2011 Kia Sorento – Dad Blog Giveaway


Today is the first day of the Things We Won’t Give Up Giveaway on this dad blog. There are four prizes in the giveaway (with a value of over $200). One lucky dad or mom will win them all. Below are the prizes for this contest:

  • $50 Starbucks gift card
  • Six-month Netflix subscription (1 DVD out at-a-time plan – $53.94 value)
  • $50 Chili’s gift card
  • $50 Best Buy gift card

2011 Kia Sorento - white sand beige

The sponsor of this giveaway is the 2011 Kia Sorento. The all-new 2011 Kia Sorento is a crossover based on car parts instead of a truck frame. Unlike earlier models, the 2011 model comes in a choice of four- and six-cylinder engines. The new model can also seat up to seven passengers with the third row seating package. The EPA is 21/29 mpg for the four-cylinder models and 20/26 mpg for the EX V6. The base model starts at $20,000 and EX V6 4×4 is priced at $29,000. The American-built 2011 Sorento is manufactured at the new Kia Motors manufacturing facility in West Point, GA. You can see a YouTube video of the 2011 Kia Sorento in my previous post.

To enter the giveaway on this dad blog, go to the Kia Sorento site and leave a comment here telling me what you like best about the new Sorento. The contest ends December 31, 2009 (Pacific time). Sorry this giveaway is limited to the US.

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BTW, Kia is running a larger sweepstakes on their Facebook page. They are giving away an outdoor adventure or entertainment system (winner’s choice).

[Disclosure: I received a new 2011 Kia Sorento for writing about the 2011 Kia Sorento.]

[Disclosure 2: Actually, the car wasn’t new. It had 20 miles on it.]

[Disclosure 3: Just kidding. I did not received a 2011 Kia Sorento or any other compensation.]

[Disclosure 4: I’ll probably take a week off from the blogosphere.]


967 thoughts on “2011 Kia Sorento – Dad Blog Giveaway

  1. The rear-view backup camera on almost the lowest model is a bonus for me. I don’t like backing up larger vehicles. I always feel like I’m going to hit something.

  2. I have always wondered what it was like to have a rear view camera in a car. Maybe I would not mind street parking so much.

  3. Oh, and I’m currently following you on Facebook, Twitter and email.
    Love your family Christmas picture – Have a wonderful Merry Christmas!

  4. Wow…that’s a pretty car! I like the steering-wheel-mounted audio/cruise/Bluetooth wireless technology controls.

  5. my favorite option is the 50/50 third row split folding seats, makes it so much easier to fold down part of the seat, keep one up for an extra passenger, also the Front Seat Side Airbags.

  6. I like that it starts for under 20 grand. I also like that you can get the panoramic sunroof on the V6 model.

  7. I like all of the safety features that are standard equipment even on the base models. And the car just plain looks cool!

  8. I love this car. One of the features I like best is that it has Side Curtain Airbags in the 1st and 2nd rows! happy holidays.

  9. I like that is has an advanced air bag system with side curtain airbags. Most cars just have the ones in front only.

  10. There’s lots to like, The multitude of airbags is a plus, the AM/FM/CD/MP3/Sirius Audio is great, and the auxillary and
    USB audio input jacks is also a bonus.

  11. I love the Limited Package with Premuim Package and Rear Entertainment System with it’s heated seats and of course a rear entertainment system for the kids. Looks perfect.

  12. I absolutely love their new plant. And I love that it’s made in America. I’m sure it would have a nice ride, not being built on a truck frame. And, of course, better gas mileage is always a plus. It looks like a very nice and comfortable vehicle. :D

  13. Thank you so much for offering this great giveaway.
    This Kia Sorento looks really great. What I like most is the Dual Front Advanced Airbags and the Side Curtain Airbags.
    Thanks so much.

  14. It’s not only a beautiful vehicle, it has several great safety features like ABS, traction control, 3 pt. seat belts…

  15. I like the option for 3rd row seating. Kia’s are very affordable and practical prob what we will get for our next vehicle.

  16. Wow! What a sleek-looking car! I’m loving the glass roof! Perfect for here in sunny Southern California! :)

  17. It has so many modern, up-to-date technology features! But one of the things I really like is simply back seat A/C!

  18. I can’t pick the feature I like the best! I love the sun roof for the rear people. Looks like great room for all passengers. Slick look inside and out! Safety features! Beautiful car!!

  19. I love the 7 passenger seating! It is hard to find great looking cars that can fit me, my husband and our 4 kids ages 8, 7, 4, & 2 comfortably.

    Thank you so much for the chance to win

    Happy Holidays

    Good luck everyone!!

  20. I love that it has the side curtain airbags in two rows, and not just in the front. Makes me feel more at ease as a parent!

  21. My favorite feature is all of the airbags including side airbags which aren’t even found in a lot of vehicles that are out there. Thanks!

