HP TouchSmart 600 Computer Giveaway


Thanks to the HP Santa, this geek dad is giving away a HP TouchSmart 600 computer to a lucky dad, mom, or Na’vi. The contest on this dad blog starts today and ends on Wednesday (December 23, 2009 Pacific time). And yes, this giveaway is open to international readers, but there’s a big catch (more on this later). Before we get to the contest, I’m going to blog about the sponsors of the giveaway: HP TouchSmart 600 PC and Microsoft Windows 7.

What is it?
The HP TouchSmart 600 PC is a cool looking, multi-touch gadget for moms and dads (it’s like a giant size iTouch). The all-in-one computer features full HD display, integrated webcam, wireless LAN, and Bluetooth. Currently, there are two series in the TouchSmart 600 family: 600t and 600xt (same as 600t, but with a faster processor, bigger hard drive, discrete graphics, HDMI and game console connectivity).

HP TouchSmart 600 PC

How much does it cost?
$1,249.99 for the 600t (base configuration) and $1,649.99 for the 600xt (base configuration).

What are the highlights?

  • Multi-touch PC features motions such as pinch, rotate, arc, flick, and press and drag let dads and moms zip through applications and photos
  • Integrated hardware and software technology, like HDMI, audio/video inputs, Windows Media Center, and TouchSmart Live TV (with optional TV tuner), give users a range of options for viewing video, recording TV, and playing game consoles (like xBox) on the HP TouchSmart 600
  • Windows 7 fast start up and shut down gives users easier access to their HP TouchSmart 600, which includes a long list of touch-enabled apps like Twitter, Hulu, Netflix, and Pandora
  • Windows 7 Home Premium features make it easy for HP TouchSmart 600 users to navigate the system quickly to easily find the documents they use most often:
    • Snap (resize open windows by dragging)
    • Pin (like tacking notes on a bulletin board)
    • Shake (click a pane and shake the mouse to make every open window except one instantly disappears — jiggle again to bring the other windows back)
    • Peak (x-ray vision to peer past all open windows straight to the Windows 7 desktop)
    • Jump Lists (take parents right to documents, pictures, songs, or websites)
  • Premium quality speakers produce a crisp, clear sound for enjoying music and video — Windows 7 Play To feature also allows moms and dads to play media through networked PCs, TVs, or stereos around the house
  • Five Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7 games and applications allow parents to interact and learn multi-touch gestures in a more fun and intuitive way:
    • Microsoft Surface Globe (hands-on, world-exploration application based on Microsoft Bing Maps)
    • Microsoft Surface Lagoon (screen saver and interactive water simulation — use fingers to manipulate the water and have the school of fish respond)
    • Microsoft Rebound (a game in which you use fingertips to move Tesla balls with an electrical field between them)
    • Microsoft Garden Pond (guide origami pieces to peaceful areas on the pond )
    • Microsoft Blackboard (intricate game of physics in which players solve a puzzle by creating a fanciful machine on a blackboard)

What’s so cool about it?
I think the coolest feature of the HP TouchSmart 600 PC is Windows Touch. One-finger touch functionality has been available in previous versions of the Windows operation system. But Windows 7 features multitouch technology. Why limit yourself to one finger when you have ten or more fingers? If you want to zoom in on something in Windows 7, you can place two fingers on the screen of the TouchSmart 600 and spread them apart. To right-click a file, touch it with one finger and tap the screen with a second. Cool!

What are the HP TouchSmart 600 PC specs?

  • Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
  • Intel Core 2 Duo processor T6500 [2.1GHz, 2MB L2, 800MHz FSB] (600t)
  • Intel Core 2 Duo processor T6600 [2.2GHz, 2MB L2, 800MHz FSB] (600xt)
  • 23″ diagonal 1080p Full HD widescreen with 16:9 aspect ratio
  • 4GB DDR3-1066MHz SDRAM [2 DIMMs]
  • 320GB 7200 rpm SATA 3Gb/s hard drive (600t)
  • 500GB 7200 rpm SATA 3Gb/s hard drive (600xt)
  • NVIDIA GeForce G200 (600t)
  • 1GB NVIDIA GeForce GT230M, and game console connections (600xt)
  • Slot-load SuperMulti DVD Burner
  • Wireless-N LAN card and Bluetooth
  • Internal antennas for 802.11 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • 6-in-1 memory card reader, 5 total USB, audio
  • Integrated high-performance 2.0 speakers (no external speakers)
  • HP low-profile, wireless keyboard and HP wireless optical mouse
  • A built-in, adjustable-tilt webcam and mic
  • Removable feet for wall mounting (bracket and adapter sold separately)

Is there a video of the HP TouchSmart 600?
You can see a YouTube video of the HP TouchSmart 600 PC in my previous post about the TouchSmart 600 computer.

