The Little Easter Bunny


The little Easter bunny and a spring flower
Easter bunny and flower - girl (four) and boy (one)

I’m an adorable little flower
my one year old son - a spring flower

I don’t want to be a rabbit!
Easter rabbit - one year old boy


28 thoughts on “The Little Easter Bunny

  1. BUnny ears suck! But purple flowers are oh, so lovely! Ladeedah!

    Happy Easter to your lovely family, DaddyF. Blessings for all of you, and virtual hugs to the baby!

    1. You can say he’s cute when he cries because you don’t live here. He’s not so cute when he keeps crying at night. Lately, he’s been waking up every hour and cries and cries and cries.

  2. They make an adorable bunny an flower. My granddaughter got some bunny ears just like those for her birthday. Her mom managed to get a couple of pictures before she yanked them off :)

  3. so cute! I would love to have that cute little pair come visit!
    maybe the bunny ears were to tight on his head, or he was just ‘done’ with modeling!
    Happy WW! I have colorful spring up this week.

  4. Your little guys look so cute…We are doing Easter in installments this year, We wanted to have an egg hunt with our little kids and our grand kids, and Easter weekend is pretty full up, so we are doing it the next weekend instead…

    Hope little Disney is feeling well….

    1. I started the Facebook page about four months ago, but have not updated the regular the regular page in a couple of months. My bad. At least the fan page is on auto pilot.

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