Is it Christmas yet?


Santa Girl and the Snow Baby (photo taken before feeding tube)
Santa Girl and the Baby

Little Monkey would make a great Santa — she likes to give toys to her older brother
My four year old in a Santa costume

The little snowman melts my heart
baby around Christmas time


27 thoughts on “Is it Christmas yet?

  1. Are you anxious to get to Christmas or is it the kids? ;) Christmas is coming. Never fear. When my kids get anxious I just tell them it’s a few more days that they have to be good. Santa is testing them. I’ve already given the “I’m going to email Santa” threat once or twice this week. The girls fall for it everytime.

    You children are so adorable! I love when you share pictures.
    .-= Vicky´s last blog ..Sick. :( =-.

  2. Love the pictures! I’m having a harder time feeling it this year, not sure why. On the upside all the same stuff is getting done it just feels almost too relaxed. Hubby says it will feel more like it next week when my kids are out of school. He’s probably right!

    .-= Holly Schwendiman´s last blog ..2009 Gingerbread Fun =-.

    1. He pulled out the tube at least four times now. The first time, my wife took him back to the HMO to have them put the tube back in. But that involved an x-ray afterwards and ended up taking about 3 hours. Now my wife just sticks the tube back in herself.

      1. Well after I typed that I realized that you may not understand what I mean, so I clarified. Sorry ;-)
        Down here if the kids are behaving badly we say they are “acting ugly.” If they can get into everything, they “are a mess.” Roo is “a mess” AND can “act ugly.” Must be the age!

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