The Crazy Things Dads Do


My kids hate it when Little Disney pulls out his feeding tube because they know I tend to do crazy dad things when that happens — like insist on taking photos of all the children together. For some strange reason, I like taking a photograph of the toddler when he doesn’t have something sticking out of his nose. I’m crazy that way. The kids better watch out because I might do something even crazier — like kiss and hug them. And if I mutate into a completely loony dad, I might even tell the kids something crazy like I love them.

Easter photo of the children (ages nine, six, four, one)

On another note, the allergist conducted a second wheat allergy test and concluded Little Disney can eat wheat. The first test was a radioallergosorbent test (RAST test) and it indicated he’s mildly allergic to wheat. In the second test, the food allergist had my wife feed cream of wheat to Little Disney. We observed and monitored the toddler for several days and he didn’t seem to have any negative reaction to wheat. Yay! Next month, he’s going to get retested for his soy allergy.


27 thoughts on “The Crazy Things Dads Do

  1. Glad to hear that the wheat allergy is no more. Here’s to no more allergies, especially to dairy products.

    If the worse thing we can do to our kids is tell them we love them and smother them with hugs and kisses, then I’m the worst parent around. :)

    1. The allergies to seafood and peanuts aren’t so bad, but being allergic to dairy, eggs, and soy makes life difficult. According to the RAST test, he’s highly allergic to dairy and eggs so the doctor will probably wait another year to retest him for dairy and eggs. Hopefully, he’s not to allergic to soy because diary-free and soy-free items are hard to find and a lot more expensive.

  2. They are all so precious, love those smiles on their faces. Little Disney looks as though hes putting on weight with those chubby little cheeks. Let’s hope the worst is behind him. Yeah for cream of wheat.
    My lil’ granddaughter ate everything in site for a while but has suddenly gotten very picky and fussy, guessing that she is teething and miserable because she still only has two. Cream of wheat might just be the ticket for her two.

  3. Ooh, congrats on the wheat allergy findings! He’s looking quite well-nourished now… is he gaining weight? Any idea how much longer ’til the feeding tube can really come out for good (as opposed to him just pulling it out)? Your kids are so cute!

    1. He’s gaining weight, but the doctor don’t want to remove the tube until he’s at least 50th perentile. He’s between 25-30th right now. The tricky part is getting him to more than a few bites each day. Otherwise, we’ll just end up back to the feeding tube.

      1. I can’t even fathom how you encourage him to eat when he won’t. But if he keeps pulling the tube out, it sounds like something you’re going to have to resolve soon. Good luck.

        1. We have to take the little one to a therapist each week to work on his eating. Can you believe it, he’s only one and already has a therapist. Doesn’t seem to be working. The toddler still spits out most of the food we manage to get in his mouth.

          1. I wonder if he can’t taste it properly… or it’s a textural issue? How would you even assess those things at his age? I hope it gets better, though! Poor little guy. I’m glad you guys are his parents. It sounds like he’s getting all the support he needs.

  4. Lovely picture- they didn’t seem too put out that Daddy had to make them sit still for a picture. Their faces are beaming!

    One allergy down, others to follow (crossing our fingers); I pray and hope only the best for Little Disney.

    Have a great week!

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