How do you win a HP TouchSmart 600?
There are seven ways to enter the HP TouchSmart 600 Computer Giveaway. You can enter up to seven times, but only once in each category. No marriage proposals, bribes, or sad stories please (the winner will be randomly selected). Please leave a separate comment for each entry. The content management system will automatically assign a number for each comment. If you use a single comment to let me know you entered all seven categories, you will only be assigned one number (entry) for the giveaway. Random.org will be used to randomly select a winner. I will only notify the winner once. The winner has two days to email me their info. After 48 hours, I will select another winner. The deadline to enter is Wednesday (December 23, 2009 Pacific time).

Seven ways to enter the giveaway:

  1. Leave a comment telling me what you think is cool about the HP TouchSmart 600 PC
  2. Subscribe to my blog feed or newsletter and then leave a separate comment
  3. Follow Daddy Forever on Twitter: @daddyforever and then leave a separate comment (include your Twitter username for verification)
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  5. Tweet ONCE about this giveaway with a working link to this page: http://daddyforever.com/2009/12/21/multi-touch-600t-600xt/ and then leave a separate comment (include your Twitter URL or username for verification)
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What’s the catch for international readers?
HP can ship the prize internationally. However, there are countries where HP and it’s representative won’t ship for various reasons. If HP can’t ship the TouchSmart 600 to the winner’s country, I will pick another winner. The original winner will NOT be able to ask why, appeal the decision, or pick another winner of their choosing. If you do not agree to this condition, do NOT enter the contest. Sorry, I do not have a list of countries where the TouchSmart 600 won’t be shipped.

[Disclosure: I did not receive any products or compensation for writing this post.]

[Disclaimer: By entering this giveaway, you agree to hold HP, Microsoft, and I NOT liable for any problems you may encounter with this contest. Do NOT enter if you do not agree.]


1,635 thoughts on “HP TouchSmart 600 Computer Giveaway

  1. So…hopefully HP will ship to New Zealand!
    I think the HP Touchsmart 600 PC is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! And so useful… and PRETTY… and wallmountable too! Amazing!
    There… it’s just awesome, and I want one, then I can give my HP Pavillion dv6000 Laptop with Expansion Base to my sn, who needs a computer really badly!

    I follow Daddy Forever wth Google Reader, does that count?
    I don’t ‘Twitter’.
    I will tell all about your Giveaway on my blog… Tomorrow, New Zealand time … wednesday!

    So that’s a few entries eh? lol

  2. what’s cool about the HP Touchsmart 600 is that it has HD connectivity for consoles as i have no HD or flatscreens in the house

  3. ENTRY #1

    I think the coolest thing about the computer is the touch screen. I will pretend I am in Minority Report when using it.

  4. I think the touchscreen technology would be great for my daughter who is having trouble getting used to the mouse.

  5. Coolest feature is the Touch Screen, great way for anyone with disabilities to easily search for files and surf the web. My teen would love this, make it so much easier for him with this feature.

  6. For one thing, it’s HP — the other is the sleek look and feel of it, as well as the value that’s built into it.

  7. Wow, never seen the comments rack up so quickly! It’s a nice giveaway. I didn’t know that I could fan you on facebook! I’ll do that.

  8. looks too cool for my father who is in need of this. I know I would be tempted to keep if I won but if I win I would give to him because this looks like something that would be easy for a senior to facilitate.

  9. I think that the multi touch technology is the coolest feature of the HP Touchsmart 600. This sounds like it would be so much fun to explore and learn to use.


  10. So many things are cool about the HP TouchSmart 600 PC. I would say the touch screen is the best with the lack of cord clutter coming in second.

  11. I love that the beautiful monitor can be mounted on the wall. How cool!!! Would really free up some space on my little kitchen desk.

  12. I would love to win this machine as I the features would be brilliant for my gaming that I share with my husband.

    The ability to quickly flick through applications and photos and to really get the benefit out of windows 7 would be fantastic.

    The space the two hard drives has are fantastic!!!!!!

  13. The built in “DVR” function along with the native HD receiver gives this computer a wealth of home uses.

  14. Touch Screen! Time for me to get caught up on the latest technology and own one of these. My kids would like the game console connectivity also.

