Marvel Super Hero Squad Video Game Review


Super Hero SquadThe kids and I have been playing the Marvel Super Hero Squad video game (by THQ) for over two months now (bought it over the Christmas holidays). As some of you know, my kids are into superheroes (just like super dad). And because my super kids love super heroes, they think Super Hero Squad is super awesome. If your kids are into superheroes and you’re looking for a gift idea, my kids recommend Super Hero Squad. The video game is fun for geek dads and moms too (I can vouch for that).

Video Gaming Console Platform
Sony PSP, PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS, and Wii

Game Rating
Everyone 10+

List Price
The list price is $19.99 for the Sony PSP, PlayStation 2, and Nintendo DS. The list price is $29.99 for the Wii.

my kids playing Wii Marvel Super Hero

What is Super Hero Squad about?
Duh. The game is about a squad of Marvel Super Hero and their villain counterpart. There are a bunch of Marvel characters in the game (Wolverine, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Silver Surfer, Falcon, Captain America, Ms. Marvel, Wolverine, Invisible Woman, Nightcrawler, Spiderman, Storm, Thing, Dr. Doom, Juggernaut, Abomination, Crimson Dynamo, Mole Man, Sabretooth). There are two modes: Battle and Adventure. In Battle mode, you go head-to-head with another player and fight as your favorite superhero or villain. Up to four people can play in Battle mode. In Adventure mode, you and the rest of the Marvel Super Hero Squad must stop Doctor Doom from collecting fractals to create the Infinity Sword. Up to two players can play in Adventure mode.

Marvel Super Hero Squad video game by THQ

Will your kids like Super Hero Squad?
If your kids like superheroes, they will probably like the Super Hero Squad game. Battle mode is great for little kids (and geek dads and moms). The Little Monkey (age 4) and Spiderboy (age 6) had no problem figuring out how to battle each other in Battle mode. My little girl actually defeats her big brother consistently. Adventure mode is more suited for older kids. The Little Princess (age 9) can complete the superhero adventures, but the Little Monkey and Spiderboy have problems figuring out what to do to finish their adventure. My kids are not gamers [including Wii Sports (bundled with the Wii console), we only have five games]. My guess is that hard-core gamers probably won’t like this game. It’s kinda of cartoony.

What I don’t like about Super Hero Squad
Because I am a dad, I’m not too fond of a video game that involves punching and kicking. If your kids are the type that goes around hitting other people, this is probably not a good game for them. Luckily for me, my kids don’t hit each other or other people (knock on wood) and the game has not changed that. They laugh when they pummel each other in the game, but they don’t actually smack each other in real life (thank goodness).


10 thoughts on “Marvel Super Hero Squad Video Game Review

  1. I think you pretty much summed it up well. I’m sure my boys would enjoy it; they like superheroes too. And they’re totally into make believe games where they’re either some superhero or Naruto or Obi Wan Kenobi or something. Yeah, they even pretend they’re Master Chief from Halo when they shoot me with their Nerf guns (that get’s old quick). :-)

  2. I was planning to buy this game for my nephew last Christmas but I had second thoughts buying it. Guess I should bring my nephew and ask the store for trial play. Nephew is into adventure games and I am not sure he’ll like this game since all heroes were altered to look cutesy and all smiling :-)

    I saw the Super Hero Squad version of Galactus and the Sentinal…it was a bit weird (and funny) to see this villains smiling in a very care bears fashion :-)

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