Baby Hates Ice Cream, Loves Cardboard and Plastic


I can’t get baby to eat anything (not even ice cream). Yet every time I turn around, he’s sticking something in his mouth. The latest news on his Failure To Thrive Syndrome (not related to his seizures or H1N1): baby has to stop breast feeding and take prescription formula instead. If that doesn’t work, the doctor is going to stick a tube up baby’s nose so we can pump the prescription formula into his system when he’s asleep at night. And if that doesn’t work, they are going to hospitalize him and feed him via an IV. Oh yeah, they’re also going to stick a teeny weeny camera inside his body to see if there’s anything wrong internally.

baby eats everything except food


36 thoughts on “Baby Hates Ice Cream, Loves Cardboard and Plastic

  1. When my daughter wouldn’t eat.. We told her yogurt was ice cream. She ate it and loves yogurt.

    When we can’t get the kids to drink and fear of dehydration, we would use the syringes from the pharmacy and squirt gatorade or pedialyte down their throat.

    Maybe you should coat the cardboard with baby yogurt?

    Praying for the little guy..
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  2. Won’t eat ice cream? Wow, even my picky eater son would eat ice cream! I certainly hope you won’t have to resort to the extreme feeding measures with Little Disney. He certainly looks healthy enough: bright eyes, good skin, alert nature. I’ll send prayers, cross my fingers, and say a healing chant that he will turn the corner. SOON.
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    1. The ice cream is made from coconut milk because of his allergy to dairy, but my wife and oldest child likes it. He should like it too. I’m beginning to think eating causes pain for him.

  3. I swear this kid is so cute. I’m really feeling that arranged marriage for him and Bella, LOL. As I wrote before we have a friend whose son has the same issue. He was just scoped and they think he has some growths in the throat that cause the food to not go down. They think they might be caused by food allergies which made me think of Disney. Also my friend’s kid has reflux as well which does not help. I’m sure you can relate. When they did the exam on her kid they found no other internal issues. I’m hoping Disney’s results will be good. Tell him I said he’s too cute to have to be force fed. Take care of yourself. This must be taking a toll on you and your wife.
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    1. It would also be nice if he would stop crying when we’re trying to feed him. Any day now, I’m expecting someone to call child services because they think we’re torturing our baby.

  4. Poor little guy. He’s had such a rough time!

    My cousin’s newborn baby had surgery just last week. He didn’t want to eat and threw up everything he did swallow. He had pyloric stenosis. One of his stomach valves was too thick and wouldn’t let food through.

    I hope you find out what Little Disney is dealing with and he’s eating like a champ soon.
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  5. I’m so sorry to hear he’s having such difficulties. I really hope they find out what’s wrong soon! I know how it is to have a sick baby. I have a 9 month old son who was diagnosed with Infantile Spasms at 3 months old. He also has acid reflux which when he was a newborn caused some real difficulty feeding him. I know he probably had all the normal newborn testing..right? Did those tests come back normal? Please keep us updated! Praying and thinking about him and your family!

    1. BTW….I did a quick google search and came up with this potential diagnosis….if he hasn’t been test you might want to ask his doctor…

      Short-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency

      (gotta love google!)

  6. Poor baby. I hope he thrives as he ages. BTW, my oldest son started solid foods and formula at 4 months, my younges son was exclusively breastfed the whole first year, and the youngest son was the one that gained more weight! ((((hugs))))

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