We’re Fattening Up Our Baby with Beer


Well, the super fattening prescription formula backfired. After almost two weeks, baby lost weight because he cries bloody murder whenever we try to give him the bottle. So now we have to use a feeding tube to pump the super fattening prescription formula up his nose and into his little tummy. [Note to couch potato dads: we have confirmed it — you can use the feeding tube to pump beer directly into your belly (TV remote not included with feeding tube).]

Baby celebrates his 9 month birthday with a 2 day stay at the hospital
baby with feeding tube at the children hospital

Baby sleeps off a big hangover at home
baby with feeding tube at home


34 thoughts on “We’re Fattening Up Our Baby with Beer

  1. Awww, Poor Little Disney! Poor mommy and daddy! I’m sorry everyone has to endure this ordeal. Maybe this will turn the trick, and Little Disney will FINALLY get in some nutrients and start gaining weight. He still looks very alert and bright-eyed, though, so that says to me that he’s a fighter. I’m wondering how long until he figures out a way to get those arm restraints off!
    .-= Desert Songbird´s last blog ..Cheap Trick… =-.

  2. Awww. I’m guessing the arm things are to prevent him from pulling the tubes. Poor little guy! I hope that the hospital people were very understanding of the rest of the family and lenient with visiting hours. Bless you guys.
    .-= Mrs. C´s last blog ..Woodjie’s Day =-.

  3. Your son’s half-Irish bride-to-be Bella approves of the beer. LOL

    As for the beer tube for couch potatoes… they’ll need a tube for going to the bathroom w/o leaving the couch too :P

    I hope he plumps up soon so mommy and daddy forever can get some rest and shed the worry.

    As for nurses when I had my first C-section w/ Chloe the nurses were super bitchy. Excuse the profanity, but they were and no other word does it justice. Talk about making you feel like you were putting them to trouble… sheesh. I feel your pain.
    .-= Susan Anderson´s last blog ..Tired By Procrastination =-.

  4. Yes Disney does look strong and spunky despite the fact that he’s not buffing up like a sumo. Poor little guy, I hope he puts on weight quickly and nothing is seriously wrong. He’s just 2-3 weeks older than my granddaughter. She sometimes screams when nursing, guess it’s harder than the bottle and she protests that she has to do any of the work to be fed. It can get nerve racking. I can only imagine what you all are going through. I love your keep up spirit and sense of humor through it all. (Beer for its medicinal calming and fattening value might not be a bad idea ;)

  5. Love the modesty patch too. Great idea, the beer tube. Your strength and love show through in your ability to keep your sense of humor so you don’t go crazy. I am hoping the tube does what it needs to, that Disney plumps up quickly (maybe even before his first b-day) and am glad they could find nothing seriously wrong so far.

    Hang in there!
    .-= Vixen´s last blog ..WW~A Season Of Giving =-.

  6. He is such a cutie…. feeding tube, modesty patch and all. Absolutely adorable. He’s getting what he needs and that’s all that’s important right now. You’ll always remember it but at least he never will. hope everything is getting better.

  7. i see his sparkling bright eyes filled with hope. his doing alright. anyway i see a documentary about children on t.v and even ask with my own general doctor. they said that not all babies want to eat accordingly in time, specially when they are tired they want to sleep alone. but to make sure the baby will not dehyrated and had enough nutrients they add to put a tube so parents has no hassle to feed. hoping next time more better.

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