with the smell of breakfast cooking.

  100. One of mh favorite memories of Dad was him playing Santa—when I already knew there was no Santa. He just loved doing it.

  101. When the sliced my belly to get my son out, his head popped out and he looked around. He was three weeks late and ready to be out.

  102. When I was growing up we had a creek running thru our property. My favorite memories of childhood were just sitting by the creek all day playing. Building rock houses for bugs, digging a hole at the edge hoping a fish would swim in, etc.

  103. My favorite happy memory is when I saw my son smile for the first time. He kinda changed from a drooling ball of goo into an actual person (who drools alot and is a ball mostly covered with goo) in that 1 second of beaming happiness.

  104. One of my favorite memories with my Dad was getting to go to the lake where he loved driving the boat around, and I got to learn how to waterski! I got pretty good at waterskiing, but Dad doesn’t have the boat anymore. I sure miss it.

  105. My favorite memory was a Christmas where my dad did all the shopping for us ‘girls’ – it was the best presents that Santa ever brought. We got bikes, darts, a whole bunch of neat things. Its the one of many Christmas’s from my childhood that I remember the most

  106. So many cool memories but one of my favorites was driving to the Black Hills with my family when we were younger and pulling a pop-up camper where we slept :) Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

  107. Today I went over to my parents house, and fed ducks off the deck with my father. It was a very sweet happy memory.

  108. Hands down the two best memories are the birth of my two children. Especially when, in labor with my first child, I went to the hospital with contractions. The nurse told me I was just having some light ones and that it was nothing to worry about, basically that I was overreacting. Well I refused to leave the hospital because I knew I was in pain and had to be in labor. So they gave me a little something to relax and within 45 minutes, my daughter was born. It was a sweet, sweet moment to look that nurse in the eye and say “I told you I wasn’t just being a wuss!” :)

  109. Mine was after my son was born. My husband was leaving to go home and shower. He stopped and said, “I’ll tell you one thing. We make cute kids”.

  110. One of my favorite memories is waking up from a nap and realizing that myself, hubby, daughter, and 2 dogs had all fallen asleep in the same bed together :)

  111. A favorite happy moment was 2 years ago, I found out I won an all expenses trip to Japan for a week. I was 1 of 10,000 entries and I had entered on the very last day 1 minute before it ended. I ended up taking my Mom for her 70th birthday, it was the first time she had ever been out of the country (USA) and we had a wonderful time.

  112. There are so many, most involve family members who I love dearly. Today I was shopping with my granddaughter, and we laughed and giggled while trying on sun glasses and jeans. All my days with her are special.

  113. My favorite happy memory right now is of one year ago this week – I learned that I was pregnant with our miracle baby son… a baby who was never supposed to be (according to the doctors) and who we weren’t trying for, hadn’t planned for…. and have been all too happy to welcome into our lives!

    Many thanks!

  114. My favorite happy memory was the first time I saw our (three) kids – and we’ve been adding to those memorites ever since! :)

  115. The day my girls were born is obviously the best days of my life but I also love their first day of school. Seeing them with their cute little outfits and those great big bookbags on is too cute. Thank you!

  116. Every Christmas, my dad and I would lay under the tree to stare at the twinkling lights. It was sooo magical!

  117. a happy memory is from my daughters wedding this past OCT she had rented out a lodge on CO for a week and we all stayed there in the mountains

  118. Sitting in a lawn chair having a cold beverage with my wife up in the boudary waters in northern Minnesota.

  119. Our one and only family reunion that we have ever had. All of my siblings and their kids were there and it was a fantastic moment!

  120. I think the day that my son was born and he lay in my arms for the first time! Its an experience you never forget!

  121. One summer my father had to go to school in Denver– the family went with him and we saw a lot of ‘out West’. We had a great time seeing all the sights.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  122. The happiest memory I have is the day my daughter was born. The doctor had told me from my first appointment that my husband’s family history made it very clear that I wasn’t going to be having a girl. We never had a sonogram, so we basically just believed we’d be having another boy. I was SO thrilled to have them tell me I’d given birthday to a girl!

  123. One of my favorite happy memories would have to be our family vacation to Hawaii when I young…I will never forget it! Thanks!

  124. One of favorite memories with my Dad is picking dewberries by a creek near our home. We’d take them home and Mom would make a pie.

  125. My Dad used to sit by the window and watch for us to pull up from our trip back home. When we got in, he’d want up to go down in his rec room to show us the latest project he was working on. After that we’d sit and drink a pot of coffee together.

  126. My favorite memory of my Dad is when he came home from the Navy and suprised the whole family at Thanksgiving. He was gone for over
    11 months on a ship overseas. He was not to come home for another
    6 months. It was the Best Thanksgiving ever.

  127. Some of my favorite times are at my parents summer house on the lake when the boys play for hours at the beach and we have cook outs and picnics and go for ice cream!!

  128. I have a happy memory of getting up really early one morning with my dad, and he took me to breakfast at a cool diner. After eating we went fishing for hours and hours and I at a lot of wild berries!

  129. Happy memory is going with my dad to play miniature golf and have a fancy lunch – I hit a hole in one!!

  130. One great memory I have is of my kids planning and hosting a Halloween party for all their friends, with spooky foods and decorations, music, etc. It was great.

  131. I’m trying to focus on the small and the day to day. I love when my son wakes up and calls for me and when I walk in he says, “Hi” with more enthusiasm than any adult I’ll talk to all day.

  132. My dad taking me fishing on this beautiful creek. He baited every hook and untangled every line I’d hang in the trees and never complained once! What a guy!

  133. I remember the first time my dad took the training wheels off and I rode and rode and rode my bicycle by myself.

  134. I remember dad spending time with us while we were studying. I didn’t really like it at the time, but it was important to him and it paid off!

  135. Just recently, we celebrated my grandmother’s 100th birthday. We took all our children and traveled to see her just for that event. It was a great experience for my children to see some of my family, as everyone else is dead.

  136. A favorite happy memory I have is swimming with my grandfather at the campground. It is one of the few memories I have of him at all, so it is extra special.

  137. My favorite happy memory is taking week-long car trips with my parents and sister as a kid. We traveled all over the US and saw a lot of awesome sites.

  138. I have happy memories of fishing with my dad. It was a quiet, sharing of time.

    Thank you for a great giveaway and thanks to Lay’s, love the chips!

  139. We took our three year old to Disney recently; believe it or not, I have tons of happy memories about that, despite, the long car drive, the oppressive heat, the lines…you get the picture. We still had fun.

  140. This memory goes back nearly a quarter of a century, but it still brings a smile to my face. My mom and I drove out to Los Angeles in 1987 and we visited a lot of national parks going there and back. One of the places I just had to visit was Death Valley. The nice park ranger told me exactly how to get to the “Star Wars” canyon, where they filmed some scenes with the Jawas and R2-D2 for the original film. I took a ton of photos and was happy just to be there. My happiness was magnified when I got home and realized I had a shot set up from a little crevice in the canyon wall that almost exactly matched a shot from the film! I really was on Tatooine!

  141. I miss the days when I was a child and I use to play at the park while my mom and uncle played frisbee. That’s how we spent every sunday

  142. Thanks for the giveaway…a favorite memory was surprising my parents with a trip to Ireland !

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  143. One of my favorite happy memories was when my Grandmother would come and stay over on Thursday night and I’d wake up on Friday morning and she’d make a big breakfast including her famous buttermilk biscuits!

  144. My happy memories are holding my kids for the first time and the first steps and I love you’s thanks for the chance