Single Asian Baby Boy Seeking Soulmate


Talk about awkward. Whenever people see our baby with a feeding tube, they do a double take and then quickly look away. You can tell they want to say something like, “Hey, did you know there’s a tube sticking out of your baby’s nose?

Thank goodness they feel too uncomfortable to ask. Otherwise my response would have been, “How did that happen? He didn’t have anything stuck up his nose a second ago.

Or “Yeah, we know. Baby lost a bet and now he has to live with the consequence.

Maybe I should play the Asian card, “It’s our custom. This is how we let people know our baby is seeking a soulmate.

Mommy calls me yum-yum because I’m so yummy,
but daddy calls me dum-dum because I don’t eat enough to sustain myself
baby with a feeding tube


39 thoughts on “Single Asian Baby Boy Seeking Soulmate

  1. Look at those chubby cheeks! Looks like the feeding tube is packing on the I’d like to pounds I’m sure it’s just ounces. My daughter and I are looking through his history and found a weight chart. My granddaughter is just 9 1/2 months, 28″ and only 16.5 pounds so 80 percentile in height but only 7 percentile in weight so Mr. chubby cheeks looks pretty good to us :)
    I didn’t realize he had all the allergies, I can see why he’d be hard to feed. But looks like he’s gaining so YEAH!!!! I’m really thrilled to see his update. missed it last week. but since I haven’t seen his picture for two weeks can definitely see the change. Go baby Disney!!!

    1. The doctor is concerned because baby is barely growing in length too. He wants to take care of the problem before baby’s head stop growing too. That would be really, really bad. Weight wise, he’s about the same precentile as our oldest child at the same age.

  2. i know what you mean about Asian card. your sense of humor touch my heart i can say wow what a strong parents ! i feel what you feel,i leave you a word of inspiration that soulmate exist only in :
    1.)Positiveness =Positive thinking no matter what consequences are.
    2.)Pervent Prayer = Prayer is a power, if you believe in faith.

    Adorable baby yum . –(( 0 + 0 ))–

  3. I am glad to read that he put on a pound last month. He looks so much better than he did in the Fattening Baby with Beer post. I will keep my fingers crossed that he plumps up quickly and you get your earlier wish of having the tube out by his 1st birthday.

    My daughter will be 1 next week, she seems interested in older guys right now but I might be able to persuade her to entertain the idea of a younger guy!

    I like the Asian response, I might have to use it.

  4. He’s looking so much chubbier now! I bet you’d just love to have someone ask about the feeding tube so you can practise all your witty come backs on them! lol

  5. My answers would’ve been smart too….something stupid like “yeah, he kept getting ear infections so we had to get him the tubes. but it’s really fixed his hearing real good.” hehe

    He definitely is a cutie. At least he doesn’t realize people are looking at him. I know people look at my insulin pump tubing coming out of my waist.

  6. He sure looks healthy and beautiful. Glad all is working well.

    I am late, (really late) with WW rounds this week, but mine is up now with a photo fit for this cold crisp winter we have been having.

    Happy WW and week!

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