  22. i have a 2010 kia forte, before that a 2006 kia spectra. let me tell you the airbags in these kia vehicles are amazing. i got my spectra smashed in the side and the airbags came out of everywhere! it felt like slow motion! the best crash i was ever in! well what i mean is the next day i had no pain. wow i recommend this line of vehicles to everyone!

  23. I like that it is available with a six-cylinder engine. I am currently driving my first four-cylinder and I will not buy another one!

  24. I got to sit in a one at a car show recently, loved the comfort of the seats and the intuitive controls

  25. I like that the 2011 Kia Sorento has a third row of seating!

    My family has a 2010 Kia Sorento and wants to trade it in for a 2011!

  26. I would love to have this car, I guess I will have to settle on a chance for some gift cards :) just kidding I would LOVE to win

  27. Thank you for the giveaway. I like the new design and how much room there is for passengers. This vehicle looks (sounds) as if it is equipped with many wonderful features!

  28. Wow! It’s loaded with *standard* stuff I love! Like the audio system with SIRIUS! and BLUETOOTH! Cars have really come a long way… or is it just the Kia Sorento? Love it!

  29. I love the lights on the side mirrors – directional signals; I love the fact that it can seat six or you can use the back area for storage – this would be great for car pools, and I also love that the armrest box is big enough to store a laptop – cool!

    I would love to own this car! Thanks for the contest. The prizes look awesome!

  30. I like all the safety features like the side impact door beams, downhill brake control, electronic stability control, etc.

  31. I love the sleek design of the car and that fact that it has third row seating and it is spacious inside. Perfect for a family! Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  32. I love the auxiliary and USB audio input jacks – that’s something our current vehicle doesn’t have, and we really wish it did.

  33. I like that it is Made in AMERICA. I love AMERICAN workers.
    Fan on Face Book Cappoman is my username

  34. I definitely love the split third row seats – very important!

    Great contest – thanks for hosting and happy holidays!

  35. I like the Electronic Stability Control. My husband said he would not buy a car that did not have it. That’s how important it is.

  36. Wow…that’s a pretty car! I like the steering-wheel-mounted audio/cruise/Bluetooth wireless technology controls

  37. I like that the 2011 Kia Sorento has dual front advanced and side curtain airbags because safety always comes first when I look for a new vehicle. The exterior also looks great and has the option of a panoramic sunroof which I would definitely get.

  38. Kia Sarento has room for my family (7 occupants)/ 7 seats, however, sidecurtains help protect occupations in the front & second rows. Hmmm

  39. I attempted to twitter but this appeared, “server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems”.

  40. I like the fact that you can choose between a 4- and 6-cylinder model which gives you more of a choice regarding fuel economy.

  41. I like that they have a plant in the US. Put the Americans to work. I can’t believe people who whine about saving a tree but buy a car made in another country.

  42. I like the extra room it now has….my boys are getting bigger and need much more leg room than our Jeep Cherokee has in the back seat. Thanks for the giveaway.

  43. The rear view camera is something that is a must in my next vehicle. I would feel so much more comfortable with that.

  44. The thing I like best about the Kia Sorento is that it is made right here in the good old USA. That means a LOT to many, many people, and I’m one of them.

  45. My favorite feature of the newly redesigned are the :
    Steering Wheel Mounted Bluetooth Wireless Technology Controls
    and the
    Available Dual Zone Automatic Temperature Control with ionized Air Filtration.

    Thank you so much for the chance to win.


  46. I like the safety features: dual front, seat-mounted side and side curtain airbags all make me feel safer as I’m driving with my kids.

  47. I like that it’s reasonably priced. it has some pretty cool features as well, the side curtain airbags for one.

  48. It’s nice to know that you CAN seat 6 in the new model of Kia Sorrento. That’s good, because I NEED to have room for that many people, a lot of the time.
    Great Car! Great Prize! Thank you!

  49. I really like all the safety features on the new Kia Sorento. Safety of my family is my number one priority when buying a car.

  50. The rear-view backup camera would make me very happy. Our complex has dozens of kids that all play in the parking lot. I always hate backing up for fear of hitting one of them. Thanks!
    hondaray6 at hotmail dot com

  51. Since we drive a much smaller car right now, I appreciate the cargo volume of Kia Sorento. Love the dark cherry color as well.

  52. I think the rear view camera is incredibly useful, and the bluetooth features will appeal to younger, technologically savvy customers.

  53. I love Kia, we have 2 Kia’s now and love them so much and I think what i like about the Sorento is a very good safety rating besides the cool features and accessories, the DVD player is awesome and the backup camera is great to have, thanks for the great giveaway

  54. I like the Rear Back up Camera…I hate the idea of backing up cars..so afraid I’m going to back up over something…garbage cans most likely knowing me.

  55. I like the Side Curtain Airbags and the AM/FM/CD/MP3/Sirius Audio system. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  56. I like the mileage – you can get 26 mpg! I have a Kia Sportage that I love but will look into this model when it comes time to buy a new one.

