Her Batman Dollhouse


The outlaws gave my kids some goodluck money (red envelopes) for Chinese New Year. Take a look at the dollhouse my daughter bought with her money.

my daughter playing with the Fisher-Price Super Friends Batcave

It’s a Fisher-Price Super Friends Batcave. And no, this dad wasn’t there to help her pick out the Batman playset. My wife tried to encourage the Little Monkey to pick a less expensive Kai-lan or Dora girly toy, but my little girl refused.

BTW, my little girl did not get her fondness for superheroes from dad. She got it from big brother (guilty — he got it from me). Sometimes the Little Monkey plays in her big brother’s room for hours while he’s at school. I wonder what her playdates will be like when she starts kindergarten next fall.

my son and daughterplaying with the Batman doll house


33 thoughts on “Her Batman Dollhouse

  1. That is very, very cool. I like the little ropes and bridges and windows. :)

    Hey! Have given you some blog awards at my place and you should pick them up. Sorry, but most blog awards look a little girlie… these aren’t too bad.

  2. Children seems to know what they want at a young age. As an adult, I envy that clarity. My daughter wanted a Tonka dump truck for her 3rd birthday. That’s close to 40 years ago and my family couldn’t believe that I got it for her. I’m happy I did, since she enjoyed it for years, hauling everything from rocks to blocks to barbie dolls in it.

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  3. She has excellent taste! My husband and I have a Batman bathroom – and we don’t even have any kids…

    When I was her age, my dad bought me a Crusader’s castle set – and I adored it. I’m sure my mom thought he’d secretly bought it for himself, but I think my dad had figured me out by then.

  4. That is awesome! Kiddo has impeccable fashion sense and excellent taste in all things dollhouse.

    Today’s WW is designed to make you laugh even if you don’t feel like laughing! Come visit, you’ll be glad you did.

  5. Can we all say together, “Awesomest doll house in the Universe!” I might have actually liked my twin sister if she had considered something like that a doll house when we were growing up.

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