Giveaways This Week


The HP TouchSmart 600 Computer Giveaway will start after midnight tonight (and ends this Wednesday). [Update: it’s live now]

The Kia Sorento’s Things We Won’t Give Up Giveaway will probably start on Wednesday [Update: it’s live now]. Prizes for the Kia Sorento giveaway:

  • Coffee: $50 Starbucks card
  • Netflix: 6 month subscription
  • Dinners out w/ the family: $50 Chili’s gift card
  • Toys for Dad: $50 Best Buy gift card

4 thoughts on “Giveaways This Week

  1. ooo Do remind me when to enter for the HP ….. I need another one for my 20 year old son! He’s starting University next year and needs a computer… and I so dont’ want to give him mine!

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