  57. I like the Kia Sorento because of all it’s safety features. If I needed to buy a car right now, it would BE the Kia Sorento.

  58. The up-to-date styling is really my favorite – The Kia line has certainly come a long way from the dumpy look to the stylish

  59. The third row of seats would be great, I’d love to be able to separate my kids more in the car, especially on long car rides when picking on each other seems to be their main amusement.

  60. My favorite feature is the heated seats. We test drove the Sorrento and were very impressed. It has all the feel of a luxury SUV without the price. Our dealer only had the 2010, but we will buy as soon as the get the 2011 in.

  61. Having once been involved in an accident ourselves, we really like all of the exterior and interior safety features of the 2011 Kia Sorento!

  62. I love the third row seating option (a must with 3 kids and 2 dogs!), and I also love all of the safety features!

  63. I like that it has a third row folding seat so it is actually a 7 seater.
    (By the way I like your disclosure. For a second there I thought they gave you a car!)

  64. love the dvd player with overhead screen and head phones. With have a child this would be great and make for a rather enjoyable travel experience.

  65. I love the same thing about the Sorento that I love about our CX-7 – the curves! I hate blocky SUV’s and particularly dislike the breadbox look, a car should be like a lady and have some curves to her :)

  66. The Kia Sorento looks like a great family car! I especially appreciate the third row seating option for larger families.

    P.S. The giveaway package is super fun. I’m particularly excited about the Starbucks gift card (Caramel Apple Cider is my drink of choice) AND the Netflix subscription (I’d rent Harry Potter, Food Inc, and Star Trek).

    P.P.S. Your disclaimers made me laugh. You had me there for a minute… ;)

  67. I like the review backup camera. I have run into a few things not being able to tell how close I am in the back. This would be great!

  68. The rear air-conditioning is pretty nifty for a “non-luxury” family car. I don’t sit in the backseat very often but when I do, I’m reminded how stuffy it gets back there.

  69. Love the fact that it has a cd/mp3/Sirius audio system. Love my music when I’m driving. Also can’t believe the low base price for such a cool car!

  70. Where do I start? It has rockin’ sound system, DVD player with the works and so much more! Spoil me rotten!

  71. So many great features!! I like the Downhill Brake Control,Side Impact Door Beams and the Entertainment System package.

  72. What I like best is the price, which is very reasonable for a vehicle with those features. I also like the safety features, especially the side curtain airbags.

  73. Well being a girl who doesn’t really know much about cars, I ashamedly admit that what I love best is that it looks cool. I know….bad girl. But I’d also love the Read Air Conditioning since my kids always complain they’re hot in the back seat. And the Sirius radio too! Thanks.

  74. I like the Kia Sorento because they give you lots of options. You don’t have to take a car with all the whistles and bells on it, if you don’t want them. It looks like a great car.

  75. We don’t have a car with side curtain airbags, and I like that the Sorento has them. My kids would be safer in that car! Thanks for the great giveaway and review… maybe they’ll give you a Sorento with enough comments and fans?? :)

  76. I like the safety features that come as standard, such as the anti-lock brakes, traction control system and tire-pressure monitoring system to name a few. :)

  77. I love the price of the Sorrento. I ‘built’ the car the way I would want it and the site gave me the estimated price; unbelievable for the options I would get!

  78. I think it’s sleek exterior is my favorite feature, but I also like the optional DVD option for the kids.

  79. Loved your disclosures! Made me laugh! :-)

    I most love the 3rd row seating options. It’s rare that we need to seat more than 5 people – but when my parents come for a visit, it’d be nice to take only one vehicle, rather than two! I also like the optional heated front seats… especially for this Northern girl!!

    Thanks for the chance!

  80. I actually have been looking at this car as a replacement for my old Jeep. I like the way it looks, the fuel efficiency and that I can carry my pets in the back.

  81. I like the safetey features, great about of seating and cool stereo. It’s not a bad price either.

  82. I love the safety features of this vehicle…almost like an armored car:) Gives me a greater peace of mind driving my grandchildren around in a vehicle such as the KIA Sorento! Thanks…and Happy 2010!

  83. With my need to carry my kids, spouse, and in-laws regularly, I need seating for at least 6. I like that the Sorento can handle 7 with it’s third row seating.

  84. I like the optional third-row seating package with folding split seats. This would be a good option for my family of 5.

  85. I like that the new model can seat up to seven passengers with the third row seating package.

  86. I like that the Kia Sorento has cruise control, because our current car didn’t even offer it as an option.

  87. I looked up the safety features. I like that the features are standard – even if you don’t get the top of the line model. That shows Kia cares.

  88. I like that it gets great gas mileage for an SUV/crossover. I also like the safety features. Nice car! Thanks.

  89. I like the fact is has side curtain airbags. Would love to have a vehicle with this feature. Thanks for the giveaway!