Men’s Wearhouse Prom Giveaway – Win $100 Gift Card


My kids are too young for the prom, but dads and moms of teens should check out the tux rental section at the Men’s Wearhouse (Twitter | Facebook). I bought jackets and suits from the Men’s Wearhouse in the past, but I didn’t know they rented tuxes (for as low as $50). Thanks to the Men’s Wearhouse, I’m giving away a $100 gift card on my dad blog. The Men’s Wearhouse is also running a contest for a Camaro Coupe. Continue reading for more information about the Men’s Wearhouse and the $100 gift card giveaway.

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Men’s Wearhouse Prom Rep Campaign
This prom, students can join the Men’s Wearhouse Prom Rep campaign for a chance to win a free tux, $100 Visa Gift card, and a Camaro Coupe. The Men’s Wearhouse Prom Rep campaign offers deep discounts and free tuxes to teens who sign up to be a prom rep and recruit other students to rent their tuxes from Men’s Wearhouse. Reps who recruit ten friends to rent a tux from Men’s Wearhouse will receive a free tux rental (female prom reps who earn a free tux rental can give it to a friend or opt for a $100 Visa gift card). Visit the Men’s Wearhouse Prom section for more information about the program. While you are there, check out their nice selection of tuxes.

Men’s Wearhouse Prom Giveaway
Thanks to the Men’s Wearhouse, one lucky reader of my dad blog will win a $100 gift card. The deadline to enter is May 20th (Pacific time). The contest is limited to readers in the US. The winner will be randomly selected. To enter, visit Men’s Wearhouse and leave a comment on my dad blog about your favorite tux.

Bonus Entries (leave a separate comment for each entry)

  • Leave a comment about a fun prom memory or your dream prom date (ie: Angelina Jolie) on my Facebook fan page
  • Tweet about this giveaway, a fun prom memory, or about your dream prom date ONCE on Twitter and include @daddyforever and #giveaway in the tweet (include your Twitter URL or username for verification)

[Disclosure: The prize was provided by Men’s Wearhouse, but Men’s Wearhouse is not a sponsor or administrator of this giveaway on my dad blog. I did not receive a tux rental or any other compensation for writing this post or hosting the giveaway on my dad blog.]

Men's Wearhouse Prom Rep Campaign


164 thoughts on “Men’s Wearhouse Prom Giveaway – Win $100 Gift Card

  1. My son’s started the high school event season. This will be great to get him a suit…

    I like the Joseph & Feiss: Joseph & Feiss Gray Cutaway

  2. My favorite tux on the Men’s Wearhouse site is the Joseph & Feiss One-Button Notch Lapel tux.

    Thank you. :-)

  3. What a wonderful selection of tuxs. I really like the Joseph & Feiss tux. Thanks so much.

  4. My boyfriend bought two Jones New York suits at your store a few years ago. I have always loved Jones New York for women and was highly impressed with the quality and value of the suits we purchased. Great Job!

  5. I like the Calvin Klein Two-Button Super 100’s Notch Lapel.

    They have Nehru collars and Zoot Suits!!!!????

    susan56bft at gmail dot com

  6. I fun prom memory ws taking the staten island ferry and having breakfast in staten island.


  7. Although my husband (who I did go to our high school proms with a lifetime ago!) does most of his work and dress clothing shopping at Men’s Wearhouse, he would be loathe to wear a Tux these days.

    However, I think I could convince him to wear the “Ralph Lauren Stripe Three-Button Super 100s Notch Lapel” – and I think he would look very handsome in it!

  8. My dream date is my wife, but I didn’t know her in high school, I met her when I was 25. If only it was a while earlier.

  9. I think my Hubby would look super sexy in THIS TUX ’cause it looks like something James Bond would wear! Of course, its up to the groom as to what tux his groomsmen will be wearing, but that one gets my vote!

  10. Lets see… my dream date… I’d have to go with either Patrick Stewart or Bruce Campbell. I would have a million questions for each and they’d probably never want to see me again after, but thats fine because while each is incredible in their own right, nobody could possibly win me away from my hubby (just in case he reads this :) )

  11. I like the Wilke-Rodriguez tux.

    Is this the Dad Blog to post comment at since it says

    I’m confused on where you want the comment posted since you said post on Dad Blog.


  12. I love the look of the Calvin Klein Shadow Stripe Two-Button Super 100s Notch Lapel – it’s a clean and modern tux, which I like. Thanks!

  13. I visited Men’s Wearhouse and my fave tux is their Wilke-Rodriguez Two-Button Satin Edge Notch Lapel…

  14. My dream prom date would have been the young lady that I fell in love with while in high school,,,shame her family did not like me

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