SafetyTat Safety Tattoos Giveaway Winner


The winner of the SafetyTat Safety Tattoos Giveaway is peepnroosmom. Congratulations to peepnroosmom. She will receive a sample pack of the SafetyTats Stick Write-On! (winner’s choice of tattoos for boy, girl, or multi) from SafetyTat for free.

SafetyTat Safety Tattoos for Kids


3 thoughts on “SafetyTat Safety Tattoos Giveaway Winner

  1. He’s so cute and lively looking hard to believe he’s not thriving. My daughter’s baby was only 15% weight but 80% length so she was quite lean. They began supplementing her with a formula bottle once a day in addition to her nursing and she has already put on weight. She gets some baby food too usually once a day and loves eating rice cereal, veggies and especially fruit. Hope Disney gets settled and healthy, he’s so adorable. Bet he’d love munching on cheerios if he likes putting things in his mouth. Had he gotten any teeth yet?

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