Dairy Free, Egg Free Birthday Cake


The Little Monkey and I baked Little Disney a birthday cake on Saturday (his birthday was last Wednesday, but he was sick and didn’t stop vomiting until Saturday). Because my son is allergic to eggs and dairy, we used Duncan Hines cake mix and frosting. Unlike Betty Crocker, some of the Duncan Hines cake mixes and frosting do not contain milk. In place of eggs, we used Ener-G Egg Replacer (free of gluten, wheat, casein, dairy, egg, yeast, soy, nut, low protein, rice). I bought the Ener-G Egg Replacer at Whole Foods, but you also order it from Amazon if you can’t find it. BTW, everyone carry Betty Crocker cake mixes and frosting, but only a handful of stores carry Duncan Hines cake mixes and frosting. And when the stores do stock them, they only carry a few flavors (why do they stock lemon cake mix, but not lemon frosting?).

Dairy Free, Egg Free Birthday Cake - Duncan Hines and Ener-G Egg Replacer

After baking the cake and enduring my wife’s laughter, Little Disney showed his appreciation by dumping his slice of cake on the table. He didn’t even try take a bite. Turned out to be a good move on his part because we just found out he’s also allergic to soy and wheat (the Duncan Hines cake mix and frosting contain wheat and soybean oil). More bad news, but it could be worst. At least Little Disney is not allergic to water like Elphaba (anyone read Wicked?).

first bithday cake - dairy free and egg free


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  1. Happy birthday Disney! You are giving your parents a run for their money! What a pretty cake Monkey made for you.
    I had no idea about Duncan Hines cake mixes, but it’s a good thing he didn’t eat it. How did you find out about his allergy to wheat and soy?

    1. The doctor ordered another set of tests last week to see if he was still allergic to milk and eggs. He is. That’s when they discovered he was also allergic to soy and wheat. He has another wheat test later this week to determine how allergic he is to wheat. Hopefully it’s minor, but I’m not sure if that means he can still eat wheat or not.

  2. Poor baby he just keeps having troubles. It’s so hard to have little ones hurting :(
    I have a great eggless cake, If I were home I’d write the recipe for you. When my daughter baked it the first time and began to frost it and found it wasn’t quite done in the center put it pack in the oven and it continued to rise. Previously all may eggless cakes came out like donuts. It’s called wacky cake and can be made in the microwave although we haven’t baked it that way.
    It uses soda and vinegar to rise and is delicious.
    you could substitute oat or rice flour for wheat if you need to.
    Next time I’m home I’ll send it to you via facebook.

  3. The poor, precious One. Those allergies are life-consuming. He’s lucky to have you in his corner, working all the angles to figure out what’s safe to eat and what he should avoid.

    For a little escape from the ordinary, come visit…

    My WW is here. Ice sculptures like you’ve never seen before… the World Ice Art Championships, 2010… all the way from Fairbanks, Alaska.

  4. Oh my .. get her an agent, she needs to be the next spokesperson for Duncan Hines!! Sorry to hear the birthday was rough, though. I love that she helped make it for her brother. Too sweet.

  5. Looks as if you have a budding baker. It is rather strange to have the lemon mix without the frosting, but it’s pretty easy to make from scratch. Or just add some lemon juice to white frosting.

    Hope Disney stays well now and that no more allergies pop up. Doesn’t sound like there could be too many more.

    1. Based on his recent tests, he’s no longer allergic to tomatoes. Too bad he didn’t outgrow his allergy to milk and eggs. Those are the big ones that makes it hard to fattening him up. With the other kids, we use to add butter to their food.

  6. We’re just egg allergy here (DS is 5-1/2), but my daughter’s friend was allergic to eggs, milk, wheat, soy, nuts, plus a few extras outside the common ones, so there are others in your situation. The good news is that she passed her soy challenge around age 3, and they’ve recently introduced wheat as well (3-1/2). I know her mom swears by Cherry Brook Farms baking mixes if you can find them. I just googled for the heck of it and found a recipe for gluten-free wacky cake, because my from scratch recipe is a wacky cake too. My daughter had trouble with dairy as an infant, so I did a lot of milk and egg free baking for awhile.
    Here’s the link to the gluten-free wacky cake: http://www.kidswithfoodallergies.org/featured_recipe5.php

    For the most part, my friend’s daughter just ate a lot of fruit, veggies, and simply prepared meat (loves Vienna Sausages, which I guess were one of the few readily portable foods that was safe). She also stayed on Nutramigen until she was two. The mom also went to a nutritionist to help work out a dietary plan.

    With respect to testing, are they saying this just based on RAST blood work? When my son’s RAST showed egg when he was 1, it also showed wheat as a class V. He had eaten wheat breads, etc., plenty of times without an issue, so the allergist said it was a fluke and skipped it. Hopefully the second test shows little or no reaction!

    1. So far all the allergy tests have been RAST tests. This Friday, now that he’s one, they are going to feed him various food items and monitor his reaction.

      Thanks for the info on the wacky cake. Another person mentioned the wacky cake too, but I thought he made up the name, wacky cake.

  7. Hi there!! Well, I stumbled across your website tonight as I look for a place to purchase a milk free decorated cake for my daughter’s 8th birthday. Quick backstory….when she was born she was diagnosed with a severe milk allergy. Then after a few doctor changes we found an awesome allergist who also found an egg allergy. Long story short, she is now 8 ( well, in a week)and has completely grown out of the egg allergy and went from a 5+ to a 1 on the allergy scale on milk!!! SO, there is hope out there guys!!!!!!!! These kids can eat at restaurants, you just have to be firm and very nosy!! And you will lose the Epi-Pen!! LOL!!
    Happy Birthday ALL!!!

    GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR BLOOD/SKIN TESTS!!!! I know we’ve been thru ’em all!


  8. Oh, and I was looking for a decorated cake because my vegan recipe just doesnt cut it anymore since she “lost” her egg allergy. Plus she’s 8 you know!!! HA!!!

  9. I hope you can make it to our food allergy walk on August 28 at Kenilworth Park in Porltand! foodallergywalk.org

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