Life is One Big Blur


I know other dads and moms have said this many time, but life is one big blur. It seems like the school year just started and now it’s already spring break. In less than three months, the school year will be over and my oldest girl will turn into a drama tween. And in less than six months, my youngest daughter will turn five, start kindergarten, and accidentally blow up the school.

When I was a geeky kid, the school year crawled along at impulse power. Now that I’m a dad, life zooms along at warp speed. Anyone out there know how to slow down the daddy ship without blowing up the warp engines?

My Little Princess morphing into a drama tween — please wish me luck
my daughter the big blur

In the Fall, the Little Monkey will be tormenting other kids on this playground
my daughter (age four) at the playground


22 thoughts on “Life is One Big Blur

  1. Life is rushing by me, too! It seems like just yesterday Roo was in his little baby carrier and Teenager wans’t a teenager. He still wanted me around. Now he’s all cool and everything. I wish I had answers for you, but I don’t!

  2. I hope your girl is a nice tween!
    Mine were, till they got to about 16… then it was hell!
    Only 1 girl to go now… and one boy…. *sigh*

    I am not going to tell you any more about teenagers, or you might just want to leave home right now.

  3. Oh that capture is classic, I love it and you are so right, time is swooshing by! Don’t worry teen in just a phase and before you know it you will have warped ahead to grandfather hehe

  4. Cool effect with the photo! It truly represents what you’re writing about. My grandmother says that after 18, life starts to run past you. I have to agree. If there is a way to slow things down, I haven’t found it yet.

  5. As a dad of 3 sons and 1 daughter (my oldest son died when 40), I know excactly what you are talking about.
    The time when they are babies until they are grown up passes very fast.
    And in this Globalisation we see nowadays:
    Two of the 3 left of my kids are now living in other Countries, even one in anorther Continent.
    So my advice: Be your kids best friends.
    From babies to grown up persons.


  6. I haven’t any suggestions for slowing down time. The speed leaves me dizzy these days.

    I hear a lot of different stories about the tween years, Didn’t have that many problems with my daughter. ‘Course that was 30 years ago, so perhaps my memory has dimmed! LOL

    Loved the photo. Very creative.

  7. Wait till she zooms past tween into teen- that’s full warp speed for parents. I can’t seem to catch up with my boys anymore. I always thought having daughters would be a lot easier, but now that I’ve seen Little Princess morphing, maybe not. Good luck, daddy forever; you’re going to need it!

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