  15. What I think is cool about the HP TouchSmart 600 PC is the Built-in adjustable-tilt webcam and mic! great!

  16. I think the touchscreen capabilities is the coolest thing about this PC. Touchscreens are the next wave in computing.

  17. I think it is so cool because you do not need to use the mousepad to click to a website. Instead you just touch the screen on the computer and it will take you to the website you want.

  18. I have to agree with you and say that the coolest is the touch screen capability. I am wondering how often that means you are cleaning the screen.

  19. The touch screen is awesome. This computer looks like it would be really fun to work on and figure out.

  20. The features that appeal to me the most are the touch enabled applications, the ease with which the screens can be resized, and most important the ease of navigating through documents.

  21. Everything is cool about the HP TouchSmart 600 PC. 23″ full HD monitor, wireless Wi-Fi, and it’s a touchscreen. This is a nice machine. Thank you for the chance to win. Happy holidays.

  22. Cool features and looks good. I am becoming a techie person and this is just what I need to be extra techie.

  23. I love the fact that it’s all in one, so it’s Not big with lots of parts. Plus I love the touch screen technology

  24. I agree that the Windows Touch is the coolest feature! I’d love to have one of these!

    braaisjo at gmail dot com

  25. the coolest thing about the TouchSmart 600 is the touch-screen capability.

    :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

  26. I think the coolest thing is that it is a touch screen, that is awesome! Thanks for the sweet giveaway!

  27. I love the touchscreen capability. This is one of the coolest computers. Thanks so much for offering this fantastic giveaway.

  28. It’s so thin and clean looking – so tired of bulky monitors and CPUs – and man being able to touch and drag is great.

  29. I think the “touch” aspect is the coolist too but the 23? diagonal 1080p Full HD widescreen with 16:9 aspect ratio is awesome too
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  30. Great site. Just followed you on twitter and facebook..

    Twitter handle: Astonvillausa

    Keep up the good work.

  31. I love the fact that you can interact directly with the screen to resize or select items, instead of having to use the mouse.

  32. I think the HP TouchSmart 600 is cool because it has a built in Microphone and Webcam, because it has a touchscreen capability, it has a touchscreen, AND it has WiFi and Bluetooth. HOW can it get better than that?

  33. I think the touch screen is one of the best features about it. I also like the all-in-one feature. It should take up less room in my very tiny apartment.

  34. I would love the convenience of the HP TouchSmart 600 – WiFi, Bluetooth, built-i8n Webcam and Microphone PLUS touchscreen capability.

  35. I think the coolest feature about the TouchSmart600 is it’s conectivity – WiFi, Bluetooth, built-i8n Webcam and Microphone PLUS touchscreen capability.

  36. Just like you Ken, I think the coolest feature of the HP TouchSmart PC is Windows Touch. Why limit yourself to one finger when you have ten or more fingers. Very funny.

  37. well the best darn thing about this is how excited you are dear daddy – I think our daddy would be excited too – thanks for going all xmasey and gift giving – hee hee le

  38. What’s cool: ALL the features. It looks & sounds smart. I may not be too computer savvy but even I can see I need the HP in my life.

  39. I think the fact that it is an HD LCD screen with touch is just so cool. Sci-fi movies have been promising us stuff like this for so long, it is nice to finally see some of it coming to fruition.

  40. I love that it has a built-in camera and the game console connectivity would be wonderful, especially because it has the touch screen capability on it’s on screen.

  41. It’s me. Boo hoo! Snort. I’m crying because I want to win and I’m trying to give a sob story. I lost my truck, my dog, ect., ect.

    Ha! Just kidding.

    My first entry is that I love the computer because…..

    It’s touch screen. Like wow! :D

  42. The HP touchsmart is going to help improve my digital avatar since my old p3 system is on life support. Further, my old parents are not at all comfortable with the keyboard and mouse combo and the touch interface coupled with the large lcd display would make them very happy.The HP touchsmart will make computing cool for everyone at home.

  43. I think this computer looks real neat. The reason why i want to win this is because i need a all new computer real soon.

  44. I can’t disagree with you. The most amazing thing about this is the Windows Touch One-finger touch functionality. It is perfect for certain learning tasks with little ones.

  45. I’m a tablet PC guy and I have long enjoyed the benefits of being able to use a pen and my own finger on the screen to draw, write and otherwise manipulate whatever’s on there.

    Having this PC would be a tablet lovers dream as I adore being able to use the multi-touch functionality it possesses.

  46. The touch screem is what I need I have arthritis in my hands and its hard to use a keyboard anymore. Thanks for the chance to WIN!

