Dockers Celebrates Mother’s Day with Chivalry and Giveaway


This Mother’s Day, Dockers (Facebook | Twitter) is challenging dads, moms, and kids across the country to Wear The Pants and perform acts of chivalry. Dockers wants men and women to take a few extra minutes to open a door, offer directions, help carry luggage, hail a cab, or say Happy Mother’s Day to a mom you don’t know (and don’t forget about your own mom). To kick off Dockers 10,000 Acts of Chivalry, they are going to give away a pair of Dockers to five lucky readers of my dad blog.

[Disclosure: The prizes will be provided by Dockers, but Dockers is not a sponsor or administrator of this giveaway on my dad blog. I did not receive a pair of Dockers or any other compensation for writing this post or hosting the giveaway on my dad blog.]

Dockers Wear The Pants

Dockers 10,000 Acts of Chivalry
On Mother’s Day, from 10 am – 2 pm, 100 khaki-clad men will hit the streets of New York and San Francisco and perform 25 chivalrous acts per hour. If you live in San Francisco or New York City, come join them and help celebrate Mother’s Day with chivalrous acts. The Mother’s Day event in New York City will take place at Times Square, Bryant Park, and Broadway Matinee Shows. In San Francisco, the Docker’s event will take place at Union Square, Ferry Building, and the Cow Hollow area.

Dockers Mother’s Day Giveaway
Thanks to Dockers, five lucky readers of my dad blog will win a pair of Dockers. The deadline to enter is May 21st (Pacific time). The contest is limited to readers in the US. The five winners will be randomly selected. To enter, leave a comment on my dad blog about something nice you did for a mom.

Bonus Entries (leave a separate comment for each entry)

  • Leave a comment about something nice you did for a mom on my Facebook fan page
  • Tweet about this giveaway or about something nice you did for a mom ONCE on Twitter and include @daddyforever and #chivalryisnotdead in the tweet (include your Twitter URL or username for verification)

132 thoughts on “Dockers Celebrates Mother’s Day with Chivalry and Giveaway

  1. I went out and bought my MIL’s card for my husband, got it all addressed and ready so all my husband had to do is sign it. It would have been late otherwise and I know it means a lot to her to get it on time.

  2. Once I was in line at the DMV and there was a lady in line behind me with a handicapped daughter. The girl was in a wheel chair and I chatted with them while I was in line. As we approached the end of the line and our turn, it began to rain rather hard and by the time it was my turn, it was a torrential
    downpour. I gave the lady my umbrella, she did not have one so that her daughter would not get soaked. I did get soaked but it made me feel good to help out someone else!

  3. There have been times when my sister has called and asked if I could sit one of her children at the last minute. I love my nephews so usually I am able to.

  4. I edited and printed out photos I took of my God-daughter and God-nephew to go in the glass frame we got for their mom. I also made a mini collage for my “grandmother” to place in her Mother’s Day card, which we sent off yesterday.

  5. When my mom’s out of town, I keep her other baby. Missy is her toy poodle that comes and stays with me when she’s gone.

  6. For Mother’s Day I made sure my daughter had a complete new outfit. She has 5 beautiful children 14, 4, 2, 1, 4 months. I know it is not something she can do for herself.

  7. my mother is in a nursing home. I bought her a nice, comfortable pair of shoes so she can get around better.

  8. I called mine today from NC to wish her a Good Mother’s day and sent her some pictures of my kids;-)

  9. I stood on a stool and sanded our bedroom ceiling on Mother’s Day, since a new, non-droopy ceiling is what she asked for and I delivered!

  10. We have a very “LARGE” (almost 1/4 acre) garden area and this year I weeded the entire area (took 4/8hr days) for my Mom as a Mother’s Day gift. She was very surprised and happy and this year for the first time in years she can start planting the garden before June.

  11. My mother-in-law has been bed ridden with MS for 10 years, but diagnosed 31 years ago. She loves Neil Diamond and could never attend a concert. So we went and called her to let her hear “Coming to America”, her favorite song. She said it was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for her.

  12. I have been watching my neighbor’s 2 little ones (ages 2 & 4) in the mornings while she takes her mom for physical therapy. They play with my 2 year old grandson. If the weather is nice we go for walks to the park with the wagon so they can ride home. Hey, it’s extra excercise for me!!

    susan56bft at gmail dot com

  13. My neighbor next door just lost her driver’s license; her eyesight has gotten so bad she’s no longer allowed to drive. I’m now her grocery store driver..we’re going together on Saturdays so she can buy groceries without having to take a cab there. Her children don’t live nearby and I don’t want to see her have to take a bus everywhere.

  14. One of my employees daughter who is still in highschool had a baby boy. I gave her 3 hudge trash bags filled with my sons old baby clothes that ranged from infant to size 2T along with a breast pump, baby shoes, baby toys, baby blankets, all kinds of stuff. She wrote me a beautiful letter thanking me for the items with a picture of her baby boy.

  15. Thank you for the giveaway. I took my mother who I only see in person once every year or so to breakfast this past weekend and gave her some new blouses I had brought with me on my trip to see her.

  16. I watched my great-grandson while his mother and grandmother did some work on the house his mother was moving into.

  17. I am answering for my husband – he did a nice thing for me by making sure the children were on their best behavior all day and helped them with the breakfast in bed treat

  18. I helped my mom with her Woman-Owned Business Enterprise application. She is not very computer savvy, but I am.

  19. I took my mom to breakfast for mother’s day… but it was really my day too, because I’m a mom now too! My hubby treated me like a princess all day and I’d like to get him something (maybe a pair of Dockers) as a recompence for father’s day coming up.

  20. I tell my mom on a regular basis how much I appreciate her and try to send flowers a few times a year ‘just because’. Thanks.

  21. My husband and I sent some fancy Godiva chocolates to our very “un-fancy” moms. They deserved it! Thanks.

  22. Instead of flowers, I sent my mother a mixed fruit bouquet from Edible Arrangements with a side of chocolate dipping sauce (just in case)! :)

  23. I had an antique framed mothers day picture and verse from the 1910’s and a cookbook of gourmet preservers and gave them to my granddaughters to give their mom – my daughter for mothers day. I had planned on dropping them by myself and then thought how much better if the girls gave them to her told them they didn’t have to share where they came from! And they were enjoyed!!

  24. on facebook i left a message on your wall about something nice i did for mom i am tony l smoaks on facebook

  25. I had won a great prize of an Xtrema skillet; as I had just won both Farberware and le Creuset cookware, and I knew my mother really wanted the Xtrema skillet, I asked that the prize be sent to her address, and then told her that when she got something on her doorstep that was addressed to me, it was really for her!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  26. My mom had to move into a much smaller place and I went through all her stuff and held a garage sale so that she could move. We ended up making her 700 bucks from that one garage sale. I added 300 to it so that she could get a computer for her new place. She was in heaven. She had tons of room and a new computer!

  27. I bought my “new mom” friend some cute baby clothes for her baby and took her out to lunch on her birthday!

  28. We gave my mother-in-law presents for her day, but my husband and I also made her a great homemade dinner complete with her favorite dessert, which is Amaretto Chocolate CHeesecake.

  29. Thanks for the giveaway…for Mother’s Day we took Mom to her favorite restaurant for a leisurely Champagne Brunch !!!

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com


    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

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