St. Patrick’s Day 2010


Dads and moms, don’t forget to dress your little ones in green on St. Patrick’s Day. You don’t want anyone pinching your kids, do you? Wait, maybe you shouldn’t answer that question. After all, dads and moms do have the right to not incriminate themselves. Have a fun Saint Patrick’s Day everyone!

The two little ones in a playful St. Paddy’s Day moment
Saint Patrick's Day - my son (age one) and girl (age four)

Little Disney is trying to figure out what the green thing is while
Little Monkey is waiting to be recused her from her pesky, little brother
St. Patrick's Day hat - my son (age one) and girl (age four)

Note: blue and not green was the color originally associated with St. Patrick.


28 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day 2010

  1. As a little girl, I remember getting kisses from the boys on the playground for not wearing green. Imagine my disappointment when we moved to a new city and I only got pinches. :P

    Love the green antennae head bands. :)


  2. St Patrick’s day is over for us. Little Guy wore his new green shorts, but just because they were new, I’d not heard of the green/pinching thing! Your kids look adorable, I bet they couldn’t help but wobble their heads around!

  3. Too cute! I could not believe that my little girl has NO long-sleeved green shirts! We pulled one out from last summer and tossed a long sleeved white one underneath. Silly holiday – but lots of fun!

  4. The kids may not love it, but we sure do!

    My granddaughter made another leprechaun trap last night. She learned about them 4 years ago and has made one each year since. The object is to trap a leprechaun. She puts a lot of thought into her trap, but has not caught one yet. But there are signs that he has been lured and he usually spills a bunch of green candy in his attempt to escape. I’d never heard of this tradition, but kids love it.

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