  47. I really like: True HD experience when viewing HD content or playing HD games. It looks great!
    Thanks for the chance.

  48. In a word: everything!! I have to go with the obvious – the touch screen is really cool. Would love to win this.

    Thanks, !!

  49. My computer is 12 years old. I dream of a new one….It stays on my wish list, but not on my reality list.

  50. What is cool about it? What’s not cool about it??? The touchscreen is awesome, the screen size is tremendous, the all-in-one feature is great! I love everything about it! Thanks for giving one away!

  51. I like the fact that you can remove the feet for wall mounting. very useful on a small desk against the wall

  52. I love this feature: Internal antennas for 802.11 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

    Thanks for the chance to win. My birthday was yesterday, maybe it’ll bring me added luck!

  53. Wow, an amazing computer, especially the touch screen.
    I would love to win this computer to share with my family.

  54. The touch screen feature is the coolest thing and also I like the premium quality speakers, because music is very important to me.

  55. my post is not appearing. I follow HP on Twitter cdziuba

    if it reappears, kindly omit the duplicate. Thanks.

  56. This has got to be one of the coolest looking PCs I have ever seen, touch screen huge monitor amazing, I so wanted a MAC until i seen this I want it so bad.

  57. What I think is cool is that it’s like an over-sized iTouch, and my son’s would be dying to use it.

  58. I think the coolest thing about HP touch smart is that it comes with windows seven. I am dying to get my hands on that.

  59. So many nifty things to choose from. I love the fact that it’s a touch screen and I love the fact that it can be mounted to the wall!

  60. I think just the idea of being able to use touch to control a computer is awesome, I would love to play with it. I would also love the chance to see how Windows 7 works and feels.

  61. I love the All In One feature of the HP TouchSmart Computer and
    I would love to try the finger touch functionality – but sounds even greater with multi touch technology!

  62. This computer is awesome. I would love to be able to play with this. I spend way too much time on the computer now…. but if I had this I may never get off. I like the idea of being able to touch open applications such as twitter.

  63. I liked the HP TouchSmart the first time I saw it in the store; the way you operate it using the screen is really neat, among its other features.

  64. I think all H P products are high quality. Would love to have this computer. Right now my husband and I fight over the use of the HP we have.

  65. Sounds corny but I love the idea of premium, quality speakers. The computer I use now has horrible speakers and I can hardly hear the movies I play on the computer.

  66. Coolest thing about the Touchsmart is the HDMi ouput and Windows Media center. Lots of other neat stuff as well.

  67. I love how huge the screen is, plus the webcam and mic. Not sold on the touch screens yet, but I’d love to get a chance to be convinced! :-)

  68. Coolest thing about the HP TouchSmart 600 PC? Probably the touchscreen capabilities. Plus, it looks gorgeous!

  69. I thinks it’s cool that it is so beautiful and doesn’t take up much space, yet offers a lot of great features. I love good things that come in small packages.

  70. The touchscreen is awesome. I remember when tablet PCs first came out, and how cool they were — this is one step ahead of the tablet, and so, so cool.

  71. I didn’t realize the touch screen computers were even out yet at this lower price. I’m wondering how convenient this would be outside of photos and websites (which seems pretty cool). I’ll have to go and check one out at the store soon. The design is nice and thin. It looks like my iMac. Is there a tower? Smart, A giant iTouch.

  72. I think the multi touch technology is the best feature of the HP Touchsmart 600. Well, that and the NO tower! I have a small desk so that would be great! Thanks.
    hondaray6 at hotmail dot com

  73. I would love to win this! I love that the display screen in a touch screen! I also love the sleek design of the PC. I would love to let my mom use this computer. She is disabled and has a hard time using a regular PC/mouse with her hands. Being able to touch the screen would make it possible for her to actually use the computer without feeling embarrassed or getting sore hands and arms. This would be amazing! Thanks so much.

  74. I love the size and style of this computer — my desktop is a clunker, doesn’t work very well and has cords hanging off it everywhere!!! This would be an amazing up-grade!!!

  75. My favorite features are the Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, the 23″ Widescreen Monitor, the 4GB of Ram and the fact that the monitor can be wall mounted.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.


  76. I love the touch screen and the Wireless-NLAN card and Bluetooth features! I know that whomever wins, will really enjoy this computer.

