How to See Attractions for Free

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Previously, I shared a tip about how dads and moms can get into popular attractions for free or at a discount. Today, I have another tip for seeing local attractions for free. And with spring break just around the corner for many dads and moms, this money saving tip will come in handy. Read on to find out how.

Lan Su Chinese Garden

Here’s my frugal tip: Many libraries have cultural passes moms and dads can check out for free. For instance, our county library have free passes for several attractions in the greater Portland area:

  • Portland Children’s Museum
    The Children’s Museum provides children with the hands-on tools for exploration, artistic self-expression and development of their imagination
  • Portland Art Museum
    The Portland Art Museum hosts a diverse collection of art from contemporary to European masters
  • Lan Su Chinese Garden
    Lan Su has been called the most exquisite, authentic Suzhou-style garden ever built outside China
  • Portland Japanese Garden
    A haven of tranquil beauty which has been proclaimed one of the most authentic Japanese gardens outside Japan
  • Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals
    The Museum collection includes a variety of crystallized mineral species, world class specimens of common quartz and gypsum, colorful copper minerals, and one of the two finest red rhodochrosite specimens in the world
  • Washington County Museum
    Learn about life in the county — from the Atfalati Indians, through the pioneer settlements of the 1800’s to today’s population growth and the influx of high tech
  • Pittock Mansion
    A visit to this 16,000 square foot chateaueseque mansion will bring you back to the romantic charm of a vanished era
  • A.C. Gilbert’s Discovery Village
    This hands-on, interactive museum is designed to spark children’s curiosity

The cultural pass is free, but there are catches. For instance, the rules for the free pass at our county library are:

  • Each cultural pass is available for a one-day check-out
  • Passes should be reserved in advance
  • Borrowers must be 18 years of age or older
  • Patrons must pick-up and return the pass to the same library
  • Each pass provides free admission to the destination (restrictions may apply)
  • Use of the passes is intended to serve as an introduction to each destination
  • The passes are not intended for repeated use by the same individual or family
  • Library patrons are encouraged to purchase personal memberships to cultural destinations if they are interested in frequent use

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