Mommy Quits


The tween in training has been driving mommy crazy lately. Check out the note the little drama tween stuck on her door:

Please do not come in, mom. Ever!
Please do not come in, mom. Ever!

Funny how the nine-year old was upset with mommy, but still she used the word please to keep mommy out of her room. Like that’s going to help.

Below is mommy’s response:

Mommy quits
Mommy quits

I’m now a single dad of four. You might not ever hear from me again.


27 thoughts on “Mommy Quits

    1. I was wondering about everything in caps except “Please” too. Not sure why she wrote it that way.

      I’m not sure who won. They both are stubborn. VERY STUBBORN. I should know. I’m legally required to live with both of them.

  1. I never had any daughters so I guess I was spared this treat… but my sons did give me a run for the money !
    happy WW. I have been having a mystery plant guessing game on WW, and it continues this week.
    Faythe @GMT

  2. You’ve got to give her credit for being polite and for being decisive (that “EVER” sounds really final), haha. Your kids crack me up. Even when they’re mad, they’re absolutely cute!

    Regards to your wife, DaddyF!

  3. LOL ! My son did something similar it said ” Stop Mama” He’s 7. I kept putting his Legos away so I could vacuum his floor. He told me I lost my privileges to come in his room. I feel your pain. Happy WW!

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