  77. It definitely has to be the touch screen. How cool is it that you can do most of your stuff without the mouse and keyboard? Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  78. newsletter subscribed

    there is nothing else to say except–I REALL, REALLY, REALLY WANT THIS COMPUTER!!!! i have bad hands and this touch screen is the best invention they ever came up with

  79. I posted about this great giveaway on my Facebook Wall (ChristineFidance)

    Would love to win! Thank you and Happy Holidays to you!

  80. just became a fan
    everything about this computer is just so amazing–it is hard to pick one thing–but i still like the touch idea–especially for handicapped people–how did we ever manage without computers??? what a GREAT GIVEAWAY AND WIN FOR SOMEONE

  81. My wife has MS and has limited use of her hands. So, anything that can make it easier for her would be a great help

  82. I love the Windows Touch capability,the sleek design and every component that is integrated into the computer. Amazing…one stop shop for all techies and non-techies.Makes life easy for those technically challenged and interesting for the tech savvy.

    Love It.

  83. What’s NOT cool about this??? I love it! The fact that it’s wireless and has a built in camera and mic is awesome. I am currently using a dinosaur and have to balance a camera on top of it to talk to my daughter.

  84. I’m not a dad, neither am I a mom, but I think this is suitable for a daughter, big sister and girlfriend as well.

    I couldn’t wait to get my fingers on that one and start tapping on the screen. And draw beautiful Paint illustrations. And hope my chocolate greezy fingers wouldn’t leave any marks on the screen.

    That’s the best feature – the multi-touch screen. And Windows 7, of course.

  85. This is the computer of my dreams. It has everything that I could possibly want in a computer and more. I love the Multi-touch PC features motions such as pinch, rotate, arc, flick, and press and drag the most.

  86. AWESOME!

    Exactly what I asked Santa to bring me ‘this Christmas!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    And the ‘coolest’ thing about the ‘TouchSmart 600’ is definitely the ‘touch-screen capability’!

    Good Luck and Happy Holidays to all!

  87. That’s a pretty sweet machine.
    Great for a small apartment or easily able to move around a big home.
    I’d like to have one of those the multi-touch is soo sweet.

  88. Besides the obvious touch screen, I like the Intel Core 2 Duo processor T6600 [2.2GHz, 2MB L2, 800MHz FSB] (600xt). Thanks.

  89. The HP TouchSmart 600 PC is just amazing. The full HD display is stunning and I love every other feature as well! It’s my dream computer! :)

  90. Obviously I love the touch screen aspect, but what I really like is that this is a legit, modern, fully functional computer. It’s not just a gimmick.

  91. What isn’t cool about it? It’s saves space, you can use your fingers on the screen like a touch phone, I mean, c’mon, this thing is uber cool.

    Why is precisely why I want one; that and my 2004 HP Pavilion is starting down the road to a slow and agonizing death.

    Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  92. I am a big HP fan anyway but a touch screen would be great and it feels so futuristic like I am in some sci fi movie.

  93. Holy cow I don’t know where to start. For one it makes my computer look like it has square wheels. Touch screens just amaze me.

  94. Wow! With six kids I think they could all use this, it looks like it will even be easy for me to figure out.

  95. This is heavenly! I feel like I should be worshiping at the alter of HP. LOL Really though….it’s cool….the touchscreen would be a blast.

  96. I think it is so cool that this computer has an adjustable tilt webcam, I haven’t heard of those before.

  97. I love the convenience of having a Touchscreen on the Touchsmart. I played with it in our local Sam’s not too long ago and had so much fun shifting icons around and playing with the desktop. I think I get so used to having a touchscreen on my Itouch that I usually find myself touching the screen on my laptop too!

  98. What do I think is so cool about this HP? Well for starters, it’s an HP… My current PC is an HP and it’s awesome and has never crapped out on me; not once since I purchased it in 2006. I also love the design and aesthetics of this computer, very sleek; I like the Multi-touch PC features which are very cool; and that it has Windows Media Player (which I have on my current PC) which is very user friendly.

    Please accept this as my entry. Thank you!

    Aliya D.

  99. The very best thing, in my opinion, about the HP TouchSmart 600 is the 4GB of DDR3! Plus, it’s an HP…the best.

    Thank you for an amazing giveaway! :-)

  100. Holy crap! The whole concept is awesome, it’s hard to pick one thing. Quite possibly the fact that I don’t have to use a mouse…..no stalling!

  101. I love everything about it!! The touchscreen technology, great look, and Windows 7 make this a computer we would really love to have. We are stuck with Vista (horrible) and this computer would be an incredible upgrade we could really use!!

  102. I love it all, but I love the most the built in webcam and mic. With all my family 800 miles away this would be awesome for us to interact with eachother.