Baby Turns One


Little Disney turns one on Wednesday (March 3rd). He had a rough first year [H1N1; seizures; food allergies: milk, eggs, peanuts, tomatoes, and shrimp; Failure To Thrive (FTT) Syndrome; severe eczema (his skin is rough like a lizard and he scratches himself bloody); and acid reflux]. Hopefully his second year will be much better.

On the positive side, Little Disney started walking a month ago. And thanks to the feeding tube, he’s now in the 25th percentile (weight). Unfortunately, he still doesn’t eat and the doctor won’t take him off the IV until he’s in the 50th percentile (will probably take another year – ugggh).

Happy Birthday, Little Disney! Daddy and mommy loves you very much.

This is how I sit
toddler (age one) sitting

This is how I stand
toddler (age one) standing

And this is how I poop
toddler (age one) squatting


39 thoughts on “Baby Turns One

  1. Little Disney, you are cute as can be and as stubborn as a mule. You have to be to have survived all you’ve endured this year. Happy 1st Birthday. I hope your second year is much easier, for your sake and the sake of your family!

  2. Happy Birthday Baby Disney Whoo Hoo One year old !!! Looks like he’s practicing to be a Sumo :) with that stance. amazing how quickly they develop and go from baby steps to tearing around the house LOL My Granddaughter went from taking a few hesitant steps early this morning to running all over the house by the time she went to bed this evening.Cant imagine what she’ll be up to tomorrow, wanting to ride a bike maybe LOL


    Walking early is a very good sign…you are a determined little fellow, tell Mommy and Daddy not to worry, you are going to be A-OK!

    My daughter had a feeding tube for a few months last year (she has Crohn’s Disease)….we decorated it with colorful embroidery floss when she went back to school (she’s in middle school) and caught it into her pony tail so it looked like a hair accessory. (except for the tape on her face).

  4. Happy Birthday Little Disney! May this year bring you lots of munchy times and a fun time walking. For mom and dad, I hope to read very soon that he’s hit that 50% and can eat on his own.

  5. Zhu Little Disney Si Dit K’uay Lok! There are a lot of Birthday Celebrants in WW this week.

    Wishing for Little Disney’s fast recovery. Thanks!

  6. he is so darn cute! happy birthday to your little man who is growing in the right direction! hope this next year he just continues to sprout by leaps and bounds…

  7. Happy Birthday, Little Disney!

    He looks healthy to me. My first son was always below the 50th percentile..around 30th – 35th in his weight and now at 31, he’s 6’5″ tall and probably still below the 50th percentile! He’s just a skinny, but healthy guy.

  8. He’s got a little sumo pose going on there in the last one. Maybe this portends him surpassing that 50th percentile mark! Well, happy birthday to him, and I too hope with you that he’ll have a healthier second year.

    Oh, and my 5 year old is in the 25th percentile for weight also. He was in the 5th percentile until he was 2. The doctors told us it’s because he just got his mother’s genes (she’s mexican and her family is really tiny) and he doesn’t fit well on American growth charts which aren’t designed for a whole globe of differing norms.

    1. We said the same thing last year. We’re Asians and all our kids are skinny. But the doctor said it’s different with baby because he doesn’t eat and he wasn’t getting any taller. If we didn’t do anything about it, the doctor said baby’s brain will stop growing next and he’ll have development problems.

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