Poster Edges or Smudge Stick?


I’m trying to figure which Adobe Photoshop Elements filter I should use for my free canvas print — poster edges or smudge stick. Which photo do you think looks better on canvas?

Poster edges (left) and smudge stick (right) filters
the kids with poster edges filterthe kids with smudge stick filter

Poster Edges Filter
Adobe Photoshop Elements poster edges filter

Smudge Stick Filter
Adobe Photoshop Elements smudge stick filter


23 thoughts on “Poster Edges or Smudge Stick?

      1. Holly has a point. I can’t make up my mind. I still think Poor Little Disney is too whited out. Can they fix that? It kind of makes him look like… an Ewok? It just looks weird. For that reason alone I’d go with the Poster Edge. Well, except that in Poster Edge it makes him look like an old man who drew on hair. Smudge makes his hair look fuller. Oh just get both :P

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