Zicam Cold Remedy Giveaway Winners

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Zicam Cold Remedy Zavors and Cold Remedy Plus Liqui-LozThe winners of the Zicam Cold Remedy Giveaway are Annette and Dad Blog (I don’t know his real name). Thanks to Zicam, Annette and Dad Blog will each receive a pack of Zicam Cold Remedy Zavors and Cold Remedy Plus Liqui-Loz (just in time for the cold and flu season). Zicam Liqui-Loz is a soothing lozenge with a liquid-gel center while Zicam Zavors has a crunchy outer shell with a soft, chewable center. Zicam Cold Remedy is suppose to reduce the duration and severity of the cold when taken as directed within the first 24 to 48 hours of symptom onset.


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